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Why is Christianity the Largest Religion on Earth?

May 2024 07

A short video about why has spread so far.


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    It is till the year of 2050 in year 2070 Islam will be the largest religion in earth 🌍

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    and the virus is still spreading and getting stronger than ever…

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    I'll just ignore the entire history of Islam up to the Crusades, then (hint: the conflict between Christianity and Islam didn't start there). That's not a track record to be proud of.

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    @vitalinful , we live in the KNOWLEDGE of Hell. Not the fear. In all the world, there are over a million copies of direct pages from the bible. Over 1 MILLION. How much more proof do you need?

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    Lol if religious people were only religious because they feared death why would the beginners of the early church who witnessed Christ's ressurection be willing to die for it? I'm sure if the disciples hid the body as some people claimed atleast one of them would fess up surely?

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    Islam spread through the world via conquest. Christianity spread through charity and sacrifice.

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    The Universe is god and it is up to us to find a way for immortality. But first, we must find a way to travel to other planets in order to handle the population explosion.

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    Religion exists because humans fear death. The belief in an afterlife is the main theme in the majority of religions. If Christianity didn't use heaven as a propaganda tool, it probably wouldn't even exist.

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    @Bongobutt123 Jesus never renounced his Jewish Faith, so Christianity is based on exactly what you are saying!

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    i am guessing u r not christian

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    Christianity had become a wrong religion since long time because the christian writers for the holy book had distorted it.
    wherefore the god sent to us the last prophet muhammed-peace be upon him- with the message of Islam which is there is no god but Allah and that conserved by god in the Koran.
    Muslims believe in all Messengers and revealed Books, but they know it had distorted.
    I am advising each christian to read about Islam.
    watch my channel to hear some words of Koran.

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    Luckily for me, New Zealand doesn't have many religious people. Of the hundreds of people I know, fewer than 10 go to church regularly. And you can be openly Atheistic in the firm knowledge that you're in a huge majority. So we don't have the moral right breathing down our back and gay marriage is legal and so is prostitution. our morality doesn't come from a beat up old book, it comes from common sense.

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    Catholics! we must unite and create Christendom again!

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    Every muslim nation have its personal policy but they are very good at making their personal issue into islamc issue. Iran who is claiming muslim unity against Israel is greatest friend of China and Russia who are murdering thousands of Muslims in xinjiang and Chechnya. Pakistan claims to be freedom for kashmir over islamic agenda but aid china is killing muslims in its north western part. Its all intrest and muslims do not share same intrests.

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    Muslims empires have their share of atrocities commited and mainly some of then were aimed for domination. Ottoman,Mughal both Turks and some arabs did seek conquest thru war. I personally dont see muslims as a threat because im aware of their internal climate also muslims do not a a huge dependant power. Every muslim nation is either dependant on Russia or USA which is both non islamic nations.

    China is larger threat

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    The crusades was not mainly a christian army who waged war to bring everything under christianity. There was 9 crusades and most of them were against non-catholic christians and jews. Crusades were mainly consisted of people from eveywhere their goal was only to bring everything under vatican rule. Even Vatican aided ottoman Turks in capturing constantinople which was a christian.

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    So killings of christians in Nigeria,Sudan,middle east, Pakistan is ok because some crusades 900 years ago were doing the same? Crusades killed more non-catholic christians and jews than muslims you know.

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    majority of Turkish people as well are against the PKK and Kurdish freedom for a seperate nation. The Turks dont regard you as anything rather call your people much enough negative. Most turks also praise the Turkish soldiers who killed several Kurdish people.

    Protest in tehran didnt affect the Ayatollah govt a bit the persians still today oppose kurdish freedom.

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    So its because of England that arab,turks,iranians have murdered killed even raped Kurdish womens? Iran dont care about England then why dont Iran give Kurds their share of the Kurdish nation in form of gratitude and improving relations?

    I dont think that England can scare Turkey its Turkish own decision that Kurds will never get their land back. Turkey may be Nato but it doisent take orders from another when it comes to its internal affairs.

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    Saudi dont give a crap and if you have read latest wikileaks then in fact saudi arabia encouraged attacks on Iran due to its atomic research. Iran hasnt fully completed its development of their atomic program which can cause threat.

    Turkey have nearly 1 million troops?
    1 million is only reserve for the chinese army LOL turkey is Nato lackey while US fear China.

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    Turkey 1 million soldiers are even below of the 5% of chinese troops. Even the half of chinese arms forces are more than Turkish population togheter. 😀

    Iran hasnt accuired nuclear tech fully and are still working on it, mostly its the arab nations which condemn Iran nuclear research because they dont want a nuclear armed shias.

    Saudi arabia is a dictator hub most of the arabs in saudi arabia lives in bad conditions. The kings and elites of saudi dosent care about muslims.

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    Eurabia? i guess there will be an uprising and civilwar before this happens and will be the entrance to worldwar 3. This is bound to happen no matter how much a tree grows it always fall in the end. Islam is the tree which will be teared down by the noble army from east.

    Europe and US are already economically shaked so if they becomes muslims then there is no problemo. The true powers are rising in east not west.

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    LOl arrogant fool btw im not christian and also which religion did you defeat? By defeating some civillians and doing some hit & run tactics you call it victory?

    What glory is you will see when the army from the east comes and swipe thru islamic world like a storm. Your jihad which is devils command to you will be destroyed and the womens you sell theur mutah prostitution will be stopped.

    You are arrogant because your destruction is near.

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    Thx then we now that islam allows mutah prostitution and terror which is motly wahabi doctorine its part of islam.

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    It does because you muslims are divided people.

    Shia sell womens on mutah
    Wahabis have extreme doctorine
    Sufis worshipp graves

    Will you say that they are part of islam?

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    Muslim ey


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    Fuck of kurd before you end up like your filthy ancestors by the hands of Turks.

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    Two evils christianity and islam. Religion is for stone age nuts, the poorer you are the more religious you are…

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    it should be none of your busines abuot chritianity or any thing to do with god or any one else i dont tell you not to believe in saten you will burn in hell

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    @AxmedGurey it is the largest with 2.3 billion people islam has 1.1 billion

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    The only thing I'll say is that ALL religion should be abolished. It's nothing but a barbaric mentality that should have been left behind hundreds of years ago.

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    What passes for Christianity today is NOT what Jesus had in mind when he preached his ministry. The 'faith' has been hijacked and has gone astray since at least 317 CE and maybe even before that!

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    Nobody said any majority religion makes it true… colonization is separate from the religion, there is nowhere in Jesus' teachings that even subtly suggested to do so.

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    @Barenziahlover People under sharia law are killed for converting out of islam, this is inarguable so you sound quite ignorant when you say this

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    just check the link..in it is said that muslim rule in spain was golden age and there was religious tolerance througthout spain..i am a muslim and i love jesus.thts y i tried to answer to u.

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    nazis in ww2 carried out genocide of jews in 4 years.that too when they were outnumbered 1:7 on their eastern sector and also had political rivals within germany..so muslims had a string military presence in spain for a little less thn 700 years.nor their is significant proof tht muslims carried out convert or kill policy.

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    This video show that Christian was spead by the sword and maintrain by fearmongery which isnot working too well anymore. Islam was spead because people willing convert to it.

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    You do know that just because Christians take over the most countries doesn't mean they are the biggest As a matter of fact Asia alone takes over 4 out of the 6.6 billion people in the world…

    And in any case you are mistaken as the catholics were the ones who forced religion

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    Most of the worst cold-blooded killers in history have been x-tians.

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