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WARNING ⚠️ Dark Spiritual Community operating as Organized Criminals #scam #scammer #spirituality

May 2024 13


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    I post on Tik Talk , who offered me 2 days ago reading she stoled 33 dollars from store card

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    This was so heartbreaking when I heard of this. I felt so horrible. I am so sad that there are despicable people like this.

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    The scarier part is that they are part of your community watching you and your members in order to prey on us. I remember sending you a friend request only to have a fake account that mimicked your profile to a "T" send me a friend request the same day. It's so out of hand.

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    I had the same person, scammers asked me if I want a reading… They used Kamela's same character… They took all her videos.. So terrible. Sad

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    Sadly😢these unscrupulous individuals have stooped so low as to upload this video as well onto their fake accounts, along with a link supposedly to your website. It's unfortunate that some people resort to such deceitful tactics to confuse and mislead others. 😤

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    Oh no 🥹so sad for that man and his loss 💔😞 damn scammers 🤬

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