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The World’s Most Dangerous Blood Type

Apr 2023 15

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Narrator/Editor: Stephanie Sammann
Animator: Mike Ridolfi
Sound: Graham Haerther
Thumbnail: Simon Buckmaster
Producer: Brian McManus


Thank you to AP Archive for access to their archival footage.

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    Enjoyed this video? Why not watch our new video about the techniques being developed to change your blood type! https://youtu.be/8X9qBEQsS-k

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    I received blood from a donor after massive intestinal bleeding (I have B). I wish I could've thanked the donor but strict privacy laws here won't allow it. But I'm super grateful as I very nearly died

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    Already seeing flaws in this video. Thing about RH null, its only dangerous (provided one doesn't have RH null Syndrome) if they develop antibodies to the RH system through transfusion and pregnancy. They are at increased RISK, though if they have no antibodies they can receive blood from RH negative individuals. And doctors don't screen for anything. Blood bankers do. Recognize those that know more about this than doctors.

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    So, the donors are not allowed to be reimbursed for lost work and travel, but the hospitals can make a lot of money off of the donation. Got it.

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    I am O neg and used to donate all the time. It made me feel good. Then almost 4 years ago I developed metastatic thyroid cancer and another rare cancer, basically of the white blood cells. The doctors have told me I can never donate blood again or an organ donor. This makes me very say. But the blood donation center won’t get it through their head that I cannot donate and continue to call me. I have explained the situation and ask to be removed from their list. They always apologize and say they will do it…but they don’t. It kills me just a little more everyday I get those calls and have to explain it all over again. Thank you to those who can still donate.

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    The one with monkeys.

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    Do people still answer the phone if its not one of their contacts? let it ring and screen the voicemail a week later when you have time.

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    yea i am a mutt in blood type sense O+, NOTHING special about me

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    Despite the dozens of blood tests I've had l done because of an auto immune disorder I have, I still don't know my own blood type.

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    They won't let me give blood, apparently my blood is too gay?

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    Worlds most dangerous blood type. Most Jehovahs Witnesses live without recieving blood.

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    THE most dangerous blood type? 💉💉💉 blood.

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    Someone I knew, had summoned Cthulhu with his blood. Unfortunately, He has some rare blood genetic disorder so the devil contract can not continue

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    man boring i thought it was gonna be something cool like it makes you explode if your blood comes into contact with air

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    whaaaat i didnt know that… I have 0-

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    i have blood thats what i know never been tested for my type. but my type is myself if you get what i mean 😏

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    I have what is considered weak D blood type. I don’t have enough D antigens to be considered positive, but I have enough not to be considered negative. As a recipient I would be considered O-, as a donor I would be considered O+

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    I'm 0- and listed as organ donor but i can't donate blood cause i have low pressure (40/70 – 50/80) and can't make it through the donation, it would kinda drain me. When i found out, i was devastated. I'd like to do it 😢

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    I’m rhesus negative but can’t give blood due to having polycythemia.

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    The most dangerous blood type in the world contains the most recent vadudvshskxhdtions!!! 💉 Fact!

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    Yes, 1 person has a chance at saving someone that no-one else could, and what stops it? Politicians with their own preferences that don't align with the rest of ours….

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    Vaccinated blood

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    Vaccinated blood full of vein clogging parasites causes stroke heart attacks . Great job Mengla medical community.

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    And this is why the rare blood needs to donate blood to help if they need it in the future

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    I’m not 100% sure, but I going by what I understand is my mother’s, what she thinks my Dad’s was and that I know my younger sibling is Oneg due to the relatively recent birth of their children, I can be almost positive (pun not intended) that I am too.

    I went to give blood a number of years ago after my Mother needed several life saving transfusions during a routine surgery. Unfortunately, I didn’t even get past step one as I A) had anaemia on that day (didn’t know that at the time, but made sense) but B) I suffer from a number of chronic illnesses that though not listed on their website as precluding me from donating, will actually do so for the rest of my life.

    I no support them in any other way I can, by accompanying friends to donate, donating funds whenever I am able and promoting them as much as I can ❤❤❤

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    the one all parents in nature kills if in the newborns … and no other !

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    Well I believe if the system started paying people to donate, I bit you people would alot more often, not saying that should be the desiding factor, but let's be honest here, alot more people would do so if they had even a slight bit more of an incentive to do so.

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    Trans blood riddled with hiv seems a little more dangerous to me.

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    Vaccinated blood next

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