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Woman has NDE during a car wreck – “It was so beautiful”

Mar 2024 10

Kay O’Neal had a near death experience (NDE) during a car wreck in 1959. She recounts her impressions in the , the aftermath, and two spiritually transforming experiences (STE’s) in the years since.

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    I kept waiting for her to finish the sentence that Jesus allegedly said to her, “listen to me…” – those three words by themselves mean absolutely nothing.

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    I love to hear this NDE…my brother just passed in a car accident on 2/26/24. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    I saw the Other Side during brain surgery. I believe when your blood pressure drops to a certain level you can leave your body. I usually ran a low blood pressure so I'm sure that's what happened during surgery. After seeing the inside of my brain (I drew a picture for the neurosurgeon for my first follow up appointment. he said it was "pretty accurate") I was flying above a beautiful meadow, and up ahead was a dirt road with a line of tall trees behind it. There was a crowd of people on the road, and my father, who had passed away six months before was greeting them with a big smile, shaking everybody's hand. There were many dogs running around. He had many dogs in life. It was a joyous reunion. I felt like he was saying I'm OK and you're going to be OK too. Love you Dad, always and forever. ❤❤❤

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    I think black holes are the tunnels people talk about in NDEs 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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    This is a tired ass conversation

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    It’s very Texas

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    Yes, is very difficult to talk about our experiences, the amount of judgement coming our way from our own friends and families can be very difficult to understand

    But that love and peace and joy that we received back home from our creator is not even possible to express

    I wish you well my NDE sister

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    Thank you. So helpful.

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    Such a lovely, honest and classy lady. Thank you for sharing your experiences ❤

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    Lovely Lady. Thank you.

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    What a charming lady.

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    Car wreck in 1959? This woman would now be near age 90?? Really? Something is fishy here?

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    Nice and concise, thank you. When a five minute nde takes over an hour to tell I'm outta here.

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    Why are these experiences all different if we are all going to the one place? Yes but none are the same

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    Thanks a lot for sharing 🌹💖

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    This testimony seems sincere and authentic because she does not recite her lesson about NDE, and she is a good person

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    How old is this NDE?

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    Explain how conscious awareness works with a brain

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    What a beautiful woman. And pretty on the inside, too.

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