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The near-death experience of Jane Thompson

Aug 2023 23

Jane Thompson explains how her near-death experience happened, and to what extent it has changed her vision of life and death. Her website:

With many thanks to Isabel Chiliquinga de Frey for the Spanish subtitles

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    Such a beautiful journey!

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    tanks Jane I feel soooo conected with everything you said gracias!!!

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    I had 2 NDE's which were incredible..
    One,I was above the earth and there were a few portholes, it look like,something out of Stargate..I was going to choose one,but with a big swoosh, came back down to my body..It was very emotional..
    Also,My Identical twin brother passed away years ago.
    We used to have a sort of sixth sense,and telepathy..
    We knew what each other felt and sometimes thought…I saw him again in my NDE and he comes to me all the time in lucid dreams and tells me about all sorts of life saving topics, like ie; my diet,and how i needed to change change it for the better and he saved my life from insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome (Which he said he died from he said)
    And that the law of attraction really works and is real..
    So life changing..I am very blessed to have him with me still..

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    The heart has a brain. Beautiful experience, thank you.

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    Thanks so much for this! Even though I have not had a NDE, I can relate to some of the things she feels.

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    9:00 🙏😇❤️
    Thank you Jane ❤️

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    I’m with you Jane ❤

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    I was really believing the purity until Reiki came up and charging for reiki, in particular. I just don’t get it. It doesn’t fit. I can understand being paid for good work like making this film, like being paid for as a nurse or anything that involves helping people because everybody has to make a living. But if you can directly affect someone’s healing by making energy move in such a direct way and you don’t give it unless they pay a fee, I don’t know what to do with it. I was thinking of how I could get one particular person I know who really fears death to watch this, and when it got to the part about Reiki and people urging her to charge for it, I thought nope, my friend would be tugged back by that. It became about ego again. It’s a reality that we have to make a living, but that then makes the assumption that this kind of ability belongs to the special person who should be paid for sharing a gift freely given to her. I think it gives the wrong message.

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    Thank you Anthony and Jane. Profound words from this exceptional lady. Beautiful production from Mr Chene. I have made reams of notes from Jane's testimony. Everything she says makes so much sense. (I have had an exceptionally difficult time these past few months, sometimes despairing greatly. Listening to this beautiful person's words has helped quieten my own self.) Jane, what you have said about gratitude makes so much sense. Today I add my own gratitude to you for sharing your incredible experiences. Thank you.

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    This is a great video on a great Channel. I'll have to come back and listen to this one again. Very encouraging, a good one to listen to on mornings when I'm struggling to start a new day.

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    Thank you, Jane, for sharing your NDE ! Because of what you shared, I'm going to wake up each morning and name 5 things I am grateful for, and will get quiet more often in order to shed any fear, cares or worries, and find my way to the white Light. Thank you, Anthony Chene for your part in all of this ! I've learned so much.

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    Booting slow woman

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    Ms. Thompson is a true teacher. What a gift to be able to hear what she has to say. I do usually start the day by checking emails and voicemails, but now want to try to implement her advice of thinking of at least five things to be grateful for.

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    My dad just passed away on the and the 5th of March 2023 just a few days ago. When he took his final breath a tear came from his eye I'm a little confused about it and if there's anybody here that can help me understand what that meant would be very helpful for me right now I miss my dad so much. I don't really have anybody in my life my dad was always there now he's gone. He did go peacefully but I don't know if the tier meant he was sad for leaving or who was just in the presence of greatness and it was a tear of joy I just don't know what that could mean. If anybody could help me understand what it meant i would greatly appreciate it. This video helped me out so much. It gave me a warm good feeling inside

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    Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. Nobody comes to the father, except through him.

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    Thank you, this was so beautiful. Much love and gratitude….💜

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    What is worrying is no mention of Jesus Christ or salvation which is crucial

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    “The closest thing on Earth to the Light is nature.”

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    Her experience was worthwhile, but her run on healing work is self serving, reminding me of a child.

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