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Watch the near-death experiences in the other world

Mar 2024 21

Watch the near-death experiences of a man from Jabalpur and another from Gole Market, Delhi narrating their experiences in the other world on India TV. Premchand Namdeos heart stopped beating for 10 minutes in a Jabalpur hospital, while 45-year-old Ghanshyam Bharadwaj claims, he visited Yamalok (the land of death god Yama) for 2 minutes while reading a newspaper at home. Are these experiences real?


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    This news is not complete.
    The patient says yeshu ne kaha jao
    So the God he saw was Yeshu, Jesus, Yahweh

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    DEAR Rajat Sharma please host Prem Chand in ap ki adalat. Do not be scared to tell the truth.

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    I do believe NDEs are real. But the way this has been made is like Ekta Kapoors show. Very difficult to believe what has happened. A serious study needs to be done and researched on NDE cases in India

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    Fake channel Fake News 👎

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    Nark nhi hua swarg he gya

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    He said "Yeshu ne kaha jao" ❤🙏

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    Bad habits effecte by most Indian media …..they r not presenting any news but opera ….lots of dhich kao dhich kao music,animation,repeating the same word again and again….come on Grow up, be mature enough, look to cnn,bbc,al jäjera,ABC,etc

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    Kon Kon 2023 Mai dekh raha hai like thoko

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    उसकी बातो पे ध्यान दो उसने कहा की" येशू ने कहा…." मेरे भाई और बहनो में आपसे सच कहती हू जो स्वर्ग में विराजमान परमेश्वर है वो येशू है और वो हर किसी से प्रेम करता है.. आपसे भी..चाहे वो गरीब हो अमीर हो, काला हो गोरा हो.उसने हर किसी के लिये अपनी जान दि.हमारे पापो के लिए वो कृस पर मारा गया और तिसरे दिन फिर से जिंदा हो गया..इस बात पर यकीन करे.. क्यूकी वही सच्चा खुदा है.. उसने कहा कि" मै ही मार्ग जीवन और सत्य हू "बिना येशू के कोई भी स्वर्ग मे नही जा सकता.. बायबल पढिये क्यूकी वही आपको परमेश्वर तक लेके जायेगा येशू ही खुदा है यकीन मानिये यकीन मानिये यकीन मानिये यकीन मानिये यकीन मानिये अगर स्वर्ग मे जाना है तो सिर्फ और सिर्फ येशू ही आपको स्वर्ग मे ले जा सकते है मूर्ती पूजा बंद करदे

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    Kon kon suicide karne ke liye soch raha hai

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    I have been exploring near death experiences over youtube. Top once came into search were foreigners, and have been listening to them and they were like white lights, tunnels, gardens, guardian angels and all sort of soothing things then as soon as i landed on Indian near death experiences i was like "Tauba Tauba saara mood kharaab kar diya" kisi ko yamraaj peet k le gaye, koi 12 saal ghoom raha, koi neem k ped pe baith gaya, kis ko daant k wapas bhej diya. Yaar aisa to mat karo yaar bhai.

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    Mai ye video 12 saal baad dekh raha hu 😅😅

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    Moot ka bad tum jasa narak ma jata ha

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    Motherchood news reporter toh tarka lagane ka shouk bht hai

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    Aslamu Ali ka ya qaim e aal e Muhammad salla o Ali hi wa aalihi wasalim

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    Legend watching this in 2023😂😎💕

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    Ha ha…I really like to watch this kinda videos. Christian people see Jesus and Hindu people see Bhagban and Muslims see everything according to their religion. No clue who is saying the right thing.

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    He said Yeshu ne kaha jao. It was not his time so God sent Him back. Listen guys there are many NDE's i have watched. This is true as well. But the God whom he saw is Jesus not any other. I come from a hindu family. Lets not start religion here. I have encountered God and I know the truth. Stay humble and pray to God to know the truth. Ask Lord Jesus. He will reveal the truth. Saitan or satan is also deceiving many but be careful with these experience. Satan comes as an angel of light as well.

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    2024 future wale log dekh rahe ho to like kro

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    BC commentry itni lambi kr di, uska poora interview dikhaya nhi

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    It was his hallucinations created by brain.

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    Is this news channel or entertaining channel 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    Dekhne me hi gajedi

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    😂😂😂 jis din marr ke Zinda karne wali machine ban gayi us din god bhagwan ka astitv khatam hojyega phir sab Paisa ke liye marenge aur machine ko खरीदगे 😂😂🤣

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    Did he saw LORD JESUS?

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    Back then I thought TV new couldn't become any worse, but alas!

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    People who say they saw light and so not name the God are the true ones. Those who say they saw Jesus means they are still identifying their religion, they are hallucinating.

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    I am so confused about many things.

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    Miracle Hope My Father Always Be happy wherever he is RIP dad 💝🥺

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    question of this near death is how a person can see after his death without eyes 🤣🤣 and without brain how he remembers all that.
    If without eyes we can see than what is the need of eyes .It's just the thinking of brain which makes us imagine this things and actually the person is not dead.Any comment to this?

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    Jeff mara podcaste attatcked by demons

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    Jesus name is most powerful name in the universe ask him for help and you will be saved

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    Yeah ya hota hai mara saat vi huwa ajj subhay 4 am mai
    Marako laga ki mera sarir koi flying objects pakarkar laajara ha hai 🙏
    And I'm thankful of god

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    Who's here now

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    Jesus said I'm son of God
    Shree Krishna said I'm God 🚩❤
    Only Sanatan supremacy n Christianity is 2k years ago n Sanatan is eternal oldest dharma ❤
    N how, can Jesus be God when he used to eat beef?
    Only Shree Krishna supremacy
    Har Har Mahadev ❤🚩

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    Mast chutya kaata hai isne 😂

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    Swarj yatra In 10 minutes how ?
    He would have taken bike there 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣7️⃣

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    ہندو اور غیر مسلم ایک بار مرو پھر تمیں معلوم ہو جاے گا کہ اصل ہے کیا

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    الحمد ہم مسلمان ہیں

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    1: 52
    It's where it starts

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