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Umar Johnson Disrespects the Bible, Christianity, and Christian Radio Show Host

Jun 2024 10

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On January 6th, 2010 announced that FDMG Academy would open on September 11th, 2013. The school scam has been ongoing for over 10 years.

This short documentary will illustrate how ’s threats of physical violence are consistently directed at black boys, black women, and black men, and that his rhetoric reveals a deep seeded hatred for black women, black girls, and so called “black male thugs”. Furthermore, this documentary will illustrate how has continuously issued threats of physical violence against people who have spoken out against his dangerous and hate-filled rhetoric while encouraging his followers to act violently on his behalf.

Umar Abdullah Johnson a.k.a. Jermaine Shoemake was born on August 21st, 1974 in North Central, Philadelphia. Umar Johnson, the self-proclaimed “Prince of Pan Africanism”, has a torrid history of threatening people with physical violence. On September 28th, 2017, an article written by David Sentendrey and titled “Advocate for violence against ‘bad cops’ to speak at JCSU” was posted on FOX46Charlotte.com. The article reads in part: A controversial speaker pushing for violent retaliation against police brutality will speak in December at Johnson C. Smith University. Dr. Umar Johnson has advocated for people to shoot and kill law enforcement officers in cases of police brutality.

Umar Johnson’s 2017 promotion of murdering police officers is comparable to Umar Johnson’s 2013 promotion of murdering so called “black boy thugs”. To be clear, when Umar Johnson states “Some of them going to sleep for good” he is stating that these black boy thugs needs to be murdered. In 2019 Umar Johnson promoted the murder of 10% of black boys. Umar Johnson encourages black people to buy more guns in preparation for his black civil war against 10% of black boys. This would mean that Umar Johnson wants to murder 1 out of every 10 black boys in the United States of America.

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  1. #1

    2:00:08 He could’ve at least offered a run on sentence styled condolence since he can’t ever let anybody else talk. He justifies black on black robbery/homicide because of “da white man” causing trauma… that’s more than forgiveness that’s justification. Basically saying when it happens is never wrong because it’s THE MANS fault.😢

  2. #2

    He always talk about the upper class of other ethnic groups that's where he wants to be I noticed when people interviewed him no one takes him to task for the things he says

  3. #3

    I don’t blame umar for his scams. I blame these black platforms who are giving him legitimacy. Platforms like the breakfast club. They are helping Umar commit these scams.

  4. #4

    This is the episode of Martin when Tommy brought the white woman Aquanetta and Pam brought the man who was pro black https://youtu.be/eSY–A7sq6Y?si=uSdk-bopbxAMNiqJ 😂😂😂😂

  5. #5

    This is in 2015 when we called his supporters that donated money to him “Triffling Ass Black Folks” because he felt they should have given him more then $250,000. https://youtu.be/4_3oTXmcMMY?si=xqo119gqaV_eCxQS 😂

  6. #6

    Well Umar, you descendant of bunny hoppers 😂😂😂😂😂 to funny

  7. #7

    Yea he was snorting coke

  8. #8

    Umar havent done shit to benefit black people

  9. #9

    There is no natural way that an animal or any living beings' death can absolve me or anyone of their own actions, since every action has an opposite equal reaction, 'our' actions create causality, thus, forgiveness bears no remedy, only actions that are positive can have a positive reaction or bring about a positive outcome. Raising people without developing their natural intelligence continues to leave a void in people, in my opinion, this emptiness or lack of guidance is how fantasy and false concepts are injected. 'We' are responsible for how we interact with each other, 'we' did not need so-called school, 'we' needed to be made erudite in managing our behavior, because natural intelligence is 'our' power, it is 'our' God.

  10. #10

    Hes school cant be credited so the courses are useless

  11. #11

    He's not using blk money half his donations came from white woman tribalism dosnt work

  12. #12

    Umar is just typical Leo behavior

  13. #13

    Umar has real phychological issues.

  14. #14

    The thing umar doesnt realize is…
    He doesnt have the image that most healthy leaders have….
    Not even material things….
    Just the sight of him with a wife and kids would do wonders. But he is so dysfunctional….he doesn't realize that he gives off a red flag by not having that family structure he preaches about

  15. #15

    Umar be trying to pay his rent in BULK too😂

  16. #16

    FDMG is coming FDMG is coming 😂😂

  17. #17

    If he’s so broke, how did he become a doctor?

  18. #18

    Actually we are 13% of the population…Umar ..

  19. #19

    All these scamming "consciousness" black men..sad and over it. Im starting to doubt everything about the black community.

  20. #20

    He sittin back prolly 😂😂😂 at all these fools following him. While he keeps countin the money they send to him. There’s a reason Satan went after Eve.

  21. #21

    Has Umar announced his annual FDMG push-back-to-next-year yet? 😎

  22. #22

    This is why I'm glad the p diddy video with him abusing that poor little girl came out or else nobody would av believe her,,talking about government and people trying to take a black man down,,calling people haters because they calling you out ,,,do your thing lenon,,you're not a hater ,,you're a truth teller,,all cult leaders are narcissist, not just some,,all of them are,,,umar is a disgusting man

  23. #23

    Umar is an angry hurt child. His lack of forgiveness paralyzes him and keeps him in this permanent state of arrested development. He refuses to listen to this man's wise words to his own detriment. All the anger and insults he shouts and his talking over people is his little boy defensive mechanism. You can see exactly when he snaps into that mode any time he is questioned. He'll never heal until he admits this and learns to forgive.

  24. #24

    How is the water bill $2000 a month when there’s no one there?????

  25. #25

    Cookies over consciousness 😂

  26. #26

    Umar Johnson’s main supporters are from black women because they love what he says to them while blasting black men who marry interracial. He is a crook and a scammer.

  27. #27

    He still lives with his mother in filth, he wanted to open up a school for boys, and he has visited Thailand, did a video there. Come on, haven't you figured it out yet? Think Boys Town in Nebraska…The world is full of men like Umar.

  28. #28

    Umar is Al Sharpton for young people. The fact that there is no one at present to lead a desperate people is too ugly a truth to bear for many. But one thing I find interesting about the Umarites is that they will talk trash about the church and preachers, and they are not always wrong in all cases, but yet his followers live in glass houses as they follow nothing but You Tube crooks. Go figure.

  29. #29

    If he had said that to an elder in my Family I would have Crip walked on “Umar”

  30. #30

    You definitely need to do a series of short videos explaining the timeline and problems with Umar Johnson.

    I think part of why he is able to continue with this scam is because there isn't a lot of easy to digest information about Umar.

  31. #31

    I was definitely looking for a video like this. Thanks, brother Lenon.

  32. #32

    Watch from 2:21:41on and be ready to be blown away by the disrespect from a low-life fraud who calls himself a doctor.

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