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The near death experience of Graeme O’Connor

Aug 2023 22

Graeme O’Connor explains how his near-death experience happened, and how it has changed his vision of life and death.

Interview shooting: Louis James-Parker:

Extracts from JeffMara Podcast:

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    What a wonderful person you are. Thank you for sharing your amazing experience.

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    Thank you, for your testimony & encouraging words. Mr. O’Connor
    Great advice & wisdom ❤️ Be Blessed

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    ❤ un super gros merci. Tout ce que vous créez est parfait. Vous êtes sur le bon chemin, vous apportez la Lumière et l’espoir au monde et çà inclus les animaux. Encore une fois merci Anthony.

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    Such a beautiful account. Thank you. 💛

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    Wow! I love Chris! I wish I could’ve given him hope when he needed it! Thank you for sharing! 🙏❤️❤️❤️

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    I have studied NDE's for over 30 years. I'm so glad more people talk about it now.

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    The energy to his right hand side.. I know exactly what he means. I saw it too which was on my right hand side. In a black void a multi coloured blob of colours of energy of love, beauty and WISDOM pumping to me. I'll never forget. Was aged 30. 2012.

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    That section about the phone call from his friend sent shivers through me because a very similar thing happened to me. You know what, I think those on the other side are somehow able to interfere with modern technology, such as smart phones. When this happened to me I found it staggering. How on earth did that just happen I said.

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    the best nde channel on the web ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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    That phone call from Brandon is completely mind-blowing. Serious validation. Peace.

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    Graeme, thank you SO much for sharing your NDE ! Your heart is so pure, loving, and now full of Life. I'm happy for you, and glad to hear you changed the way you live now. Sweet that you experienced your friend and those children…and appreciate what you shared about depression and anxiety, and how we as a society can assist our youth in making other decisions; making a gratitude journal, thinking more positive, moving into Nature, and to ease the thoughts that pass through our minds (even using Tapping can cause the mind, body and spirit to calm it from overthinking.)

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    why 297 dislikes? whats wrong with people?

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    Thank you for sharing.

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    Thank you for sharing ❤❤❤

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    My daughter was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome and during the surgery I silently begged in my mind for days "give her pain to me, please let me bare it in her stead!"
    Several nights later I had a vivid dream were I was layed on a table and my chest was cut open with a scalple, there was no anestetic and a hand I couldn't see the owners face reached into my chest and touched my heart with a glowing light at the tip of its finger. I felt a burning that became uncomfortable. Then all at once I was sewn up and I gasped awake.

    My daughter was having breathing complications before that then she started to greatly improve and now she is a healthy little girl. oddly…in a frightening and almost supernatural manner the pain from the cut down my chest that occured in a dream persisted into wakefullness for a full day afterwards. Something told me this was the transfer of suffering I had asked for.

    What happened to me? To Us?

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    I don't understand the change to vegetarianism so many NDE'rs take. Plants are living beings as well, that are known to scream when being eaten. Everything on the planet is connected including plants.

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    What an inspiring account. So lovingly presented. God bless him that he gave up eating meat. How can we be fully enlightened if we treat our fellow creatures with disdain? 💛⭐️💫

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    Love it. 💗

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    Hmm. I'm glad to hear from a gay atheist, but unfortunately it doesn't seem like he learned very much on the other side or got very far. He didn't speak to god or even ask if being gay or atheist would stop people form getting to "heaven." Wasted opportunity there. These NDE ppl speak of the afterlife as if they know all about it, when in reality they were only there for a few minutes and were not actually dead forever. They only get a tiny snapshot of what's over there. It sounds comforting, but they are imposters there who are promptly sent back. What awaits us when it is ACTUALLY our time and there is no coming back? What then?

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    Wonderful, thanku thanku thanku . U never know what an impact speaking about all this has on the world. I have felt a massive sense of peace in myself since starting to listen to these interviews, and from reading other people's comments others have too, so who knows how much good it is doing . So thanku to everyone involved , to Anthony, and to the interviewees who have spoken soooo eloquently about their experiences , its a joy to listen to you all without exception.

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    This is so beautiful that you actually had a Real connection that caused you to stop eating animals! Graeme you are the first NDE I have watched that actually made that connection. Very special! Thank you for your beautiful soul!

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    These stories never cease to amaze me. So unique in each account, but so remarkably similar and profound. Thank you for brining these incredible stories to light.

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    Great video.

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    I have been looking at videos like this for sometime, also science videos, religious videos etc and my inate sense is somehow the human being or at least the consciousness is beyond the physical realm.
    Religion seems to be very dogmatic and very rigid in its understanding of what God is, science looks for evidence in the material world and does an excellent job of understanding it.
    The big question is really why life, why was I born and what does it all mean.
    I often think I wish I was a rock, as a rocks feel no pain, no heartache.
    Whilst I don't pretend to understand things I am beginning to see how limited we are as we are all prisoners of space and time.
    I once thought eternity was simply endless time, I'm now beginning to think that eternity and time are totally different and that you would need an NDE to realise it.

    When I look at life I see how great man truly is, how we are made in God Image of creativity but also the dangerous free will we have.
    Miracles do happen but are performed by people lwho devote there lives to medicine, I believe these Miracles are performed by people of all races and religi9ns and atheists and agnostics.
    I often wonder about totally evil people like Hitler, how could he possibly die and somehow wind up in a a beautiful place??
    Well I simply dont know what happens and what about all the people who suffered at his hand?
    Perhaps we need to die to truly understand enlightenment.
    Perhaps some consciousness is reincarnated into another life so they can be taught lessons that the divine wants us to know.
    I don't the answers, I really don't.

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    Highly interesting..,,thank tiut

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    Thank you so much for your message. Your experience is very intriguing. I can feel your beautiful energy in your voice and in your story. Love to you.

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    I was glad to hear you stopped eating meat. Most people don't, they don't understand the connection between all beings and all things. Your account was very moving, thank you.

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    How do you pray

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    How beautiful we are..
    So brave and yet so vulnerable..
    We incarnate to experience the one thing existence in heaven cannot provide..
    Exploring the illusion of being disconnected from God..
    From this perspective, as an incarnate human, we masterfully create experience that is profoundly challenging.
    Yet even as we say all is random and there is no god,.. something within whispers
    " keep looking, keep trying, Don't give up on love.."
    And then one day we awaken, remembering the immortality we have each temporarily set aside to have this human journey..
    Allowing ourselves to remember our truest selves whilst still physically present in a world that obliviously remains asleeps to such truths..
    Still others prefer to play on in the great illusion for a complete lifetime,..
    Seeking to draw every last drop of experience and contrast that a world built on polarity, Illusory mortality and resultant high passion can offer…
    And in the end, all return home,..
    For the most part eager to return at the first opportunity.
    Simply to play again in a dimension that offers what heaven, for all it's glory and majesty,.. does not…

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    Please, if you can find it, include some people who have had out of body experience that is NOT related to near death. I'm sure there must be plenty. I have had such an experience and I'd love to hear of more.

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    This is absolutely a wonderful story Graeme. Thank you. I like the last parts of it too – be kind. A simple outcome and very doable, and aligns with my belief that love is the bottom line of everything. No human can do better on hate. Every human does better on love – even if it is a tiny bit of kindness. Thank you again.

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    15:16 When heaven calls! 📞

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    Ps: Graeme,
    you are such a beautiful man , I do thank you for your very vivid testimony,
    Your story has touched my heart in such a remarkable way.
    And gives me courage of heart 😢as a mother
    Mary Canada ❤

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    In the past few years , I have lost two sons to death, Desmond committed suicide ,
    he was beautiful in every way, kind generous and always a beaming smile .also a
    University Major Graduate in Business.degree.also my son
    Francis was a highly successful Business man , then he got involved in Cocaine Addiction
    In fairness he was a very good moral man , loved gardening and Golf and home renovation
    He was very lovely with a bright smile , and very close to his brother Desmond .
    Francis became homeless , died in the hospital having been on a ventilator ,
    Then it was decided to remove him from the mechanical Device : he died 20mins later
    Myself and my daughter were with him and just before he passed, a big tear escaped from his
    Eye to roll down his face as he tried to let me know he was sorry for all the grief to our family.
    We as a family never ever judged or never stopped loving Francis and Desmond .
    There was something remarkable as a testimony to Francis , all the doctors and nurses on the Ward
    Lined up by the exit door and each one gave myself and my daughter a big hug , this when Francis died
    I ensured both of my sons had a beautiful funeral .
    I am always searching for answers , going to utube for testimonies , thus finding the testimony fromGraeme
    Thank you so much Anthony , I have found a measure of comfort by this video.
    Mary Canada 🇨🇦

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    He is telling the truth because I remember dying and looking for my body, I had none I was pure consciousness floating talking telepathically and having this knowingness with a intelligence energy almost as if I already knew it. It's very peaceful to die there is no time there and you don't remember anyone down here so don't waste tears for anyone that is gone. The only thing that scared me is that it was pitch black when I first died then a long light gray never-ending void then another planet. All three places I was energy with consciousness' floating everywhere with whoever was taking me there.🤍🤍🤍🤍

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    Thank you for sharing your light with us! Glad you are here shining away!

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