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Whites Only Town in South Africa – A shocking discovery by African American

Apr 2023 13

Entire video of the visit to White only town. Jermaine and Nicole go into a Whites only town only to discover the truth and confronted with shocking discrimination practices. Please go visit their channel at: “Make Africa Great Again” YouTube channel


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    Nico kindly do me a favor even here in Kenya and Zambia we have coloreds but hey identify themselves with a tribe of the mother or father so you cannot say you have no tribe or community . if your grand father was koisan and your mother colored but she too had a African or white kind of ancestors. I have been there and you denial yourselves you lack identity and you have crisis

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    The audacity they go to our country and they try and take that as well the fact that everything certain groups of people have stolen everything they have from other countries and differ races and the fact that they don't think anything is wrong with their behavior is a problem…..

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    how was this ever allowed to happen

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    Whyyyyy does this even exist in Great Africa 🌍

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    Once again Malcom x was so much ahead of his time “ viva Malcom z for ever !

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    Come on people we can do it. Let us stop being victims and we take care of our own. We cannot rid poverty, but , we can help them live a little better than they are.

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    There are VERY things MORE disgusting than a country where whites making up less than 9% of the population get to construct a slum like this.

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    if Julius malema was in power this pig sty would not exist

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    Go black, great broadcast. Yes America has a number a so called sundown towns even today but I believe people will be surprised that there are a number of these same towns in the north.

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    Excited about white people building on stolen land! All the evil they have done you gotta be kidding me! This is a ridiculous conversation and the hate black people! Crazy!

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    Tell me what community and land have you purchased in America to start building a community???

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    Marching in the streets is not crap! Your behind would not be were your are without those marches that took place. Let’s not dismiss the sacrifices that we’re made by blood shed from our ancestors! How dare you!!! Because of what we did in AA people use this strategy all over the world! They march and protest.!

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    How in the world do you think “black people are still in AA?? It’s because we have community! The “ black church” whatever you may think about it is the community and have kept families and communities together! Understand your own history! There has and continue to be support for our children in our communities! There are many not for profits organizations created mostly by black women that are assisting people everyday! They reason they don’t thrive is because most people are unaware and don’t support them financially! Then you look at other people in other nations and say we are not doing this and that! Ridiculous! We would not be here if we did work together for solutions!

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    Reparations are necessary! We are a people with a distinct people with a distinct history!

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    Demons was given land!

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    Don’t compare AA with WSA two different histories. If we had free land we be able to build too! As a matter of fact had we received our 40 acres and a mule we would have had our communities.

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    Who’s land is it??

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    They have black people who are doing that in America in Georgia right now!

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    Let’s not get this twisted please! Black people have tried to build up communities and they destroyed them.

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    Whites only anything should not exist in AFRICA….. There’s something wrong with that a town, Hotel or anything all white in AFRICA. What is going on???☠️🤡😵‍💫

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    Load Sheading is bad what I experienced i was there last week and I experienced earlier morning 2am to 4am then 1pm to 3pm crazy

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    I Just got back from Jo and had a brilliant time i meet local South African I found a lot of lot from the indigenous people of South Alkebulan ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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    We had built our great communities before in these United States. The white burnt them down. Ever heard of “BLACK WALL STREETS??”

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    White only Town in Africa it's so wrong in so many ways 😅😂

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    its Black land

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    tell dem 2 go the f c . back where dey come…!!

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    WTF…this can't be true!! I'm crying. This can't be happening. F**k these white demons. This has to STOP. How can they ever ever get past their slavery WHEN YOU TREAT THEM LIKE they are. 😈

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    They want to be self sufficient on land they stole or doesn’t belong to them?

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    All this talk about separation but us in Canada all live together quite gracefully without all of the nonsense that goes on in America and I'll tell you why. Mainly black American people are extremely racist and people are reacting to it and not to say that nobody else is racist but black people are by far the most racist people in America and that type of degenerate behavior and victim mentality has caused mental slavery

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    Afrikaners mean Africans ..

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    So Zulus have Zululand, Sotho have Lesotho, and each BLK group have their own lands, so Afrikaners we need our own land ..

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    Whites in SA have been self sufficient for hundreds of years…it's the blacks who are trying to live on white skills…there's just no other way ..

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    Bunch of low life racists here…

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    Black dude must have been astonished to find a space in Africa that actually works 😆😆

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    i question—- they know what they are doing to us, when will we pay attention to what we must do to get help from the curses laid out by our Father

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