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VODOUN:The World's Oldest Religion

Mar 2023 18

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A resurrection of this ancient religious system in America by its descendants.


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    Thank you for MAMI WATA VOL 1 and Vol2. It has changed my life.

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    It is time for us to honor our ancestors by returning to their ways. It is disrespectful and stupid to forsake the ways of your ancestors and follow those of others. It is further the ultimate stupidity to pray to the same god as your oppressors. We have been doing it for 500 years and the only result is continued oppression so whose prayers are being answered? Our ancestors ruled the world because they were true to themselves. Ever since we turned our backs on our ancestors, we are the slaves of others. Someone once told me that black people are like an Apple computer operating with a Microsoft operating system. So we are not operating with our own minds and that is why we are at the bottom wherever we are, even in Afrika. We need to wake up fast!

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    Vodoun only leave voodoo alone. 

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    Vodoun is African indigenous spirituality, which was replaced by foreign religions.That is the reason for the troubles Africa has in my humble opinion.
    My experience of Vodoun as a Witch is that I see that many aspects are shared between nature spirituality-real witchcraft- not the christianized version of witchcraft, the Craft of the Wise – and Vodoun.
    "In the beginning, God was a woman –  the Cosmic Mother"
    – Credo Mutwa
    Africa is the home of magic and spirituality and is the birthplace of the human race.
    So we all share the same common origins and the same universal Mother Goddess.
    Hail Mami Wata! Hail Au-set! Hail Yemaya!
    Blessed Be 

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    I have heard! I was so shocked when I found out so many Europeans were reviving their ancient practices. I am so happy for you! 🙂

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    @seekingjusttthefacts The fascinating point for me when we consider the genetic diversity African peoples is that the population of the rest of the world (outside africa) can now be traced back to a small group of perhaps a few hundred (probably a clan displaced by conflict) that managed to cross (possibly) to arabia by sea. All none african people can trace their ancestry back to this group via genetics. This appears to be the only successful migration out of africa by homo sapiens (prehistory)

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    The Black Woman is God!!!

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    I agree that Vodoun in west Africa is quite old and predates the religions of Ibrihim, recent finds in Archaeological sites have found objects, emblems, and symbols that are very much like modern day Congolese objects, emblems, and symbols. The Mpomba Nsila (cosmogram) and the objects with it are dated to at least 20000 years old.

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    I'm glad this message is getting out, we're supposed to be living in a time of religious tolerance yet Traditional African Religions have been demonised and not given the same respect or research as other faiths. I am currently making a documentary on this, you can view the trailer by typing in Ancestral Voices: Esoteric African Knowledge

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    I wanna learn more about Vodoun/Voodoo…anywhere I can find information…RELIABLE information from our people?

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    Vodoun IS an ancient religion. Wicca is a New Age faux tradition. There is no comparison on ANY level my friend. Do your research.

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    so, vodoun is now using the same partyline that wicca stopped using about, oh, ten-fifteen years ago…….

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    You are right Wikipedia is very racist and they have deleted all of the good articles on vodou and mami wata. They have been replaced by very bad information written by stupid and ignorant whites who don't have a dam clue about african religions.
    they want the religions so bad that any one black who is in the religion and do not write about whites, their work is deleted.

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    voodoo was praticed in ancient kemet it was nothing to kill a bull in the name of amen ra but so did the fake hebrew just read exodus 24:4-8 voodoo

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    The Vodoun religion of West Africa has no Christianity mixture in it. It pre-dates Christianity as all other ancienr religions do. I don't think the statement that it is the oldest religion is trying to "prove" anything. It just is what it is.

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    Thank you for this! I am glad that these traditions are experiencing a comeback in America.

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