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What is Happening to Christianity? Insights from Africa

Oct 2022 18

Christianity’s centre of gravity has shifted to the Global South. Prosperity churches, ‘born again’ politicians, prophets, healers and exorcists are now typical expressions of Christianity worldwide. What do these changes mean for our understanding of the world’s largest religion, in particular with regard to secularism, politics, and international development?

Drawing on examples from Africa, the lecture shows how these movements challenge established notions of Christian doctrine and institutional order, and how contemporary Christianity reflects the wider fragmentations and imbalances of the modern world.

A lecture by Dr Jörg Haustein

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    I do wonder how you can study Pentacostal theology and more to the point practice without a thorough grounding in the theology of Marxism given that Capital has a lot to do with it.

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    Grifting preacher leaching on the gullible. Let's make it illegal.

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    How can Gresham college release this tripe! The college clearly has no checks and balances, nor does it vet properly it's lectures. It would be a service to the people of the world to entirely scrub this lecture from the internet and never allow it to see the light of day. May the lecturer be rebuked by adonai himself for hyper focusing on African churches alone, as if they are the only ones who practice false teachings!!!!

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    Why is the presenter constantly reading a script? I don't doubt that christianity in all its forms is very questionable even in your own country Mr presenter

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    As usual religion flourishes where people are suffering. Throughout history there is an inverse relation between prosperity and religious belief.

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    Organized religion is designed to take advantage of people. That’s why it exists. The relevant question to ask is; “who is suffering due to organized religion and how?”

    I had my genitals mutilated! Why don’t you talk about that!?

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    It's a sick business where the individual is dominated by bigots and where there's an attempt to coerce everybody into that sick religion.
    That religion is about dominance and nobody has the right to self-determination.

    And the worst thing is is that people must ask the pastors for permission for most things. There is no freedom of any kind in this disease.

    It's a pollution and a corruption of humanity…

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    The lecture comes across as in the usual patronising kind of analysis. The fundamental assumptions seem to include a premise that all claims of spiritual manifestation are bunk. If that is not the premise then a better place to start would be the quite copious website "Dictionary of African Christianity" showing genuine African Christians at work. He could have made reference to for example the barefoot Ethiopian missionary among hundreds of expressions of genuine expressions of the Christian faith. If on the other hand, he accepts that spiritual manifestations can be valid, he needs to do a much better job. There are practitioners of witchcraft in the Anglican church in Great Britain. The fact that they are well dressed does not make a difference. The record of a certain royal who met the sangoma in South Africa and discussed his spiritual guide Red Cloud still exists. Understand that the established churches in Europe, not only England, are infested with spiritists and satanists, in other words, obeahmen. And also witches

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    I do not think YouTube is sending me all Gresham College's uploaded videos.🔔

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    Banks make money , the principal , from thin air . They create the principal but not the interest that you need to pay back in addition to the principal . Churches want ten points off the top of tax free money to help get you to a place nobody can prove exists or has ever came back from . Two sides of the same grift .

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    The decline of Christianity is an ongoing trend in West and North Europe. Developed countries with modern, secular educational facilities in the post-World War II era have shifted towards post-Christian, secular, globalized, multicultural and multifaith societies. Infant baptism has declined in many nations, with thousands of churches closing or merging due to lack of attendees. There is also evidence of decline in North America (especially in Canada) and in Australia.

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    This is important information required to inform predictions of the future of Africa and the West.

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    Eurocentric analysis. Pentecostal Christianity is essentially an American invention and possibly a demonic manifestation. It need to be remembered that authentic hierarchical Christianity was present north of the Sahara and in Ethiopia from its outset, under the Patriarch of Alexandria, and after the Council of Chaldcedon, under the Coptic Pope of Alexandria. Since Latin Rite Catholicism and Protestantism are impositions of colonialism, they were always going to have problems in taking root. Their present decline has left a hole world wide, not just in Africa.

    An authentic African spirituality would be Orthodox or Coptic; unfortunately, these churches lack the resources to engage in mission. The same applies in the west but the development of an Orthodox diaspora is leading to a modest spread of Eastern Orthodoxy. It remains to be seen if this is of any significance.

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    Did you know the CCP makes an annual payment of $2B USD annually, to remain silent on Christian Persecution in China?

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    "Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them. Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity."
    – Yeshua Hamashiach ✝

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    These missionaries are converting and sexually abusing children all through out the the world.

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    Africa needs honest officials and free education for all. Education first then they can choose or reject religion.

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    The Portuguese word ‘Feiticeiro’ means ‘sorcerer’ – not ‘amulet’ as stated in this lesson.

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    His conclusions are off. Individuals and groups control others and our common resources by replacing common values with imposed belief structures. Too willing.

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    Christianity+ Slavery+ Wealth!!!

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    One needs to research the doctrine and sociology of the peculiar Pentecostal faith. Are they still using snakes and talking in tongues?

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    Selling heaven and self forgiveness vicariously is a very, very, very lucrative business.
    Allow fear of failure to be relieved by faith plus dismissing poverty while thinking all things are possible and collection baskets will never be empty.

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    For 40 yrs I did deep study and it debunked dogmatic doctrines and started to do the Hebrew feasts, became more spiritual

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    protestantism (christianity founded by international bankers) and communists control the churches. next question?

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    Christianity is the plague of the world. Maybe one day someone will create a bug spray for it.

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    With so many variations of tribalism particularly within the context of Africa it seems like this type of mass scamming/conditioning would be a natural process to exploit.

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    They learn their wickedness from the Western Christianity.

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    These serpentine folk..

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    Christianity is great for taming the masses .. specifically the poor, it will do well in Africa

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