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World religions from 1 AD to 2100 | World Religion Ranking | Hindu Population in World 🌎

May 2024 20
World religions from 1 AD to 2100 | World Religion Ranking | Hindu Population in World 🌎


Which religion will be biggest in 2022?
which religion ranks first in the world?
which religion will rule the world in 2050?
what is the highest ranking religion?
would religion population
would population by religion 2021?
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| World Religion Ranking |
| World Religion Ranking |दुनिया के 15 सबसे अधिक आबादी वाले धर्म World Religion by Number of Adherents World Religion by Number of Adherents #shortsWorld religions from 1 AD to 2100 | World Religion Ranking |Hindu Population by Country 2022Hindu Population From Different CountriesTop Religion in Republic of India 1900 – 2022 (Population wise) | #Shorts

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________________________/Research There are also a number of Indians who do not belong to any religion account for (0.41%). Today, India is home to around 94% of the Global population of Hindus. Its an ancient religion in India.

Controversy of Muslim population in India:
As per as 2011 census of India, it was found that 172.2 million Muslims were living in India as its citizens, constituting 14.2% of the country’s population. As per as recent estimation of year (2020) Indian religious demography by Pew research center, it has been found that 213.34 million Muslims are living in India constituting 15.4% of the country’s population. But however, at a same time, many individuals and experts have said that the Muslim population in India is more than the expected census results, leading to a heated debate and controversies as their claim of being that estimation as truth is still not known today. As per as Zakir Naik, he claimed that India has over 250-300 million Muslims. He also told that the government of India suppress real Muslim population. As per as author Shakir Lakhani, there should be at least 90 million Indian Muslims who have not been registered by the Indian authorities during last census. This means that in 2011, there were at least 22 Muslims out of every 100 Indians. There should have been about 262 million Muslims in 2011 census, instead of 172.2 million as reported by census authority earlier.
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