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Woman DIES! What happens next is the MOST PROFOUND Near Death Experience (NDE) EVER! Sara Jayne

Mar 2024 12

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She had one of the most profound Near-Death Experiences I’ve heard!

Sara Jayne had an NDE where she is experienced an incredibly detailed life review, met her lost loved ones, she calls the’ Welcoming Party’ and received powerful insights on time and space. Her life changed forever.


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    Thanks for sharing ❤

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    What a beautiful classy woman who is gracious and thoughtful.

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    It was the presents of GOD Inside him that rings.. we all have God inside but lost it still finding our way and walking our paths

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    Interesting, but it should be nice to hear more about nature, people family etc

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    What a snoozer!!!! ZZZZZZ

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    In November a car ran a stop sign and t boned my truck at 80 mph my fiancé and mother of 4 was killed and I had an experience where I left my body..I told myself that what I experienced was just a dream…but from watching all of these NDE experiences I now know it was definitely real. I'm not religious but from what I have experienced I am at the beginning of my spiritual path. My life was shattered but it's now a fact that death in this world is not the end.

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    That sickness sounds like something many are suffering with but not getting the proper care/ dx.

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    The Bible saids “ in reference to time “ to God a day is a 1000 years and a 1000 years is a day “ . Most people say that when and if we make it to Heaven that we are in our mental and physical prime, like what you said about your Dad 35 , Jesus was 33 when he died and people who have seen him in Heaven say he is about that age . My Sister died of cot death at 6 months old and when I was about 32 had a vision of her in Heaven she seen her see was about that age and she told me not to give up “ on my faith in God “ others have said that all children grow up in Heaven that died of a young age or as even Babies in the womb, even from abortion . Their is a spark of creation in all off us so when we go to Heaven it’s like we gone home .The Bible saids absent with the body present with the lord .Also the Bible saids it’s given to man and woman to live once ( on this earth 🌍) if reincarnation is real even from a practical standpoint why is their more people on earth than 50,100 and 1000 years ago . Did you know Jesus can heal you . The Bible saids “ he healed all “ , it’s a shame you didn’t see him in Heaven or he didn’t take you through your life review .unfortunately some people hate and have bitterness and unforgiving hearts ❤️, The Greatest commandment Jesus said “ to Love ❤️ the lord your God with all your heat , mind and soul and to love your neighbour as yourself. And forgiveness is a massive part of going to Heaven. Jesus said how many times should you forgive someone 70 times 7 – basically no limit. I am challenged to live a life that is looking to Jesus as my example. The Bible saids the fruit 🍉 of the spirit is Love , Joy , Peace , kindness, patience and something you would know a lot about long suffering.check out Randy Kay .

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    OMG!!! You have really had your share and more!!!!
    You look fantastic for all you have been through!!!
    I pray life gives you only health and joy from now on!!! ❤❤❤

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    How you know that was everything. Maybe there is more and more after that

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    The importance of intent. What is intent behind what you are thinking and doing right now?

    Let loving be your intention.

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    Just amazing. I love how you slowly explain everything. Really makes me think my loved ones on the other side are happy and home ❤

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    let us love one another,
    for love is from God,
    and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God.
    Anyone who does not love does not know God,
    because God is love."

    1 John 4:7-8

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    I believe every word. ❤

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    I loved this!!! “What would love do”. Excellent!!!

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    My son who is no longer here on earth had a NDE.He was shot and actually died in the ambulance.He decribed to us that he was out of his body looking down watching the paramedics working on him.He said he felt no pain what so ever at that time.He was so young and confused abt.what had happened to him.One of his home nurses bought him a book(Saved by the light) to help him understand what had happened to him.He had a wrist watch on at the time which had came off in the ambulance and he seen it when it came off.That was the first thing he ask for when he woke up.They had not yet found it until we called and ask them to please check again.They found it later on.

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    ❤ thank u for sharing

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    What a beautiful testimony! God bless you and your family 💜🌸

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    What an incredible story of healing through the power of consciousness and vibration. It's great to hear of the support we have with guides.

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    I just don’t have the patience to listen.

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    I’d love to know the name of the autoimmune disorder she was diagnosed with. I have been suffering with heart issues the last 2-3 years and was recently diagnosed with not one but 2 autoimmune disorders. I’d love to learn more.

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    Thank you for sharing your experience and gained insights, Sara. They are very inspiring and have helped me a lot.

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    To begin, I want to say that I'm Jewish, & everything shared here is absolutely in line with the ancient knowledge of my Ancestors! It's really amazing to hear this coming from the mouth of someone that I believe is completely Non-Jewish & has no knowledge of our beliefs.
    But I don't want to get into my faith as much as I want to speak of my own personal physical challenges!
    I also have an Autoimmune Disease. I was diagnosed at the age of 29.
    I have existed all of these years later, primarily by taking Prednisone on a daily basis, although I've been through the Immunosuppressant Medications & Chemotherapy! I've been through Comas, The Heart Attacks, Heart Failure, Stroke, Internal & External Diseases & Conditions that go are associated with my illness. As a result of having to take a "Maintenance Dose" of Prednisone for over 30 years, I've even developed Osteoporosis. (I have to say that I had serious pre-existing Back Problems before I began experiencing symptoms of my Autoimmune Disease that landed me in Intensive Care & Comatose before I was Diagnosed.)
    I've never been in a Near Death Experience although I've been very near that point.
    My experiences have been more related to My Faith. I want to say that I don't really believe in Praying for one's self in an illness, I believe in others Praying for us when we are sick. After a long & difficult time of being ill , alone, bed-bound & in & out of consciousness, I came back to consciousness & became aware that my feet were hurting very badly & I looked & found that I had Gangrene on both of My feet. (I should say that I have a Medical Background as well. I was a Professional Paramedic in my early adulthood, before I attended my University. In fact, I supported myself & my family during my University Studies by working as a Paramedic.) So, when I saw that I had Gangrene, I'd seen it before & I knew what it was. However, I my mind was so foggy, I couldn't remember where my phone was or how to dial for help when I finally found it.
    At some point I remembered how to dial The Emergency Number, & I had an Ambulance coming for me. I heard the Siren approaching & fought to remain conscious. At the Hospital, I was given IV Antibiotics to treat The Septicemia. I was admitted to The Hospital & The Next Day, A Surgeon came to my room & told me that they were going to Aputate both of My Legs halfway up to my knees. That was to take place in three days. I was feeling better after a day or so of Treatment. It was T-Minus a day & a few hours before I was to go to Surgery & lose my legs. Actually, for the first time in days I had said my prayers. So, I said my Prayers, then I had a little talk with my Creator above. I knew that as a Widower with grown kids, I knew that my life was about to change dramatically! I'd probably be placed in a Convalescent Center & lose what bit of freedom & dignity that still remained in my life. I went to sleep still talking to my Father about my healing. At about 4:00 am, I was awakened by someone touching my feet & people whispering. I opened my eyes & my room was full of Nurses. I asked what was wrong, one of The Nurses asked me, "What Are You?" I answered with a shrug of my Shoulders, "I'm A Man." Then She said, "No, this doesn't happen." I asked, "What DOESN'T Happen?" Then another nurse answered, "We've Called Your Doctor, Your Gangrene is Gone, It's just gone!" I said, "Well Thanks Be To My Father!" They thought that I was speaking of my Earthly Dad, "Who'd been decreased for about 30 years at that time. I set them straight. The Doctor was less willing to accept that I'd been miraculously healed.
    Nevertheless, I was sent home, with my legs, on the day that I was supposed to lose my legs.
    I dealt with very serious Hypertension for over about a 20 year period. Three Blood Pressure Meds everyday, & it was still barely under control. But during a Doctor's Visit My Blood Pressure was very low. My Doctor discontinued one of my Blood Pressure Meds, then another & finally I was off of all of my BP Meds., now about 10 years later, I've never had to take another Pill for my Blood Pressure.
    Even my Heart Failure is gone.
    I've been healed from a lot of very serious Conditions over the years & I give all of the credit to my Father Above!

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    This is so cute.❤❤❤

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    38:00 I had that happen to me but I never died. I just went to bed one day and decided I would divorce. And was telling myself to be brave. As the vibrations/sound/gold light started to pour into the body through the top of my head, I told myself not to move or it could go away.
    I was right because I found a video of another lady's NDE story, and Jesus had to paralyse her so she can see her reptilian husband try to kill her. Was a very complex plot, but only by seeming mostly dead, she was able to see his true nature. While her body sort of died, she went in the after life and was shown the new Messiah sitting on the throne, she did not understand who she was. When she was brought back to life, she remembered everything and was back to being healthy minus all the poisons he gave her which frazzled her a bit. But she was able to sew him and get her life back. Was a tough case.

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    Are you near any churches that may have a community food bank? We have one near my home in Florida, you pull up to the church in your car, you stay in line and drive towards the food. It all comes in a box, each week you get different items but does include fresh produce, you're getting good food. It's too much for one person, so i would be giving things away i wasn't able to use, before wasting it. I hope you have one or two places to visit for donations for your family. We have also gone to a farmers market at the close of the weekend. The vendors don't want to take small amounts back home with them, the sell at a fraction if the normal cost. I would bring a large reusable tote bag for groceries with me, for less than $20 that bag was packed full, almost too heavy to carry. Hope you have places to look like i found, i'll be 66 next month, 2/15, divirced one week prior to that date. That's when i will need the extra help, living on Social Security disability.

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    For those of you who would like to hear this woman’s NDE it actually starts at 17 minutes and 40 seconds. You’re welcome. These people go on and on about their medical history and their kids and their upbringing and blah blah blah. I hate to be insensitive, but we are all on here for one thing. We really wanna hear about your near death experience not why you have a weird reaction to certain medication’s and meningitis and blah blah blah. It goes on for 20 minutes before we even get to the near death experience.

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    Really she doesn't know everything

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    What would Love Do ? Live this question every day.

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    Yes aThanks you so much for letting the subject of the program talk with out the interviewer asking too many questions and interruptions.

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