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Dr. Llaila Afrika – Let Food Be Thy Medicine | Exposes Toxic European Culture (Full Video)

Feb 2023 03
Openupyourmind101/ 2016 Dr Llaila O Afrika shares his knowledge, wisdom, advice and educates us on the true (black man's) roots of african history and (food) culture. And exposes the destructive and damaging european and western culture that we have been taught to use and adopt. Misleading us from the origins of africa consequently making us sick and unhealthy. Dr. Afrika shares insight on herbs, if cooking food is beneficial or harmful, the importance of buying and eating organic raw food. Our denatured senses and the science of taste in the human body, cleansing cycles in the human body. Bipolarity of......

Dr. Llaila Afrika – We Must Fight Oppression to Save & Protect Our Culture (Clip)

Jan 2023 22
Openupyourmind101/ 2016 Interview Dr Llaila O Afrika exposing the truth. #blacklivesmatter Black People in a state of fear, scared of gaining freedom from white oppression & brutality, addicted to white people opportunity and association. Health is the most important aspect in order to improve our situation, by returning to nature, we must strive to live a natural lifestyle, be educated and work together as a race positively. As humans we lack self love, we carry an emotional imbalance which causes us mental state of confusion and unhappiness pushing us to replace this void with harmful alternatives (Junk Fast Food, Sugar......

Are near-death experiences real? | Bruce Greyson

Jan 2023 21
Dr. Bruce Greyson studied 1,000 near-death experiences. Here’s what he discovered. ❍ Subscribe to The Well on YouTube: ❍ Up next: How enlightenment permanently alters your brain Near-death experiences are not a new phenomenon. They have occurred for millennia across the world and are more common than we think, explains psychiatrist Dr. Bruce Greyson. Studies of these experiences have revealed consistent patterns, namely a sense of overwhelming peace and well-being. Those who experience near death often return profoundly changed. While there is still controversy in regard to the cause of near-death experiences, there is acceptance in the medical community that......

Dr. Llaila Afrika – Exposes Truth on Soy, Salt & Sugars | Details of Bad & Good Foods (Clip)

Jan 2023 01
Openupyourmind101Dr Llaila O Afrika 2016 exposing the truth of unhealthy foods and Problems with eating too much commercial Soy products which is damaging to a persons health. The side affects from the over consumption of the same foods. The issues of white flour, rice, sugar and salt, isolating food substances or chemical from plant consequently creates a drug. The miseducation of black people and the health risks of fried greasy foods causing high blood pressure, strokes and heart problems, obesity. The importance of returning to naturally grown and earth foods. Shares information on which foods to eat. Understanding the original......

Dr. Llaila Afrika – Exposes Truth on Sex Rituals "They use Sex to Sell European Culture" (Clip)

Dec 2022 29
Openupyourmind101 Dr Llaila O Afrika 2016 Exposing the truth on sex propaganda and ceremonies, Redefining the meaning of sex. The sex language & the culture conflict and harm of certain promoted sexual acts and practices by the media and business's using sex to sell european culture. Understanding the true definition, masterbation is Self Rape and wrong, it's connection to historical slavery. The immoral translation and use of sex through advertisement, promotion and education for monetary gain. ♥ SHOP ▶ ▶ Website: ▶ ▶ Follow on Facebook @ ♥ E-mail ▶ llailaafrika@juno.com ▶ source

Dr. Llaila Afrika – Rebuilding Black Lives, Relationships & the Psyche of our Race (Full Video)

Dec 2022 06
openupyourmind101 - black culture Dr Llaila Afrika forming the foundations for our future generations. Expressing our identity and feelings. The psychological barriers of white supremacy and oppression stopping the progression of black people. Moving towards a revolution for our people, how to approach and manage our problems, seeking knowledge. Unmasking our true personality, ancient history, virtues, and beliefs. Living life with MAAT, practice of truth. Communication and bond between health and the physiology of our bodies (dna). Teaching ourselves the academics and mechanisms of our thoughts and actions. Helpful information and exercises basic methods for understanding self development, language, character......

The TRUTH About Black Spirituality #SoulfoodSunday

Sep 2022 10
Black Spirituality in today's society is many times viewed through the lens of Black Christians and Black Muslims. In America, Black Spirituality is less likely to look like Vodun (or Voodoo), Santeria, or other Ancient African Spiritual practices. Why is that?? Why do we feel comfortable enough to worship a savior that the oppressor has told Us about but still cannot serve our own ancestors, Orishas, and God??? BRAINWASH! And I don't mean this in a way to condemn, but I mean this to say that when you are more comfortable with what your oppressor has taught you and run......