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The Near Death Experience of Bruno Aregger

Aug 2023 24

Mr. Bruno Aregger had a near-death experience in an accident at work. In this interview he reports on his impressive experience.

(English spoken by Gretchen Baumann, Palm Beach)


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    Bravo for Bruno

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    Very interesting and helpful, thanks!

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    With all respect I wish I could believe there is a life after death. If so I can better grief for mom who just passed 3 weeks ago 😢

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    Following your heart, life passion, isn't always possible sadly. I feel I've wasted my " mission" I'm now 66 and not good health, too late now.

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    It is distracting to use a female voice.

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    If the person who had this experience reads this, I would like to point you to the one who gave you that word of wisdom. He is the Lord Jesus Christ. He is wisdom. He is the word of God. You will do the ultimate right thing for your life by beleiving on him unto everlasting life. Choose wrong and you get everlasting punishment. Choose right and you get eternal life in Glory. Confess with your mouth thhe Lord Jesus, and beleive in your heart God has raised him from the dead and you will be saved. I admonish you to choose Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and in doing so you recieve God's free gift of eternal life.

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    Hi Bruno. Thank you for sharing your beautiful NDE experience and wonderful insights on what it means to you.

    I love how you came to know that we must follow our heart and our own path in this life. God bless you!

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    Thanks for interviewing Bruno. It is interesting how an NDE can substantially change a person for the better.

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    I'm glad we talked about Bruno.

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    Merci de traduire en français 🙂

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    His message of making sure you do what makes you happy/fulfilled and not just what others want/expect gave me goose bumps!

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    Thank you Herr Franz, Bruno and Gretchen.

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    I've never heard an NDE quite like this one whereby there are lots of slides each showing a moment in his life. I've heard of people seeing a "film" of their life played out before them, so this was interesting to watch.
    Personally, I've not had an NDE, but I've had 2 OBEs and various lucid dreams. These experiences completely transformed the way I view the world and how I view consciousness. What I can tell you for sure is that your 5 senses are VERY limited, and that there isn't just one version of "reality", so to speak. I'd also say consciousness is infinite, and can change and evolve. This is what I have learned through my experiences, which I once considered impossible. I now realise there is MORE to this life than just what we perceive through our 5 senses.
    I know many people don't have these experiences, and many people who have an NDE just experience oblivion, but most people seem to forget their experience. It's something to do with the memory circuits in the brain as to why most forget. Similar to waking from a dream and instantly forgetting it.

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    We’re lucky to have this channel.

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    I really liked that video as it confirmed my opinion that we should listen to our intuitions and do what we like to do . Likng and doing what we do is so meaningful because it ’s about our personal time line and not others. I’d liked to share with you sth although it has nothing to do with NDE but brings hope that somehow there is help from God when you go through painful experiences. I lost my dear mother 9 months ago and was inconsolable. I cried to God my grief especially as before her death she suffered so much and had been neglected by the staff in her nursery home and her last words to me was : " Delila I’m going to die and I feel so lost " and she cried . That scene devastated me and stuck with me and I couldn’t sleep and cried a lot asking God for help as I was inconsolable . That same night I had this dream : I was on my way to visit my mum at the nursery home and opened her bedroom door and there she was propped up in her bed smiling at me and instantly as I woke up I knew God had answered my prayer . 😊

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    What a profound experience it must have been! And also to be able to meet his grandfather through a medium.. I would love to hear more about that! Great interview! 👍

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    Fascinating. And my favorite translator ,she’s excellent

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    Fantastic❤ I often have the impression that NDE's are individual mind-projections, but here with Bruno, his neutrality and grounded perspective are 100% convincing. Thank you ❤

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    not much real spiritual depth to this interview

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    This man still fixed the oven after getting shocked!!! – wow respect to him what a kind thing to do!!! 💛

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    I wonder, what kind of information about his grandfather had he received from this lady, to convince him, it was his grandfather who was talking to him?

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    When I dream, there's no difference whatsoever to that experience and my real life! Everything is in colour and sometimes I have lucid dreams, where I'm aware I'm dreaming and I for example knock of the furniture to check if that makes a sound, and it always does!! I snoop around people's rooms, look into their desk drawers and read their documents. Unfortunately I can never remember their names but I could certainly recognise their rooms.
    My last night's dream still bothers me as I remember everything so well.
    Where do these images come from?
    How can we see something we hadn't seen before and how this can be solid in the dream?

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    Thank you Bruno for sharing your beautiful experience. The ''reliving'' of your happy jumping off the swing is exactly one of my most precious child memories. And what your experience brought about in your life (to do what you wish to do) was very interesting to hear. Thank you.

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    It's interesting to ponder what our own "slide pictures" might be, and do we actually do what we enjoy?

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    Very nice interview!

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    He's handsome! 😍

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    Refreshing to see a guy accept his NDE whilst immediately understanding the importance of his role here, in this world. I don't know anything, but my gut tells me the higher realms admire us when we can get the best from our experiences here without quietly loathing the means, effort and pain of it all.

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    Yes, life does continues.

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    Thank you both so much for sharing this story. It is a reminder to us who hear it that we must remain true to ourselves 🙂💖. I see that little boy on the swing in Bruno’s smile 👦🏻

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    The life lessons from his experience are priceless that have meanings for us all.

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    Bom dia so aqui do Brasil so um inscrito do seu canal. Amo muito a sinceridade do seu canal muito obrigado pelo video aqui no Brasil tem um canal que fala desta esperiencia se chama : " afinal o que somos nos ". Ele é ótimo também

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    I love your channel, its so uplifting!

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    Thank you to both of you we all need this enlightenment much love and light everyone and everything namaste 🙏🌻👌😇🙌

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