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Woman Dies During Stroke; Shown Past Lives & Life’s Purpose During NDE

Mar 2024 23

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Amber Cavanaugh’s NDE near death experience trip to the afterlife is a beautiful glance at what may lie on the other side, Heaven, and life after death. She had a stroke and left her body, experiencing life after death through the eyes of her soul. Please visit her links above for more information.




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    This was a great video

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    14:35 planning return

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    Thank you for sharing this amazing insight ❤

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    I definitely didn't choose this.

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    Let me fix the title:
    Woman dies from lack of oxygen to brain, then describes the experience with her brain after it lacked enough oxygen.

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    Very interesting experience you shared with us. You must be a beautiful human being inside free from evil doings. ❤ love to you

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    I don't know why Abrahamic religions reject reincarnation (many Lives), In Sanatana Dharma (and Buddhism) we accept many lives. Dr. Brian Weiss has written amazing books on these things.

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    I'm HIGHLY BELIVE in GOD,n the other side .
    would chose the very hard tho grateful life I'm blessed to have given.
    Tho I was sold at 13.married three times failed two .lost and had to survive raising alone my as SINGEL parent.for 27 years.i struggle d for rides to n from work his issues and all that comes from motherhood then I almost lost him at 18 years I had a new born child at 18 years that all my years of teaching living caring was slapped in my face to repeat the process with that same child due to as careless drunk driver made my previous young man,a baby again.
    We surrvied again on our own .
    Then he turned 27.
    And got murdered by his own father's cartel.19 months later I sent my husband to 7-11 for ice cream ,8pm a junkie robed him for two dollars stabbed him in the heart.
    My man walked two blocks w knife in his heart told me who did it and died my arms
    So I can comprehend y? Every one says I chose this sorrow

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    God Almighty has given life its Jesus Christ who gives eternal life through His death and resurrection God gives one life then death no other lives.

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    Read Allan Kardec!

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    Sorry but I do not buy this at all. Who could be sooo mental to choose to live all this s »it ??? Really no. Look at the world how shoot that is. It cannot be that you are choosing this crap. They can go and feck themselves with the so called lessons I am really not interested. Nope. Love and peace to all of you.

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    I listened and quietly cried most way thru. Thank you so much for sharing, you've given me a moment of a peaceful haven. I'm 70 in September, lost my daughter and partner 93 and 97, beat cancer 2014 and now have renal failure on my remaining kidney, stablish at 49%. Desperately searching for GOD, desperately NEEDING God, have recently just wanted to jump off the cliff with my 10 years chronic abdominal adhesions pain but I won't leave my 2nd Dog Buddy, but, he'd come with me, which sounds AWFUL but I'm single and just need a hug or visit or sense from God without the NDE. I cry every day for my sins, I cry every day for the pain others suffer as unfortunately I have empath traits but STILL I'm trying my best to move forward, to keep my fashion design enterprise going, trying to get my own house vs rental and am contemplating giving up post cancer pain meds but that's a biggie. I feel I DON'T belong in this era, I'm still stuck in 1973 but often wish to go back to a WW1 hospital for the walking wounded, just to have a nurse near, just for reassurance, just to recharge. I'm awfully tired of my journey and have been scared of death since age 4 due to childhood @Bus€. THE garden with grass you described sounds like just the place I need to be. There's nothing left in reality here but I still put one foot in front of the other. Thank you for sharing. Peace and Light

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    This video is so inspiring and wonderful and it makes so much sense in connection with other NDE experiences.

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    I’m sure I would have chosen something different if I had been more aware 😊

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    She did not die, if she did that is a one way street, clinical death does not always mean real death so all these stories are born off a misleading concept and are not actual crossing of some spiritual plain but a well understood Euphoric state the brain enters as its oxygen levels deplete and it fails to function like normal.

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    Why every American that comes back from the "land of the dead" has to write a book ? 😂

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    Another one vaccinated that got a stroke

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    I am sure that this lady fully believes what she is saying she saw. There are a couple points that I'm going to mention that may be unpopular but are very true. First and foremost, we don't have past lives. We have one life, that you are living this very moment. The Triune God, the one that created all, gave us this one life to live. The purpose of this life is to learn to love, and learn that He is the creator of all, and that He is God, and to love God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength.

    Second, the enemy will lead you to believe things such as past lives and what not, to separate you from God. Meaning, if he can con you into believing Hinduism and all this other stuff, then you have a sure path to destruction. Why would the enemy do this? Because he hates God and hates His creation. Many will believe this sort of thing and will surely spend eternity separated from God for it, don't be deceived.

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    I was an idiot for choosing this incarnation and my life, I can stand it. I cant wait until it ends

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    I am at my core a good person i think but i grew up confused and mixed up. I often feel depressed. Im retired now and feel so much guilt about things i did and selfish decisions. I hope i get another chance. I mean i didnt commit murder etc but i know i should have lived a better life. I hope when i die i am forgiven. Well. I just watched the entire video and happy to hear that in her nde there is no judgement on the other side. You understand the decisions you made good or bad and there is no guilt. I feel better if that makes sense to anyone.

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    This channel does great service for all of us. Thank you

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    Thanks for sharing. I would like to know how it is possible that you can return from a deadly situation due to a seriously damaged brain, to the normal functioning of the human body again

  24. #24

    The Jab
    Killed my brother

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    We are TRICKED into choosing our lives. Don't believe this utter crap. Whatever created this realm is evil and puts us in a reincarnation trap. When we die, they wipe our memory clean……so that we don't remember any of what we just did. That's insanity in itself, if you notice that people say earth is a school. How is it a school if you can't remember what you learned each time? It's a PRISON! Then they bombard us with fake versions of the person or people who influenced us the most or we felt closest to who convinces us to go back and reincarnate. That it's a good thing. It fucking isn't!!!!! Don't go into the light. Avoid it. Once you go into the light you reincarnate. This is why people with NDEs come back thinking everything is fine AND they are instantly put on a mission to share their "wisdom" and "experience" with others. It's brainwashing.

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    I would like to THANK YOU for sharing your story and experience!!!! I am SO happy that you are doing better!!! I had a mild stroke and it affected my walking and memory. People initially judged me and got frustrated by my condition, but over time and with perseverance I learnt to ONLY listen to my inner voice and that helped me to heal!!! Also I like to believe that the Higher Force has given me this challenge cause HE/SHE KNOWS I can handle it!!! (I tell myself this to make me feel better)💪

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    Thank you so much for your honesty and courage… and for sharing. Love Always…

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    Quit watching these and get your questions answered through the bible. Start a personal relationship with God today. He is right there. Seek his face and don’t be deceived. God is going to send a strong delusion in the end times but why?

    The Bible makes it clear why God is sending a strong delusion in the end times: “They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. For this reason, God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness” (2 Thessalonians 2:10-12). Simply put, God sends a strong delusion to those who choose not to believe the gospel of Christ. Those who take delight in mocking and rejecting Him, He will condemn.

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    This event, like ALL OTHER NDEs is NOT a journey to the other side. Other side of what ? The other side of Life ? Personal experience does not demonstrate there is ANYTHING on the other side. No matter how much we may want to believe something, "want" does NOT make something true or real. Experience does NOT make something true or real, because the brain is what interprets what a person is experiencing. And even at that the brain, depending upon neural wiring, previously conceived notions, indoctrination, etc will "preconceive" what we are experiencing. And it is becoming increasingly important in the modern, complicated world that people take a more OBJECTIVE view of not only the world but even the workings of their own bodies, including their brain.

    There is NO equivalency between NDEs and being actually "dead". The first clue is the word "near". Near death is NOT the same as being dead. To have ANY experience the brain on some basic level must be functioning. Psychological and neurological research has even demonstrated the human brain reacts to "crises" by preparing the brain for the possibility of death by flooding the brain with endorphins, dopamine, and other neurotransmitters that decrease the fear of death. Part of that process is the creation of hallucinations. All evidence points to the fact that such NDE experiences are nothing more than perceptual hallucinations.

    Part of the problem with NDEs is the "spiritualists" and in particular Christians have an emotional need for ideas of some sort of theistic "salvation", everlasting life, because deep down they fear death and are unwilling to accept its inevitability. The brain gets "primed" with ideas from early childhood. And the Jesuits of the catholic faith have as one of their didactic principles is to get people believing their nonsense because poisoning a child's mind most carry those beliefs right into adulthood. The contemporary theists, in particular the Protestant Evangelicals, make a point of indoctrinating and even using public tax dollars to indoctrinate children. And, even though they'll never publicly admit the truth, their whole campaign to save the unborn, abolishing abortion, etc. so to ensure there is a constant supply of young minds to indoctrinate to their mysticism and supernaturalism.

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    When she says we are all one we are connected is that include with bad people ?

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    Thank you for sharing Dear. What remains unexplained to me is, we are here to learn and grow. Okay. But whats the Goal of it? Will all of us one day have grown and learned as much as possible and what happens then? Who or what is benefitting and whats the Purpose of that Circle ? Back to Eden?

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    Theres so many similarities with dmt trips

  33. #33

    This helped me with my grieving ❤

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    I believe you do not need to die to experience true inner great huge moments of peace and truth. Living long enough to encounter at a certain point in life answers to your unexpressed questions is mindblowing. You might call it supernatural or a Divine plan. ✌🏻

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    Hell is def real. Some people who are alive are there. This lady is a good person, so it's somewhat incomprehensible to her.

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    Great story until they said “my guides” 🚩

  37. #37

    It's called dreaming. 😂

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