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Ultimate Near Miss Video Compilation 2023 – Insane Truck & Car Crash Compilation 2023

Mar 2024 19

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Crazy Bus VS Dangerous Roads | Bus Nearly Falls off Cliff
Extremely Dangerous Heavy Equipment Fails |Huge Cranes Collapse & Demolition Excavators Gone Wrong
Amateur Huge Tree Felling Fails | Big Tree Falls into Trucks & Houses
Crazy Bus VS Dangerous Road | Bus Crossing River Fails, Dangerous Bus Driving Skills
Extreme Dangerous Dump Truck Fails |Truck climbing Steep Hills, Falls to Water & Crossing Muddy Road

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    14:20 лопату нннада? вообще не жалко долбойобов что вдвоем полезли по газовой трубе…

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    10:45 слабоумие и отвага

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    4:35 always look both sides before going 👍

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    Dudeeee, look at that spine got crushed by engine block by dirt bike. Maannn, this is awful to see.. 😢

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    Zero sympathy for the guys riding the crotch rockets

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    11:37 low iq . why he didn't run to the right "save zone"

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    7:42 is that man still alive ??

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    4:36 they steal the dog im sure

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    15:20 What kind of miserable person do you have to be to laugh your head off here?

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    4:34 o muleque loiro atravessa sem olhar para os lados, depois de quase ser atropelhado o que ele faz quando vai atravessar a outra rua ? EXATAMENTE !

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    17:46 And simply physics my friend 🗿

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    1:31 that…
    Was a vertical takedown

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    the dude who jumped across the chasm,and the rocks slid off after he jumped….i'd be like "well, i guess i'll see you in the next world!"

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    Phew just that these are just injuries and not deaths.

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    Daming Tanga sa mundo

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    16:01 台灣人站出來啊 幹!

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    3:50 Just because Napoleon Dynamite does it doesn’t mean you should.

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    3:23 You fucking Cockpit

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    4:34 kid almost dies then runs across the other road without looking. wtf.

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    A Bear ? That's not a vehicle… Dislike for wrong TITLE..

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    Their friend is being carried away in an avalanche and these dimwits think it’s funny.
    This is why skiers didn’t relate well to snowboarders back in the 80s.
    And apparently such still applies.

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    Dead man walking.
    I’ll bet he didn’t learn.
    Inferior equipment, judgement and attitude.

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    16:58 волгоград?

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    The in 6:57 is VietNam❤

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    Why you steal videos?

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    at 4:30 who notest the car getting bird pooped on it

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    I wonder if that skier who went off piste is piste off

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    Нет нет стоп Я слышал тут российская несколько раз Я просто слышал английские это и Россия есть ЖК

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    @4:27 I live like 8 blocks away from there. I've been to that 7Eleven multiple times

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    I like how often spectators will stand there and look at people while they are dying or nearly dying and make no attempt to help. Just continue recording.

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    Team 🚙🚘🚗

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    3:06 I have driven both cars and motorbikes and sorry but I have absolutely 0% sympathy for people who ride like this, if anything I think it’s deserved because if you think that, just cause you ride a motorbike you can lane split therefor going twice if not 3x the other cars general speed is alright then your just waiting for this to happen and it hopefully will have taught him a lesson about driving like an idiot. What if he had died and then his death is then on that person who was switching lanes for the rest of their lives.

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    10:5310:59 Lady in the Judy Garland dress…what is she doing??😂😭

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    Siempre hay un Chileno 😂

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    4:24 I've been looking for this video! What is it called?

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    This is not GTA…

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    are motor cyclists really dumb? you are not allowed to lane split at those speeds

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    Man the start was just someone who ate Taco Bell and almost took some people with em

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    You see Bulls only attack things that move.

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    Near misses? I'm pretty sure I watched at least 3 or 4 people die…

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    I thought this was instagram's job

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    16:12 gonna have to rewind that audio book!

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