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The near-death experience of Peter Anthony

Feb 2024 28

Peter Anthony explains how he had a near-death experience, and why it has changed his vision of life and death. His website:



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    Bless Peter from uk ,regards Martin age 67 ❤

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    Oh my word…I’m stunned. Something similar happened to me when I “came back”. Is this a thing? Remarkable. I feel in many ways, comforted by knowing a challenging after effect is shared.

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    Beautiful story. Some of us are born highly sensitive , with psychic abilities and a strong intuition, the ability to see through the dynamics of everyday life. Heading your story helps me realize how I was born was a good thing.

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    Thank you very much for sharing 💙🙌🏼

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    @Peter, did you also see your sister on the other side?

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    Best interview,ever!!
    This man is like a saint, si humble…
    WE are so lucky to have people like him to share,help and show us another way🙏

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    Love what you’re saying so much❤

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    Thank you Peter. Amazing

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    I Am delighted to have found your wonerful YouTube channel & Website. Thank You 😊……….. Adami I Am 🌈🙏🌹💜🙏

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    Wow Anthony you’re amazing ! I truly believe you , I am a musician working many years in a tribute show to Heart! Ten years now. And I have a dream with my Horse rescue and really need all the support from myself to believe!!
    I’m truly going to apply your amazing Information. Maybe this is what the lord wants you to do. Send your message to us!

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    ANTHONY, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for this video and you sharing your experience. I have a question, I keep seeing everywhere the #13. I don’t know why? I never had an NDE but I’ve had dreams. I’ve also been feeling like something is in my room around me at night. Can you give insight to that number for me #13? Can we talk? I am very appreciative!!!

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    Since about 2011 I have seen the numbers 222 almost exclusively 222 in my life. Whether it be the time on my clock, whether it be the minutes on my timer, whether it be washing a television program and the number 222 get referenced. I really want to find out what they mean. Like I said it’s been happening since 2011. this video actually mentioned 222. What are the odds of that?

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    I swear i felt this testimony in my soul. This recount really did something to me.

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    So, what did you see regarding the downstream effects related to the sinful, joyless and life destroying physical and spiritual encounters you had as a homosexual?

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    What a remarkable man. I am so grateful you told your truth. I 💯 % believe you.

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    When talking about the wrapper thrown away, and the things that happened down the line, it made me wonder as I often do when listening to these great stories, if the person becomes vegan after they come back. I am not saying it just because I am vegan, but because the consciousness of suffering must certainly change?

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    seems like a nice guy with a lovely positive story… 🙂

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    >>>Dear People: This man seems humble, but he is pure Satan, of Satan, and for Satan — the NewAGE (which is old Satan wickedness)!!! Notice that his god is The UNIVERSE!!! Beware! Beware! BeWARE!!! "Satan's demons work walk as angeks of Light-Jesus, but they exust to ensnare you for total ruin! See 2Corinthians 11:14
    It must be ALL JESUS, Of JESUS, By JESUS, and For JESUS!!! Get back to JESUS, and you have Come HOME!!! The Secret PLACE Of The MOST HIGH GOD is JESUS CHRIST [God with Us]! See Psalm 91. I Am literally ONE With JESUS!!! Satan hates Me ticThe Core, and FEARS Me JesusMEASURE!!! Over the years, Satan tried and desired to kill Me zillion times, BUT I Am ______________!!! Fill The Blank. Dear one, Just Marry JESUS correctly and enjoy Living Holy!!! Meditate, understand, and Do John 1 to 3, Romans 4 to 8, Hebrews 12:22-29, THEN Do Acts 2:38-42, John 15:1-15.
    >>You must be born again, and JESUS must be The ONE communicating with you. Beware of what you are hearing in this channel; they do not tie completely to JESUS!!! Satan is at work somewhere! Beware!!! Satan the devil is very subtle and has his agents!!! Little leaven leavebeth the whole lump! (1Cor 5:6, Gal 5:9).

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    You have a great gift of prophecy. It's super to hear you are using it for the good to help people. If you need God, you will get help immediately in Jesus' Name. Learn to listen to that still small voice, Holy Spirit will tell you. That's the real guiding principle. The opposite of faith is fear, correct.

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    Guilt is an ego trick to keep us on the wheel of birth and death. Forgive, love and ascend the wheel forever. ✨🖖🏻

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    People are really good people – that's what I experienced traveling as well ❤

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    Don’t worry Peter. Your sister loves you and forgives you.

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    Thank you, beautiful and heart warming!

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    Peter Antony is a guiding spirit, I felt his testimony so deep in my heart, I listen to it over and over again, it nourishes me with energy, love and spiritual strength. Thank you 🙏❤

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    Good to know Jesus as your savior

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