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Joshua Maponga & his view on christianity & colonialism

Oct 2022 12
Watch Original the original video here: Joshua Maponga is at a crossroads, after 33 years in Christian ministry, he has found himself in a place where he can't find satisfying answers to his questions. His questions stem from a life o dedication to his calling but some things remain a history. He says God gave us brains to think and questions are a sign of a functioning brain. In this interview, he tries to explain where he stands with the Bible. source

Joshua Maponga on Africa and the Bible, Christianity & Western Culture

Sep 2022 07
#MapongaJoshua #JoshuaMaponga #TheGospelAccordingToMaponga #DecolonizingChristianity #AmaBishop #BishopJoshuaMaponga #Africa #SouthAfrica In this interview titled Joshua Maponga on Africa and the Bible, Christianity & Western Culture, philosopher, academic, theologian, social commentator and public speaker of note Joshua Marara Maponga III revisits some of his thoughts on how Africa and the Bible relate. This collection of soundbites from his last interview on Something Nice with Dinano, is a selection of a few clips where he focuses on how Africa and Africans relate to God of the Bible, what informs their spirituality and their connection with their ancestors. He brings forth certain claims on how......