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What are Continents?

May 2024 26

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    I'm on a old CGP Grey video binge

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    Excuse me CGP Grey. Honshu is the WHAT ISLAND? (2:24)

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    I mean, if you amend the definition to be "Large landmasses separated by an ocean or by a tectonic plate" you get a pretty clean eight-continent view of the world: North America, South America, Eurasia, Arabia, India, Africa, Oceania (aka Australia), and Antartica.

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    Now to resolve this: continental drift | see if you go back 100 million years you’ll see that eroupe was away from Asia and the americas were separated big time ( note: and Australia is not a continent it’s apart of a bigger continent called Oceania )

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    Ooooh John Flanagan was talking about the location of the Suez canal!

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    Continent [con-Ta-net]
    1. Major landmass on earth, primeliy seperated by ocean

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    He forgot newzeland

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    You could take this even further. You could walk from the bottom of Africa to Asia which is Eurasia, (now Eurafrusia?) then walk to the very end of Russia. You could wait until it’s winter for the icebridge to appear and walk into Alaska, walk through Canada over to the end of Chile and now nearly every single continent is connected. 3 continents.

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    0:49 I didn't get the joke for a long time, but I finally got to 1984 and understand it now. 🎉

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    I loved the 1984 reference

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    what i believe:
    -North/South America

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    Nonsense, There are 3 continents.

    Old world, New world, and Upside down world.

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    3:20 bro i'm playing minecraft in the other window and you freaked me out

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    I'd imagine Honshu would like to be known as something other than "Rule 34 Island." At least mention umeboshi or something.

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    0:50 that 1984 refrence touched me harder than my uncle

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    NorthAmerica,SouthAmerica,Europe,Africa,Asia don’t forget Australia don’t forget Antarctica tell me the 7 continents tell me the 7 continents tell me if you can bum bum bum.

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    3:06 that glare of Hawaii is hilarious

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    I'm heading to Honshu bye

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    New Zealand has a giant mountain beneath it which is bigger than Australia

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    0:45 with the snow on the map it feels like Qing dynasty is still a country

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    excuse me – honshu rule 34 island ?

    care to explain

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    Australia is not a continent Australia is a part of Oceania

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    Whatever you do, don't ask what's beneath new zeland

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    I think the border between Europe and Asia is just an exception from the ocean seperating rule

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    11 years ago 😮

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    Agreed I can walk trough the Panama Canal and after no one will stop me HAHAHAHA

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    I lost it when you called it columbia its colombia

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    The bias towards the Americas is a bit unfair by technicality it's two separate entities. It's kind of ridiculous to think that they're one.

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    0:48 or was it? We are not sure. Nothing is sure. Big brother is watching

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