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Isn’t Christianity The White Man’s Religion? (Part II)

Apr 2023 01
The histories of imperialism and colonialism can make it seem that Christianity is merely a product and tool of oppression used to subjugate and control people of color. Is that the true story? What are the origins of Christianity? What does the Bible say about race and ethnicity? What does it mean for today? This lesson was part of our January 14, 2023 series of discussions on SERIOUS QUESTIONS ABOUT SCRIPTURE. Visit thewaybk.com if you would like to talk about these and similar subjects. source

Religion & Enterprise Africa Summit 2022.Role of Innovation & Technology. Africa Agenda 2063

Jan 2023 30
Africa's Agenda 2063. The AFRICA WE WANT. In this video Hon.Dr.Monica Musenero, Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation - Uganda shares the African vision of the Agenda 2063. Please enjoy it, share it and subscribe to the channel for future uploads. You can also watch the other videos below for more details on the Religion and Enterprise Africa Summit 2022. The Role of Religion in Enterprise Development. Ethics and Integrity in Faith-Based Enterprises. Religion and Enterprise Africa Summit 2022 - What the DATA shows. Religion & Enterprise Africa Summit 2022. Trade & Digital Connectivity: Role of Banks. Religion & Enterprise......

Wasn't Christianity in Africa a Result of Colonialism?

Oct 2022 02
There's a persistent idea that Christianity came to Africa with colonialism. But the true origin of the African Church is found much further back in history #Colonialism #AfricanChristianity #ChristianHistory ____________________________________________________________ TOPICS COVERED: - Christianity Was in Africa Before Colonialism (0:08) - Colonial Missionaries & Their Attitudes in 18th & 19th Centuries (0:20) - Looking Further Back in African Christian History (0:55) - 1) Christianity Originated in The Middle East (1:03) - 2) Christianity Came To Africa In The 1st Century (1:10) - 3) Several Early Church Fathers Were African (1:40) ____________________________________________________________ TOP QUOTES: "There had been Christian activity in Africa......

How Colonialist Used Religion to Permanently Destroy African Spirituality

Sep 2022 12
Talking about colonization as something of the past without any relevance to present issues, is failing to appreciate the trauma and disruption that colonization has caused and continues to cause. How Colonialist Used Religion to Permanently Destroy African Spirituality Join the conversation here Obafa – Owned by Africans, for Africans. Download the app here: Research done by Christiane Essombe (she/her), BSc, MPH Thank you for watching 2nacheki pronounced (tunacheki) it means 'We Are Watching ' in Swahili slang. Our goal is to educate & inform you about everything in Africa while showing the World that Africa is Watching. ~~-~~-~- Our......