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    I love this! Totally can relate to what you are saying. I had an NDE and was downloaded with same understanding.

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    Thanks for recounting your experience, Mariko!

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    is that an SRF bangle you are wearing? Just wondering. You shared this so beautifully. Thank you

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    How I stay out of my story is to keep bringing my focus back to the emotion. And holding the emotion in ball of light love

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    Your last recommendations were meant for me. Thank you so much! It helped me so much.

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    You leave this place/world with Spiritual progress .. I like that

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    The light workers of higher consciousness are here. We are all around raising the collective consciousness one person at a time. 💜🙏Be loving and compassionate to all sentient beings. 🐾🐾🐾Wonderful contribution. Thank you.❤

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    We are not lacking anything.

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    I needed this today.

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    I stay by myself. We are not always liked when you're on a higher vibration.

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    We are God in human form. When this happens our avatar looses it's identity.

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    Other people thought were gone.

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    Your perception and mind open up.

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    I am hiding. Its the only way I have peace.

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    I have to stop you, mid-sentence, at 55 seconds. Having a "license" or "credentials" as you put it, will never guarantee anything regarding your health choices. Practitioners from ALL walks of life are human beings, and people are, indeed, only capable of operating through the Lens of their own level of development. YOU are 100% Responsible for YOU. Everyone and Everything and Every Experience in your life. You and your Soul ORCHESTRATED this illness, NDE, for your Journey towards greater information, learning, and discernment. Don't blame whoever the "holistic healer" was. Instead, Ask Yourself "Now….why did I CHOOSE to turn my body and my trust over to an individual such as this one, who made things much, much worse for me?" But—I do appreciate your bravery in sharing—-and I think your perception about Higher Vibrational People being somewhat "in hiding" is a good one. I USED TO BE Out There, in the Public, speaking, teaching, leading ceremony, taking workshops, giving workshops, and seeing clients. I always did my best to be honest and use integrity to the best of my ability. Things have shifted now. In one sense, I am in hiding—however—I haven't stopped The Work. The Work continues—-just in other ways. Everything in its Season.

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    Thank you so much, am forever grateful

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    Wonderful story and message. Thank you!❤

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    No this isn’t our comfort zone. We are only aware that it exists, and because of G_d who also knows and is aware it exists, we simply manage, have faith, attempt to bring positive change whenever possible, and offer prayer however we might. The thing is, we bring the truth and the truth isn’t wanted everywhere and the thing is when we don’t bring truth to those in need as much as we love them we are doing them a disservice by withholding information that could bring them bad karma because not everyone has the same protocol. Main stream society has lied to them so they find it hard to believe and also try to tell us we have something wrong with us when we absolutely do not and wish that those same people who lied to our families and divided us would just leave us alone.

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    so beautiful. thanks . lots of love🤩

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    You are so right…

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    Thank you so much for sharing your experience and Knowledge ❤❤❤❤

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    Something is bugging me about all of the afterlife experiences I’ve heard…. Why are most souls forced against their will to return to their lost life. Do we not have free will in heaven? Why not? Why can’t we just chill in heaven? I understand there’s things that may be undone here waiting for you but…..?

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    Helping others from inside is insane and you've got manipulated to accept slavery, the only way you can help anyone is from outside. Accepting such extreme confusion, lack and suffering as we encounter here is insanity.

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    After spiritual awakening I lost most material desires. I still enjoy clothes and nice things, but I don't need any of it. I am more interested in embodying and expressing more love and finding joy and create beauty peace joy compassion and to learn to plant beautiful seeds in my mind

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    Oh.. she seems like a very nice person.. I like her "energy" ❤😂

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    Wrong! You described a co-dependent. You speak like a false believer in God as if you make the rules. Stay close to God, not your heart. Your heart fools you.

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    Cảm ơn Ad! Ko biết đây là channel của người Việt đến khi thấy built-in subs 😀👍

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    Yes I did wake up but I’m lost idk where to go from here. I know I’m here to help but idk how. I have made changes but I feel so alone because everyone around me is low vibration low energy 😩

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    If I'm from a higher realm, of course I would be hiding. The people from the lower realms are nuts! Everyone that does good, there's always people who want to destroy them.

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    I’m not hiding and I work with anchoring as much divine light as possible, for the planet and its inhabitants. Like a conduit, twice a day during meditation. I do think some are hiding, maybe out of fear or lack of experience. The more they see others doing this for all of us, the sooner other high vibrational souls will connect to their abilities. Things are changing rapidly, now is the time to trust our higher selves and dive into this wonderful light work. ❤

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    it's tough to shine your light all the ime though, people can be draining, they don't often appreciate it at first and project horrible things onto you, it can become exhausting, seems that many toxic people get irritated by my light too and ty toc ome for me and I don' have a support system in place at all just myself (although, I'm told all the time that I can handle it and should put myself out there more… ) I find children appreciate my light most though 🙂 [I'm also a Leo so I couldn't dim my light even if I tried but I shine it in doses]

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    You say much that RJ Spina talks about. You talk about Ascension, but you are already ascended, already perfect, there is nothing for us to do. We are not here to raise our vibration, although by learning to do so, we are able to experience better, less egoic, lives (when we have given too much power to our egos, they can create too much chaos, pain and stress, not realising that we attract more of what we believe, or rather misbelieve and misunderstand). We came here to experience the opposite of 'life' in the higher realms i.e. Heaven, to experience density. We are already love, it's not something we need to try and aim for, but again it makes life better, a bit of a rest-bite, for us here on this earth plane,

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    It's true that some of us are Ancient souls; however, we're not hiding our light. We chose that life (to remain hidden) until it's time to come forth to assist. The planet and humanity is going through a consciousness shift; however, it's spotty at the moment.
    Soon, there will be an event that will engender a global awakening. Initially, this will bring about a lot of upheaval and confusion. Many will resist. That's when the "higher level" souls will come forth to assist. One thing that's important to understand is that higher level is not a classification as we perceive it as humans. It just means more expanded. "Age" again means more expanded. We've lived more lives came forth earlier and have expanded greater than others accordingly. There is no hierarchy the way humans perceive it.

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    Wonderful! Thank you for sharing your experience. ❤

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    Wow…. hahaha. Bringing us out of hiding are you? I love that! Thank you for your sharing.
    In my experience I was told by my own soul, in a high place that I didn't want this and did not come for this and to stay. I had already shed the lower vibrational stuff and knew who I was.
    I was in a higher dimension before this happened. Not sure what would have happened if I wasn' t. Pretty sure I would not have left because of my soul destiny but I don't think I would have understood so clearly and intentionally.
    I stayed on my path and continued to ascend even higher in my purpose.
    Pretty amazing stuff.

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    She's right. I connect with everything she is saying.

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    First time I am hearing about people (souls) who feel comfortable in committing genocide. This is kind of humorous in a dark and morbid way….🙃

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