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The pale people are the issue not black people #fyp #clonetatiana #spirituality

Apr 2023 18


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    Skin look good

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    💪🏿🙏🏿💪🏿,👌🏿👄👍🏿 you Are so right

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    Pink people are the Black man's biggest fan. Black obsession is so real

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    She obviously doesn't know anything about history or people in general. I wonder why she doesn't renounce her citizenship and move to an African nation where she won't have to deal with pale people?

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    You ain’t lying sis get yo blessings

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    This is not true, nothing said here is true. I wonder if they knew how well their indoctrination would even today.



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    Is Tatiana for real? She definitely does not know much about history. Is she for real? The people in Africa were AND STILL ARE committing atrocities to their own kind. Slavery was facilitated by AFRICANS. Lord, people just get on line and spew all kind of nonsense.,

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    💯💯💯💯Facts Queen

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    The Bible calls them red because you can see their blood through their skin.

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    If I can snap my finger hard enough.

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    Baby please do your research on the tribes in Africa.

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    And they think they're the decendents of the Egyptians????

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    How about the good people who care for others! ?

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    Correct. Then you should know who their father is.

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    👩‍⚖️👩‍⚖️RIGHT👩‍⚖️👩‍⚖️ B1 ✔️

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    The Pale People NICELY stated😂

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    Amen they alway's make it obvious ti, they make us the poster child for everything. Read scripture the real scripture, these ppl can't take the push back.

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    ❤️TRUTH BE TOLD ✊🏽💯%TRUE ➖❤️➖🤗This true so true

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    And what’s so sad is they say black folks are violent when in reality, they are the ones that lynch people burn down churches with people inside of course, any type of torture was all created by the white man

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    Thank you baby thank you

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    We have spiritual powers

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    Titana we are israelites

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    We are israelites

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    Your eyes are amazing and in the sunlight, wow

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    That's spot on 👍

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    We learned it for them, they blame it on us.

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    Oooh " the pale people" has so much power over us. We're such docile children.

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    It goes deeper

    It's a spiritual War

    It's not a physical

    Read your Bible

    Adam and Eve were at peace
    In the garden of Eden

    Until Satan step on the scene
    and deceived eve

    Ephesians 6:12
    reminds us that we don't wrestle against
    flesh and blood. In other words , the fight
    is not against governments or people
    Or companies or circumstances.
    The real battle – THE UNSEEN BATTLE –

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    We need more sisters like you

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    I call them ghost people aka white people

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    The Garbage Pale Kids!

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    Do you realize your own people enslaved their own kind?

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    Truth the pales did it

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    Facts i falling in love with your feed

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    Love you sis keep doing what you doing we need it ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    And yes the proof is in the pudding these people were not accountable to raise their own babies to screw their own husbands to screw their own wives to cook no they couldn't live without us and we had to make their money for them that's why we are highly intimidating black and brown people if you tell them to go back to their originated country they are petrified because they stole their own identity

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    I hear you but on this one I partially agree. what a lot of black people do not know and are miseducated on is that…. Africans sold other Africans to the pale people these were their own slaves that they captured and kept and didn't want but they were misled .yes it was a big manipulation but Africans sold other Africans to pale people a lot of people don't understand black on black violence it originally started in Africa. There's no way that this small amount of pale people going on an African continent can overpower them and just steal Africans didn't happen that way. My family was enslaved by Indians I'm black and Choctaw Indian. Enslavement is enslavement no matter who did it and it came from everybody

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    I have always said that our black people have issues, because believe it or not, there had to be incest going on back in the day, and we weren’t even aware of it. With all the horrendous mixing up families, selling off parents, siblings, the more I seek information, the more angry I get.

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    period it's recorded as such also

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    Beautiful Queen 👑🌹

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    love that sun beam that comes in yur Window

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