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The Seven Questions She Asked God: Profound Near-Death Experience | Nancy Danison

Feb 2024 25

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Nanci Danison is a former esteemed lawyer with multiple profound near-death experiences (NDEs). Nanci shares her insight of her own unique experiences as a “deep experiencer.” Her encounters beyond death granted her an extraordinary understanding of the , reshaping her perception of , God, and life’s purpose. She fearlessly left her prestigious law firm to integrate her legal expertise with newfound spiritual insights. Nanci’s wisdom encompasses conscious , self-awareness, Universal Knowledge, unconditional love, and self-healing. Despite personal challenges, she spreads messages of hope through books, articles, and videos, touching countless lives. Join us for Nanci Danison’s profound journey and the transformative messages she shares from the Source/God.

00:00 Teaser
00:28 Introduction
01:26 Nancy’s life prior to the NDE’s
04:38 Nancy having no idea she was dead
10:18 Deep afterlife experiencers
14:53 NDE’s experiencers and technology
16:28 Nancy realizing she was dead
18:28 Everything is recorded
21:16 The truth about
23:40 How the afterlife is like
27:14 Our lives are not real
29:46 Researchers ignoring Nancy’s perspective
30:22 Remembering thousands of lives
33:16 The seven questions she had for God
33:45 Who is God
34:05 Who we are
36:36 The purpose of life
37:22 Hva Nancy is on earth
38:05 There is noe Hell
39:24 There is no time
41:20 Watching Creation
44:41 Were you clinically dead?
45:38 Source is Love
46:18 Seeing the future
49:30 Having a mission
57:11 Wrapping up

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  1. #1

    Thank you for watching! 💙Watch FREE NDE Class: Discover the Transformative Power of Near-Death Experiences

  2. #2

    I love her story!! She has absolutely no reason to make it up. She was beyond successful before her nde. Very believable and it just makes sense why we are here and why we have these experiences in life that we don’t understand!! Need to buy her books next!! Thank you Nanci!!

  3. #3

    I hope all women understand these days that those mamo$$af buses on your parking lots are there to FIND THE C A N C E R . I hope you research what happens when the soft tissue is basically destroyed via this procedure.

  4. #4

    I love this channel if I could make one request it would be to resist asking so many questions during them sharing their experience because it takes us away from their experience ; I understand the reason you are looking for clarity but we might benefit more from listening to the full experience then ask questions. Please 🙏

  5. #5

    I find it very odd that she keeps referring to herself in the third person….Nancy.

  6. #6

    Many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many” (Matt. 24:11).

  7. #7
  8. #8

    Quite the imagination …😮

  9. #9

    Where did Source come from?

  10. #10

    I'm glad you tell your story. I had two NDE in my life one when I was 10 and the other one about 10 years ago after a suicide attempt. I'm just now learning what some of those things meant about looking at other people's experience in NDE. I'm looking forward to watching more of your videos and I love watching Billy Carson and Dolores Cannon. The knowledge is flowing and I'm learning fast the last couple of months, maybe I'm running out of time here. I don't know, but I'm not scared of when I do…

  11. #11

    Great interview. I love how the interviewer was all excited with some of Nancy’s answers, it’s exactly how feel. Keep up the great work. Liked and subscribed ✅

  12. #12

    At time 38:05: Some NDE were hellish. They saw Satan or demons. What Nancy says contradicts that.

  13. #13

    Thank you, Wisdom, From North, I knew there was more to life than what we have been led to believe. You Ms. Nanci are truly God sent and I thank you with all my heart, absolutely learned what we are truly here for, I had these feelings about everything you said and never had a straight answer from no one, nothing out there, look forward to your books.

  14. #14

    Well this is a big let down😢

  15. #15

    I think better questions would be, Are you God, Is the bible truth? Who is Jesus? How can we unlock all our spirit ability as a human.Why is there an end to earth someday.

  16. #16

    I`ve seen Nancy on a few podcasts.She is so genuine, and I can feel that what she said is TRUTH.I LOVE her energy and her joy in the words that says.Thanks so much Wisdom From North for invited her and thanks so much Nancy for sharing your beautiful experience.Much LOVE to you ALL <3

  17. #17

    This is interesting. I think religious people want their religions to be true and that’s why they tell us what we do

  18. #18

    This is the biggest crock

  19. #19

    Isn't there some conflict in the one assertion that there is no time and everything is happeniing now…and your statement that the future isn't decided and may turn out differently, but you can't say because it isn't decided yet.

  20. #20

    read , conversations with god by Neale Donald Walsch

  21. #21

    So I get that she had a NDE but so have so many others what makes her way right and theirs wrong? No matter what anyone says I will always believe the Bible , the word of God! No one will ever convince me it’s not real.. and if the Bible is not real how are the things in it coming true! All the predictions in the Bible are happening

  22. #22

    Thank u Nancy!! U r an awesome beautiful soul and u brought me to tears in the end of ur nde video and I so appreciate u and deciding to come back and not wanting to disappoint God and that's where I am in life trying to fulfill my mission and I have no clue really wut it is and I'm almost 54yrs old and female!! Do u have any advise that would help me figure it out please if u could???❤❤❤

  23. #23

    This video session contains all the information and conclusions that I have read and come to after 30 years of searching. Seth books (all 9 of them) tell you EXACTLY word by word (I got the shivers) the same. Everything is within God and we are a part of God, literally! God bless both these women (already have as you can see). ♥

  24. #24

    i love your show and your lovely,hot&kind heart

  25. #25

    I love this NDE. I got to hear questions I wanted to know thanks

  26. #26

    Beautiful…happy to see Nancy again. Thank you for this great interview!

  27. #27

    ‘Somebody’s gotta tell those ppl’ about the afterlife….hmmm. Something about her persona, expression and story feels a bit inauthentic. Like an overlay over what may have been a real experience but I don’t trust her human filter and interpretation. 🤔.

    There is a credibility issue for me, with all the parts of story. A key issue for me was the discussion close to the end about the earth being destroyed. Nancy contradicts herself – when the host comments on her destruction pronouncement with the perspective of quantum physics, and nothing being set in stone. What Nancy responds with, makes no sense.

    You can tell the host is a bit disenchanted ( with good reason ) and just wants to get off this interview lol.

    Nancy’s slant seems to be I will give you snippets of wisdom but buy my book if you want the whole story lmao 😅

  28. #28

    According to hindus, creation happens when shiva and shakthi come together. Here shiva is considered as god and shakthi is energy.

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