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We have been imprisoned by Religion and Christianity is part of the problem – Pastor Mensah Otabil

Apr 2024 01

of International Central Gospel Church says we have been imprisoned by Religion and Christianity is part of the problem of and Africa as a whole.
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    Im ever ready for Discussions paaa bro…what you are Propagating is what wrong and will lead many to destruction

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    You are lost,including all your followers …you are either Authur Schopenhauer or Frederick Nietzsche…free will philosophers …the spirit that moves to campaign Against Christ is what is moving you and your followers…First check thier last STATEMENT BE THEY DIED

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    Changing your mindset needs knowlegde which is different and better than what you know through books,audios and others ….Do you know the spirit behind the writters or voices of these people? Whatever you hear or read frequently has power to influence you ….WHERE DOES THAT FREE MIND COME FROM?

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    He is a teacher not a Pastor

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    If all African pastors think like Dr Otabil him we will be far ahead

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    I love This man on any day

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    He is a philosopher and a public speaker, what he saying is not corresponding to the words.

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    BECAUSE there is too much FAKE PASTORS in GHANA and they have being doing it for long.
    OTABIL GOT A SCHOOL but is private school to CHARGE very expensive and even the Congregation cans not take THEIR kids there once he was supposed to do it for the church, and they lie, they don't think about people but only their pockets and the way to get people's money. FAKE PASTORS, they are spoiling the country and these people have not got anyone turn to
    Some PASTORS are not from God or Christians but using it to CON people
    PASTORS let the poverty chase the people. FAKE PASTORS AND LAIRS

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    At least we have such preachers in christiandom,, there's still hope for us Christians. Thank you Daddy🙏🙏

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    Anti…Christianity is the solution stop being a religious person . Free thinking supremacy

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    He knows the true but he will not boldly say it .

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    Who are you?
    Do you believe in the Holy Bible,or to be precise the word of God?
    I don't get any sense of enlightenment in your presentation.

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    Nice talk Mensa I love it

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    No body must not think that otabil and their company Agyen Asare etc doesn't reflect their minds on CSF or Freeman factual but because it's a business they will never agree with us

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    hmm such a natural mystic!!

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    Ghanaians totally lost the contact with the reality.

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    He is playing smart, they would start saying the truth..

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    Ghanaians will not understand this to stop going to the. Churches.

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    This guy's words are very important for us ( I mean we Ghanaians) to take them seriously. Everything thing Freemind said is true.

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    Can u drop the link for Mensah Otabil preaching to educate some ppl?

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    This is one of the enlightened videos for us to consume. Thank you, bro.

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    remind them how refreshing one becomes wen he or she does good to his fellow human being.dat shld tell us dat all services must be directed to our fellow human beings n not d organization called 'church'.

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    u did it again!

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    You’re always on point.Freemind!👏

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    When you change the quality of your thinking, you change the quality of your life. Wake up fellow Ghanaians.

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    Freemind you’re very smart.. excellent commentary. You nailed Otabil’s MO well. He presents a clean wholesome image which obscures the fact that he’s no different to Obinim, Bempah & co. He’s sophisticated, fairly respectful, & regularly trots out inspirational messages, but when one scratches the surface a bit further, they’ll find the inequities & exploitative practices that have characterised Charismatic Churches … I know him well, I grew up in his Church!

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    Otabil is part of the problem and always playing smart. Tweaas

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    The mind is our Servant or tool but we've become possessed by it and until we awake, it will always be the Boss and manipulate us!

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    Very well said my brother.

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    Kudos bro for this video

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    Keep going bro guy Way tv

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    Well done bro. Well said

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    Otabil knows the truth….he always advocates for people to be visionaries and work towards it…..he said it all…..religion has imprisoned a lot n its sad

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    Every Ghanaian must hear this.

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    Mensah Otabil is an inspirational speaker.

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    People have tagged me 'an antichrist' because I asked questions in the bible.

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    Sometimes I wonder full grown man will set in a church for another man telling him he should fight hard and shall be well

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    Nice video and good thinking

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    Let them take money out of Christianity and let’s see how many pastors will continue to be pastors!

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    Bro go back and redefine THE MAN OF GOD… you urself is also a man of God

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    Mensah Otabil is a pan African…I don’t understand why he still calls himself a pastor!

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    This is awesome Inspirational message.

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