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The near death experience of Ray Kinman

Aug 2023 17

Ray Kinman explains how his near-death experience happened, and how it has changed his vision of life and death. His website:

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    Bad priests are the scourge of the world

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    So authentic. Thank you Ray.

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    Thank u Ray Kinman and Anthony Chene for sharing your amazing experience and philosophy of life. The video and the cinema is awe inspiring, and because I lost my daughter two months ago the message gives me great hope to reunite with her again and also others in my family who have transitioned in the other dimension. U truly will never know how much this means to those of us who grieve everyday.

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    Hearing this story just makes me more frustrated with religion.

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    Wow, really beautiful! Thank you!

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    I feel you, brother. 🙏 Completely relate. Thank you for sharing your story. Love, Dr. Dan

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    Ray Kinman is Awesome. I love his story

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    Beautifully described experience!

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    One of the Best NDE sharing Ever , The Ego me wants to live in a afterlife with the ones i Love but knowing me feels we just melt back in to Source Consciousness where all is Love the Ego story fades like a dream.

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    Another White Light Construct turd… Very sad…

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    My favorite thing is when Christians tell those of us who have mind-blowing SEs they are the work of the devil.

    Someone said, "that's the devil in sheep's clothing"… my belief in the I AM and true Divine Love, no hell. .

    Have decided the "devil" looks likes fearful folks who think like that, lost and living in the sheep costume.

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    Thank you for saying masculine presence… I feel challenged when people say, "It was a man." Or "It was a woman."

    It looked liked what we perceive as a man/woman…
    There is Divine Feminine and Masculine… The ALL Thing NoThing is EveryThing and Everybody NOBody.

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    Thank you Ray great love❤❤❤❤

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    I agree he is articilated❤❤😂❤❤

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    Such innocence in his story… wonderful person 🙂

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    24:45 🙏 who we really are 🙏

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    Amazing description of his NDE, I really enjoyed this sharing!

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    …my wonderful husband past…I hope you just told me where he is….he deserves it….all of it….he was all love here and I hope he is all love over there!!!

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    I really like Ray.

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    Wow ! He's well explained the profound truth in a very simple, practical and easy-to-understand way ! I love his story very much and huge thanks to both Ray and Anthony ❤️💛💖😊

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    This nde is the best and I mean the best I have ever heard! This one hits home… perfect home run! Our purpose is simple…LOVE ONE ANOTHER AND LOVE OURSELVES… find peace and security and comfort in God… find out who we really are… for me a new awakening was yesterday when I discovered that once we live in the now and anchor ourselves to God, there is nothing to worry about anymore in this wicked world… just know it all ends the same for all of us… back to ❤️ Love… we need to be in the world, but not of the world… I have much peace and happiness with this knowledge… thankyou millions.

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    I believe without a doubt we live on after death ive had to many experiences to convince me we do live on and i believe as long as we keep forgiveness and love in our hearts we should experience a beautiful loving peaceful place and since im a Christian I have to believe Ill be safe in the next life from hell and evil

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    She needs prayers for delivery and healing your wives friend

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    We are remembering ourselves, the memory is very inaccurate.

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    Thank you for your story. We love you.

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    Ray, such a beautiful story told with authenticity, humility and awe; to me you embody the innocent perception that we need to have, in order to access fundamental reality. Thank you for the magnificence of your presence. Your remembering brought tears to my eyes and a lump in my throat, something to do with resonating with the frequencies of home in this moment, I guess. Anthony these are gorgeous, marvellous films. With deep gratitude and love for all ✨

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    I adore Raymond. Remember him from billsvideos123.
    I'm a child NDEr too, a drowning.
    Great to learn more about you Raymond.

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    12:58 "I can kinda go right there"
    I wish these videos would not show the random images or reels of video in between those giving their testimony because I like to see their facial expressions and them reliving the experience.

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    Love you Raymond . Thank you for this, and thank you Anthony for the incredibly loving & helpful work you are doing making these productions.

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    🤍 …………………….

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    Many many thanks to Ray Kinman. He made it so believable. So relatable. Not the usual sermon type.

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    Horrible priest to say it was the Devil. My goodness. Why? Anyway love these beautiful experiences. We are one.❤ Animals plants humans….life!

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    Really beautiful to listen to. Thank you.

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    I love that his dog was there. That’s one of my biggest hopes for a reunion. I miss my fur babies.

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    Wonderfully told. So similar to my experience. Love ❤️ Light☀️Peace🕊️

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    These experiences are not from this Earth! Men that are educated have a lot of arrogance and pride, because they want everything to be, "proven." If you notice, Earth, and Heart spell the same word! It's amazing to me that many still deny truth from these experiences that are difficult to articulate! Fear seems to be a "grip", that many cling to… I've had a similar experience and treasure it, like gold! I feel blessed to know, that the light of the Heavens are alive in love! Thank -You! ❤️😎

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    I tried to tell a friend about NDE . The reply I got was "where did you hear this?" But it sounded more like "ok, you've been watching youtube again and believing every wild stories you see".
    I believe in God and life after death. I think I'll focus on being nice to people, animals and nature.

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    2nd time I’ve listened to his experience; so beautiful ♥️ so humble. He’s right, my grief brought me here when my youngest son died almost 3 years ago; I’ve been listening to these for that long.
    Losing a child is surreal ♥️

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    Thank you

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    Of all the NDE videos I've watched on this channel, this one moved me the most. I found Ray's interpretations, descriptions and overall wisdom profound. Thank you!!

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    I love how he described playing the spots between the notes. And I loved how he showed the present creates the past. And finally I loved how he is at peace with not needing all the answers.

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    Thankyou ray , thank you so much for sharing

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    Your nde is is one of the best ihave ever heard. Beautiful explanation. Blender analogy, great. Thank you.

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    Thank you Ray!
    I lost my fist born due to a cord accident as she was being born. Her name was Rebekah Grace.
    It feels so good to believe that I’ll know her again someday 🙏.

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