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The near-death experience of Heidi Craig

Sep 2023 01

Heidi Craig explains how she had a near-death experience while giving birth to her third child, and how the messages she received helped her practice faith and forgiveness.

To contact Heidi Craig: hc1437911@gmail.com


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    I know her and she isn’t what she portrays in this video. She has a lot of mental problems and doesn’t even believe in God. She uses people until she can’t use them anymore and then she finds someone else to continue the viscous cycle. If you call her out she uses the victim card. She also is a pathological liar, fakes personal injuries (getting hit by a car), renames people’s pets and conducts questionable conduct with minors.

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    I feel so bad for what you went thru, but I also greatly admire your courage !

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    This is a great channel..

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    Thanks for sharing your msg. It has given me hope that Gods love doesn’t mean you will not face challenges but He will help you go through and overcome them. Thanks 🙏

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    Thank you for this video ❤

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    Thank u for sharing this story of great pain and your eventual triumph. My daughter recently died of alcoholism leaving her 13 year old son . Very hard to believe she planned this tragedy all in advance , and to cause this pain on the remaining family!

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    I must say be very careful… look at the millions of people who are worshipping satan. I do believe there is a hell. There are terrible things going on. The words of the Bible are true. God doesn’t lie.

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    Bless you dear .

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    I keep hearing in these testimonials that “Everything is as it should be” I just can’t believe that. I have been in physical neck and back pain for 23 years after a prescription effected me negatively. I’ve never hurt anyone in my life and I’m always trying to be kind and positive. I just don’t get it

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    9:50 thank me later.

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    Fantastic testimony love it. The similarities in all NDE 's is mind blowing 🙏🙏🙏

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    Oh well, with all these NDEs, I guess we should allow people to murder, rape, torture and allow all manner of depravity towards people because we can't be mean, or hold these people accountable for their actions. Because that would be unkind and unloving to judge them and put them in prison. No one talks about what should be done with people that harm other people.

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    I too am obsessed with this channel. Listening to these ndes has literally changed my life.

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    So kids are suppoused to be sexually abused………………….because everything "have a reason"……😭

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    Wow, Heidi ! Thanks for sharing your Life story and your NDE experience ! I send love to you and your 3 sons ! It's gratifying to hear how you have changed, and your compassion toward your sisters, trying to help them. Glad that you have made those changes with family and friends who have used you in the past…and that you recognized the patterns that needed changing. Your sons will benefit from what you have learned, even though you have always been a loving mother ! God and your Guides will always be with you !

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    Bro this woman is amazing!!! Grateful for her. Thank you for sharing Heidi

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    I've watched a lot of these. I've noticed that they all call the spirit realm, "Home".

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    What an intelligent, articulate, sincere woman. I do not know how she was able to forgive her father. I have trouble with forgiveness of such evil deeds that harm the most innocent and vulnerable amongst us.

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    You are articulating your story very well thank you love

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    Thank you for your honesty love

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    As a songwriter, one of my favorite song lyrics is from Andy Partridge of XTC (most underrated British band bar non) in the song Snowman-
    "People will always be tempted to wipe their feet on anything with WELCOME written on it!".

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    Iam also obsessed.

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    Thank you. I hear that resentment is a form of soul attachment. As strong, or maybe stronger than love attachment. We must let go to become free.

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    Love this NDE. 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

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    Thank you, Heidi, for sharing this. It means so much to me, and to many others I'm sure.

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    There are many Mr. & Mrs. Wrongs

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