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Mar 2023 17

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    If people just read their bible’s, they would not be gullible. Problem in most cases is that people don’t read. Reading is free….

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    Pure madness in some churches nowadays

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    Am Catholic, I don't mean to protect my church but, there is great importance in attending church for worship. Don't attend church coz of priest, Bishop, pastor or so but for your own sake and God. People make mistakes and so let wisdom of God guide in your worship.

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    Kenyans should open their eyes, kuna mapastor wanaenda lake Tanganyika in congo to get power from the so called mamba mutu, half crocodile half human thing.So they use this powers to deceive people and have more followers . Sikuizi kila preacher anataka cheo cha prophet .

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    “Kukua single campo nayo ni ngori😂"🔥 https://youtu.be/xl4L7b1dj_w

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    pure madness in churches these days.wueeeh.lets stop playing in God's house.

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    Well said Kamene &Jalas.Thank you for highlighting these weird things in the churches

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    Makanisa mengine yako na Umbwakne sana !

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    Church and religion are two different things

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    Well what's the difference between how we hero worship pastors and politicians? Well you may not see this things happening in politics but hero worship is real. Guard your hearts and minds…

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    Mambo ya churches na rogue pastors muachie Jesus and Christians to deal with it. People who don't go to church should not talk about church problems.

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    Nice /beautiful shirt 👚 jalas

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    That's why I only pray in my house

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    Did you all ignore jalas's shirt,inakaa smart

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    Ata Mimi Wacha niombe kwangu

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    I blame wenye wanajipeleka kichinjio, people will die for luck of knowledge…. Unknown to them, the things this 'pastors' are doing, are initiations,then the real nightmares begin

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    Very true !!

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    These are the churches mama ida is talking of

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    Jalas and kamene thumbs up your doing an awesome job.i love love this channel though I hardly comment but today I had to.

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    Guys read the bible for yourself and understand period dont wait for someone to translate it for you in his or her own understanding.

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    In whose hands are we safe??

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    You two guys I'll miss you so much as Jalas is departing into politics n on that topic concerning churches, the government need to take serious action or come up with certain procedures to control n deregister some I support

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    Wolfs in sheep skin…

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    Jalas mwenyewe

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    This stupidity is the one making people to stop going to church.The so called pastors will answer to their actions one day.People MUST know NOT all who come in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ r of the Lord.Many people will perish due to lack of understanding.

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