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Apr 2023 26

Things you need to observe to get result with alligator pepper


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    I need that oil Doc please how can I get your contacts please help me Doc

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    Bless you sir

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    Please can I call you ? If yes, please kindly give me your WhatsAp number because I buried ALLIGATOR pepper and I went to get it and to my surprise, the seed disappeared from where it was buried

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    Dr. I appreciate your teaching about applications

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    How come I get sulotion oil iam for taraba state

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    Another question is how can i used it to make someone come around faster please..and to.maker him or her do what i want…people owing me a lot n i cant have back..they avoid my calls…

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    Thank u sir…but i ve beried alegator as intstructed..after 7 days i went there and it was all scaterd….

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    God bless you sir

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    Good day sir, sir please how can I do abortion cleansing so that i can start using Alligator pepper I don't want it to work against me, thank you sir

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    Thanks for your teaching….

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    Are you supposed to bury it for 21 days alligator pepper when you get it then use it

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    You are doing to much. Not explaining on actual practice on what to do. Intro is to long. Please give more instructions on how to use a product. Thanks

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    Daddy God bless you for the free teaching,more grace sir

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    Dear Dr Tayo God richly bless you for good work
    My name is Anthony Gokah in UK
    I need some of the solution oil
    How much is one bottle and how do I send you the money to you
    Please help me with this information
    Thank u so much
    May the good Lord Bless you🙏🙏🙏

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    Thank you papa this is a Revelation to me. As if ur talking to me. Im not spiritual but got it and used it to get my money back from those owing me but no results yet. Hope you can guide me. Thanks very much for this video.

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    Thank you very much Sir for your teachings in this video. And I pray to God to open my spiritual understanding and Grant me my expected end results, AMEN. (Am your new subscriber Sir today) God bless you Sir. Waiting for your next video!

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    Please man of God my daughter don't want to school again so what should I do please

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    I could like to speak to you for something

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    Please I put alligator pepper under my bed for 4 days to send away spiritual husband and any bad luck, after I buried it in flower pot that no one can see or step on it right after that there was lightning please what does it mean? Thank you.

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    You are right sir!!! I do have alligator pepper but yet to use because i am still looking for insight and having yet make peace with the Land as you earlier taught, even cleansing. Sir if one cannot get sea salt or native salt, Can someone use the salt with Big grains or thé normal table salt? Is there any substitude? Beside i have choosed to follow your teachings !!!

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    Thanks for your deep teaching
    what is the best way of storing the alligator pepper: plastic bottles or glass bottles/broken bottle

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    Good morning Dr Wilson. I think many people get information of thé alligator pepper from différent sources without deep insight liké yours!. I prefere to follow and steak to your teaching as far as alligator pepper is concern. God bless you sir!!!!

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