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Why This Man’s Skin Turned Blue

Apr 2023 15

Paul Karason shocked the world when he went on national television and revealed his blue skin. In 2008, Inside Edition met Karason, who explained he turned blue when he began rubbing silver over his body to cure his flaky skin. Doctors told Karason they could not help him and he lived the rest of his days with blue skin, but he said he had no regrets. Inside Edition caught up with Karason and his new girlfriend in 2012. The following year, he passed away aged 62. #InsideEdition


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    You should never have color or hue to your colloidal silver water. It’s too bad he hadn’t researched how to make it correctly.

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    yooo its that brok from god of war

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    I was curious how long he would live. Sad

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    Poppa Smurf exist !!!

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    Avatar viral for the Avatar 3?

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    ナスD was enjoying being purple.

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    Is it just me or he kida looks like Benedict Cumberbatch… he even sounds like him 🤔

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    Papa Smurf in da house…

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    It's the human Smurf… Papa Smurf. 🥶🌚🗣️🧞🧙

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    So… can he say the n word?

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    This guy should apply for the blue man group😂

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    daba di daba die ( or whathowever the song goes)

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    Grand Admiral Thrawn

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    "when did you first realize that you were blue?"

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    Rest in peace ❤

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    Man watched the smurfs too much

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    He is like this because he is an idiot. He overdid drinking colloidal silver water, to the point of absurdity.
    A glass a day won't change skin color. A litter or more a day, or even gallons or more a day…well.
    And application to skin, not smart when exposed to sunlight.
    There you go.

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    Papa Smurf came to life

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    This video just progressively got worse, like just straight downhill! So sad!

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    part of my skin is green but i'm not sick

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    Pappa Smurf

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    I KNEW IT!

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    Is that brok?

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    This man really has the blues.

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    This guy did hear of the dark elves

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