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Part Two: I am a victim of religion brainwash and manipulation. A prophetess ruined my marriage| LNN

Apr 2023 18
On this Part Two, Matha walks us through how she survived the religion brainwash, the role her father played, last words to prophetess, surviving her nast divorce and how she is taking her power back while getting to know God once again You can watch Part One here #LynnNguhiNetwork #LynnNgugiShow Join the Lynn Ngugi Club to access special content and supporter perks 🥰 source

All Kenyan Counties that practice Indigenous African Religion Today

Jan 2023 07
African indigenous religions are still alive in the whole of Kenya, and this data shows the total population of Kenyans in all the counties who still practice their indigenous religions as per their cultural traditions and heritage that have been passed down from their ancestors in thousands and thousands of years. It is incredible that despite the push to shift to modern religions brought by the colonial rulers, mainly Christianity and islam, there are people who have managed to resist this movement and have kept their ancient traditions very intact. As more people go to church every Sunday and every......

Does Africa Need Christianity?

Nov 2022 27
“Watch the AFRICAN SERIES MUST KNOW video here ” Christianity is widely practiced in Africa and judged to be a bad thing for Africans as in majority came from colonialist, so do Africans need christianity even considered as a colonialist religion? I share my ideas about that. Listen to My Podcast Check @muhombo live the talk Contact me Instagram: My facebook Page: Email: bertin.vick@gmail.com #Africa #Christianity source

Religion Is the No1. Cause of Poverty in Africa by Rev. Walter Mwambazi | Reaction Video

Oct 2022 07
5 Major Reasons Religion Is the No.1 Cause of Poverty in Africa | Rev Walter Mwambazi | TEDxLusaka I was worried about this one because, as you know, I am more than aware that I have a lot to learn. But when the algorithm recommends something...well...what do you do? You REACT to it! This is a TEDxLusaka Talk by Rev. Walter Mwambazi. Although I didn't agree with a few of his points, I thought the general idea was definitely worth spreading. Especially because he speaks from a place of personal practice and knowledge. Let me know what you think. Original......

Africa: Paper gods (full documentary)

Sep 2022 10
African people are deeply religious. There are few things in their lives outside the realm of the sacrity. However, it is not easy to find an orthodox idea of God. Muslims, Christians and animists...three different looks between man and divinity, so mixed that it is difficult to find cults that are not influenced between each other. In Africa...gods, spirits and fetishes are accommodated to the whims of man. Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE here for more amazing docs!: Follow us on: Facebook: Twitter: source

Top Religion Population in Africa 1900 – 2100 | Religion Population Growth | Data Player

Sep 2022 05
There are only two major religion in Africa that is Christianity and Islam so basically Abrahamic religion is followed all over Africa and there are very very few followers of other religions.#topreligioninafrica #dataplayer #topreligion Support by Subscribe Thank! You! Related Titles Religion in Africa 1900 - 2100 statistics Islam in Africa 1900 - 2100 Statistics Christianity in Africa 1900 - 2100 Statistics Ahmadiyya in Africa 1900 - 2100 Statistics Atheism in Africa 1900 - 2100 Statistics Hinduism in Africa 1900 - 2100 Statistics Judaism in Africa 1900 - 2100 Statistics Traditional African Religion in Africa 1900 - 2100 Statistics What......