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Veteran Dies from Covid : Sees a Golden City (Near-Death Experience)

Mar 2024 22

shares the story of his Near- Experience, occurring after contracting -19 in 2020 and being put on a ventilator for 31 days. He survived and shares his incredible experience of the . His life was changed forever and his story is a gift to all of us about waking up to what this life is truly about.

“I have such peace and calmness now in my life and it has totally changed me as a person” –

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Where we explore the meaning and purpose of Near- Experiences in the modern age. We write about the intersection of spirituality, life-after , comparative , philosophy, depth psychology, modern culture, and most of all how we can stay connected to the truth that Life doesn’t end when we die.

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    I’m actually crying. I had chills so many times while watching this. I don’t believe people easily but this is just absolutely
    incredible. Thank you so very much for sharing ❤

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    I've never had a NDE but I've had two distinct dreams which confirmed to me that God is real.
    These shows have given me the reassurance that my mother and nephews are okay. Thank you ❤

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    You are a Chosen One

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    Yes sir.we're all here just forlearning thank's you god.

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    Randy, I was totally captivated by your experience. I am now a true believer and will live my life differently from this point.

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    I am a Catholic I found it very interesting that your match was a young Catholic priest I wonder if you ever kept in touch with him!

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    Covid? Stfu, anyone thinking anyone died from Covid isn’t very sharp
    Where did it go anyway?

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    Beautiful, just beautiful

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    Sick joke but if I died and saw my most recent MIL, I would think I was in hell 😱🤣🤪💜 I know, I know… this life and the actual souls are far different. I’ve had a beautiful mil and a nightmare. I’ve experienced the dichotomy in this life.

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    I didn't catch Covid. Despite my autoimmune diseases and very low body immunity. I was among infected people and I never got infected. I didn't wash my hands with alcohol and I didn't wear a mask. I didn't allow the needle to be inserted into me. I am immune to this virus. I was born into a Christian family, but I believed in incarnations since I was a child. Sometimes I have dreams where someone wants to kill me but a bright figure full of love always saves me. I don't go to church, but I know that God exists and his weapon is great love for us.

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    What a Beautiful story.❤❤❤

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    Your story reminds me so much of my Mother who went into respiratory arrest in 1985, went into a garden where she was met by her father & 2 of her brothers who had already passed on. They resuscitated Mama & she was able to tell me some of what she saw in Heaven, the beauty, the colors that seemed alive & singing praises. She lived for two weeks afterwards. One night I woke up at 4am & heard Mama say my name. I hurriedly got dressed & went back to the hospital. When I got there she was awake & facing the door. I asked why she was awake so early in the morning, & she said she was waiting for me to get there. We talked about 5 minutes more. She told me she loved me, & for me not to be afraid. Then she smiled, closed her eyes & died. I have missed her dearly these last 38 years, but I know where she is with the Lord Jesus, & with her family in Heaven. I know that I’ll see her again when it is my turn. Thank you for sharing your story. It helps me to remember what she told me & that we’ll be together when it’s my turn. God bless you & continue to use you to point others to him.

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    My guy went to Asgard. Glad you made it back. Thank you for giving us some peace and less worry about the end.😇❤️

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    What an amazing experience, i cried watching this.❤

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    He went to St. Petersburg and back?

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    This is one of the best NDE testimonials I've heard. God is great. So glad I'm getting to understand Jesis, God and the Holy Spirit. I've never said God didn't exist , I've never been þŕ⁴è denied his existence because I wasn't 100% positive 1 way or the other. Thank you God for sending these wonderful people back with your heavenly plans and messages of love , forgiveness and hope. Praise God IN JESUS NAME I PRAY 🙏

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    Love this !! God is good

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    We ALL go to Heaven, paradise. God, our Creator, IS All Loving and All Forgiving . There is No eternal “hell” or eternal torment. Whoever believes in eternal torment obviously MUST believe that God is evil. and no, the Bible is not 100% accurate. And no, Christianity is not the only religion in the world. I used to be rather narrowminded…… just like some of you.

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    This is the best NDE I've ever seen. Thank you. ❤

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    Jesus christ is the only truth,way and life.Other religion like muslim,hinduism or bhudhism,they may sound like they make sense in a way but its The Devil that pull all the string in this religion,dont be deceive.The devil will do anything for you not to go to heaven and Jesus christ is the only way to heaven and the devil make up lies to deceive human.

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    my papa passed to covid within 2 weeks from all organs failing and skin turning black i wish he could have made it. im glad you did!

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    Thnk u thnk u thnk u for this Extraordinary story !!!!

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    Praise God for your experience. And messages he gave you for those who needed them. And for saving your life. There is one God. He is the way, the truth and the life.

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    This is the second man telling the exact same story, word for word! Shame on you all !

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    God bless the loving lord who will will be done

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    In a way, my stroke transformed me the same way your nde transformed you!
    I’m calmer, I enjoy people more and I acknowledge people more!!! I don’t dismiss anybody’s feelings.

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    One time I dreamt of the gates of Heaven ✨ it was magical. As they opened for me to go in, I woke up. I wish I could have stayed asleep longer to continue that dream 😭

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    Try being gangatalked. You will find god will not help you, nor is life worth living. Only people who have never been "gangstalked" say things like, "god will fix everything". That is a lie, unless someone is willing to believe and act. That isnt ever going to happen because its considered a myth due to the evil and unbelievable nature of it

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    Just to note, you saying you saw your mother in law whom you didn’t have a good relationship with and yet she appeared as you were traveling in a light looked at you and looked elsewhere you called Doloris!!! She looked elsewhere…

    Ain’t that strange?

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    Pneumonia is a terrible thing bacteria spreads from the lungs into the blood stream causing organ failure I was lucky antibiotics saved me but I was left with weakened lungs and have to to rely on an inhaler to this day 🧡

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    You help to beleive, adn yes you give me hope! Thank you sir..

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    "For the dead know nothing"- Ecclesiastes 9:5. How can this man say that our deceased loved ones know what's happening on earth when that's not biblical? I notice a lot of these people who return from NDE describe experiences that contradict God's word.

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    Such a beautiful story ❤

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    I think one reason he was given the opportunity is because the credibility he has. His level of education and work history make him more credible than many.

    If I were choosing someone to bring back a message for skeptical people, he would be way up on the list, ESPECIALLY because he didn't believe in God, because many people say faith results in these "hallucinations". In his case, that wouldn't be the case. He had no faith. He had no preconceived idea of anything. He thought it was nothing, just blackness. Yet, he has this story to tell, with verifiable evidence of knowledge he "can't have".

    He was the perfect person to pick.

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    What a profound story. And what an absolute smashing gentleman. Imagine the peace and love you gave back to Madison and her family… Thank you for sharing ☺️

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    Wonderful story, But saying that loved ones can see us from heaven is not biblical. I don't think God would allow them to see the pain and suffering because there's no pain or suffering in heaven and that would be painful for them to see things we might go through here.

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    Covid ruined a lot of our lives. I really wish the heading was different. A lot of us have been destroyed

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    These "near death" experiences are a contradiction in terms. If this guy "really" died he'd still be dead. People have been taught to believe that just because a person's heart stops or their unconscious they must be dead and scientifically that is not necessarily a truth statement. The brain for example doesn't really die until at least a few minutes after it stops receiving a blood supply. So even though a person may be unconscious and even if a doctor can't detect any brain activity that does not mean a person is really dead. If you can revive a person, even after a few minutes, that proves they were not really dead YET. If they were really dead they would not have been able to be revived. The lead hint in NDEs is the title of "near" death. A person may have been near death but that's not the same as being actually dead. So, all reports of NDEs are false impressions of unconscious brain activity and not a matter of actually being dead and the visions they have are just hallucinations on the part of a dying brain.

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    Veteran dies from Covid: sees golden statue of Trump

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    Died from Covid? Now I know He is LIEING 😂

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