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What’s the Difference between Religion & Spirituality??

Apr 2023 11


There is a big difference between religion and spirituality – listen to me very carefully:
Religion and Spirituality can be illustrated in this picture here…

RELIGION – is the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal god or gods. Religion comes from the Latin word religare, which means to bind. Bind comes from Old English bindan meaning “to tie up with bonds” (literally and figuratively), also “to make captive; to cover with dressings and bandages” also Latin legio or Roman legion.
• Religion therefore takes away everything that defines you and assimilate to someone’s or something else
• It demonises or destroys what you are, renders you into a vessel and condition you to serve an outer force
• Religion is dogmatic and always represented by symbols, and each religious symbols representing their deities or principalities
• Religious people build their faith on physical objects which bind or blind them together. For instance,
o Christianity is represented by a cross
o Islam is represented by the moon and star
o Judaism is represented by a star
o some are represented by the ankh and many other things

• A biblical example of religion is when Yisolele (Israelites) were in the wildness on their way from Kemet (Egypt) going to Kanaan and while Moshe took leave to pray on the mountain, they requested Aruna to make a statue out of gold for them to use as a representation of God, because they had lived in Egypt for so long that they picked up the materialistic religious habit, and felt the need to have a physical object in front of them or to be identified with one.
• Religion is the lowest form of spirituality, it sucks its believers dry and strip them of their identities, values, and many times their lives.
• Religion is man-made and often used to manipulate man into deception
o A good example of religious manipulation is when Leopold 2 King of Belgium sent Christian missionaries to Kongo and told them to use the gospel only to condition the Bantu (or the inhabitants of the land) into eternal servitude for white people. Missionaries subjected Bantu with white deities in order to destroy Bantu’s spirituality, forcing them to reject their names, languages, and culture.
o Another example is Islam forcing its black followers to worship in the language of the oppressor and praying facing the direction of the oppressor’s holy city.
• Other PTSD symptoms of religions in Africa are such as colonial names, colonial gods, colonial languages, colonial school system, hair extensions, skin bleaching and hair straightening, self-denial, self-destruction, corruption, and hate. If you are black, you should know exactly what I am talking about. Black or Bantu people take majority of these man-made religions dehumanising them and allowing others to oppress them.
On the other hand, the first thing that Spirituality does is to set you free.
• It allows you to be true, to be proud of who you really are, to be who the creator made you to be, to proudly pray or speak in your language.
• Spirituality allows you to see your Creator as your first ancestor and as a reflection of self.
• It doesn’t force you to worship facing a certain way or in a certain position.
• It doesn’t change your name
• It teaches you the truth
• It gives you laws of nature to help navigate to your best potential and allows you to make the decisions yourself.
• It doesn’t use fear and empty promises to condition you into servitude but teaches you right and wrong for your own good.
• It is not symbolised or cannot be contained.
Bantu spirituality is the highest form of spirituality ever known to man. Bantu culture is the so-called Bible itself, Ubuntu is pure and true, it is the divine unity between Bantu and Sonini Na Nini against powers and principalities of this world seeking to destroy the creation, as it is said “I am because you are, we are because our Creator is”.

Take note…
The Bible, as much tempered with by religions as it is, it is not a religious book but a book about a spiritual journey between a people and their Creator, proved to be rooted in Bantu spirituality.

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