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Animism and African Spirituality – What is Animism?

Apr 2023 11
It's another Wednesday, and we're back on the #AfricanSpirituality series. I'll be sharing my experience/understanding of animism and the core foundation of African spirituality. - - - Follow PopSaltnCulture and the Water Cactus herself, La ChichiMambo on: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Snapchat: Chichi Mambo Use hashtag: #PopSaltnCulture @PopSaltnCulture source

How to Remember and Interpret Your Dreams | John Lockley

Nov 2022 29
Initiated Xhosa Sangoma, John Lockley explains the importance and function of dreams and offers helpful tips to dream recall if you have trouble remembering or understanding your dreams. Subscribe to Sounds True for more: Learn more about interpreting dreams in his book, Leopard Warrior: Sounds True was founded in 1985 by Tami Simon with a clear mission: to disseminate spiritual wisdom. Since starting out as a project with one woman and her tape recorder, we have grown into a multimedia publishing company with more than 80 employees, a library of more than 1500 titles featuring some of the leading teachers......

Animism: The First Religion?

Aug 2022 31
Join our Patreon community!: One-time donations here!: Infographic designed by Simon E. Davies. Follow him on Twitter here: @Simon_E_Davies and Facebook here: Check out my favorite religious studies books: Anthropologists in the late 19th and early 20th centuries hypothesized that animism was the earliest religion. But later scholars have called this theory into question. What is animism? And how should we categorize it? This video was brought to you, in part, by the Foundation for Religious Literacy. Twitter: @ andrewmarkhenry Instagram: Bibliography: Source for the infographic: Bill Sillar. "The Social Agency of Things? Animism and Materiality in the Andes" Bruno......