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What was the Satanic Panic?

Nov 2022 03

Why did rumours of satanic cults spread so widely across North America in the ’80s and ’90s? Lisa Bryn Rundle, host of the CBC podcast Uncover: Satanic Panic, explores the phenomenon and traces its roots in Canada. Listen to the podcast:

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    The CBC podcast Uncover: Satanic Panic unpacks why fears of Satanism ran rampant across North America in the '80s and '90s, and overtook Martensville, Sask. Listen here: http://www.hyperurl.co/uncovercbc ^akd

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    It’s Epstein’s family

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    Oh….. It was a prelude… For want of a better word…

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    This comment is actually concerning and shows no, people are still not done panicking about this. Great video tho!

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    I'd like to know what the victims think now, what do the people accused of satanism think, what do the people who went to jail think of this, what do those people who were told that they were the victims of statanism think like one thing that they don't mention is that a local murder could turn into a witch hunt, people were accused of killing people and joining statanic cults let's assume you were told that your lost one was a victim of statanism only to be told there's no devil and that they don't know who killed their loved ones…. These people need to be on TV again to clear up the past: especially since they were on TV once but no one tried to reach out them since after the media destroyed their lives, the media has a responsibility to make it right.

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    Il y a pourtant tellement de preuves de tout ça et encore plus aujourd'hui…..😔

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    Yeah right I can’t believe this video is defending satanist that got away smh 🤦‍♂️ should have known by the host smh EVIL

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    Do you mean "what is" ?

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    7:18 That's called religion.

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    There's satanic symbols everywhere. Like in CBS logo, for example, with the all-seeing eye. I pray for the souls of you normies falling for this trap.

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    Hmm, 40 years later and everybody threw out God and the Bible. Surely there was nothing Satanic going on!

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    All religion needs to be omitted from the planet, would be a much much better place.

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    Tell Ronald Bernard he is crazy!

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    The fbi wrote a book about SRAs. In it the books writer admits legally that they have seen many accounts of sras.

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    It’s just an excuse for bad doing

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    But, Michelle remembers….

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    Hail Seitan!
    Oh my sweet Seitan.

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    Why y’all trying to cover up what’s happening out there? This is happening all over the world! There is a cause for satanic panic! Whistle blowers are still coming out of the woodwork!

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