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Unconditional Love: Lessons from a Near Death Experience

Mar 2024 22

Nayaswami Krishnadas shares this inspiring personal story during his Sunday Service at Village, March 20th 2022.

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  1. #1

    Thank you for sharing your experience🙂

  2. #2

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us 🙏

  3. #3

    Can I do my karma here? How do I ask for forgiveness from someone I did harm to years ago and now do not know where they are?

  4. #4

    🕊💞When you surrender to God’s Love you no longer in slavery to fear and intimidation.
    You know you are valued and loved unconditionally.
    You know longer need to impress others. 🕊💞

    🕊💞Seeing through the eyes of God’s heart of perfect love.
    With a desire and intent of your heart.
    Sharing your experience about the unconditional love of God.
    Set free from the shame blame games of fear and intimidation’s. 💞🕊

  5. #5

    2:40. This is so crucial.
    Thank you.

  6. #6

    I am a Muslim, he is telling the truth. I have experienced it myself…

  7. #7

    There is no judgment WOW! So it means no Problem If one is a pornstar, Killer, number 1 asshole of the time, missuser, prayer or the owner of a charity company IS that you mean?

  8. #8

    All he's missing is his chaos emeralds then this would make sense LOL

  9. #9

    He almost entered the Source.

    Die at home, not a hospital. Fuck with your friends and family. Resist the light, or be prepared to hang up your coat.

  10. #10

    All subjective. Take a look at all the torture being done in the world 10000 serial killers in the United States alone. Think of the most horrendous torture that you can do to someone and this has been done. Now match it up with all this love bullshit. Yeah you loved unconditional love all that kind of b***** yet millions of tortured everyday in acts of violence it can't even be described. The thing that put us here is an evil motherfuker and it's just f**** with you with this love bulshit

  11. #11

    Bu.. bu.. God judges people and then punishes them with eternal fire. Only our group will be allowed in to "pArADiSe" as we are "SO sPEc!AL!"
    We're also VERY judgmental just like our L0rD! Burn in hell disbelievers hahaha (Evil laugh)..

    I know it was cringe but that's how these "special" people think..

  12. #12

    I've written books on both the NDE and meditation. I'm a Christian that has grown the most through meditation and tge nde. My faith makes more sense through them.

  13. #13

    "There is nothing to forgive, you were never judged",…..THIS!!!!! This is why the judgemental religion teaches never sat well w me!

  14. #14

    read bhagwat geeta this all is already there from thousand of years, n that male presence was the KRISHNA 🚩
    hare Krishna 🙏🏻

  15. #15

    comments.. the word "Testimony" and trying to put a single figure on it just makes me absolutely cringe. You learned nothing from the NDE if you have had one you just know. I've had three of them, there is nothing testimonial about it. Just beauty and love, we are always loved, you judge yourself.

    For some reason, i'm not done yet, I still have teaching to do. Pro tip: don't do it to make yourself feel better, its about them.. not you.

  16. #16

    A false prophet and worker of the devil.

  17. #17

    Very dangerous to say “there’s nothing to forgive, you were never judged” is not only wrong but extremely dangerous because if there was no judgement then there can’t be a Jesus dying for our sins. Everyone can live as they pleased and never worry because “there’s no judgement” time to read your Bibles people.

  18. #18

    I’ve never been drawn to yoga, but I’ve been drawn to Jesus Christ, the true key and answer to this life.

  19. #19

    I've given you yoga??

  20. #20

    This is another great testimony of God’s love. I just wanted to know if it’s true that there is no judgement for everyone including unbelievers or not as the brother does not clarify that. If it’s not true, I really hope the brother can clarify that. Jesus said He is the Way to Father.

  21. #21

    God has not given us yoga at all that comes from the devil 👿
    Yoga my foot ! You’ve been deceived and now the devil is using you to lead other gullible ppl astray !
    Jesus The Christ is the only way to heaven NOT yoga

  22. #22

    In Jesus, even in this earth, I can feel the unconditional love of God.

    Peace my brothers and sisters, let us just love one another.

  23. #23
  24. #24

    Wow! I have never heard a nde sound so much like my own. The experience you had including the shame part and what God said to you…. It makes me have tears of joy because he said something similar to me. I told him with my being God, I have shamed you. He said, no, I love you. Like he couldn’t believe that I couldn’t believe how accepted I was and am. Bless you in your teachings and journey. I found so much joy in your video.

  25. #25

    As an NDEr I thank you for sharing your experiences
    I wish people could truly understand how much God loves as
    His love is unconditional and without judgment
    As a life long atheist I had my NDE with Jesus and I have no idea why, but his love and joy and peace was the most amazing thing anyone can experience and one trillion more, his smile is healing and filled with joy and peace and love and compassion
    God loves as all the same way my friends and without absolutely any judgment

    I wish you all well and many blessings
    Be love be blessed

  26. #26

    So validating to my own experience. Today is my "birthday"…but it's far from it. I still long for that place more than anything and almost anyone in this life, and I wonder if it will ever cease. I describe it to those who can't grasp it as if you were to imagine not knowing or remembering what pain and heartbreak even feels like, and it being equal to trying to understand what that love and bliss feels like in this form of existing. There's no greater love, and we are ALL LOVED with absence of judgement and beyond anything you can feel on this earth by God. I don't fear death AT ALL anymore. On the contrary, I miss it and welcome it.

  27. #27

    Was he kidding about the Yoga? Does not sound like something a god would say.

  28. #28

    Christ told St Silouan, an old monk at a monastery in Greece “ Keep thy mind in hell and despair not “
    Meaning, maintain the Remembrance of hell so that your earthly bodily and spiritual passions may be kept in check so that you can enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

  29. #29

    Jesus died for our Sins and if we Repent we are forgiven. It doesn't mean you can live a life of Sin and not be Judged if we die in our Sins.

  30. #30

    If the soul is an ethereal spherical lens, then flesh is the screen with which the light within is being projected into.
    With enough souls any reality can be created.

  31. #31

    I believe in a life after, just not this guy.

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