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The Most Dangerous Conspiracy Theory in the World | Truth Hurts

Nov 2022 18

The internet has been accused of wrecking many things over the years – print media, Blockbuster and privacy, for instance. One thing it definitely hasn’t killed, though, is the antisemitic conspiracy theory.

In fact, the internet is breathing new life into ideas that have been doing the rounds – sometimes causing mass murder – for centuries. In this episode of Truth Hurts, we look at how today’s biggest conspiracy movements are just recycling the same old, evil lies.

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  1. #1
  2. #2

    vice trying to cover up the fact that the one world government is happening..

  3. #3

    Iv legit never heard of this…

  4. #4

    The age of AI will give the elites what they have always wanted a work force that don't sleep,do not need paying ,don't get sick or rights … everything else at the moment is smoke screen !

  5. #5

    Jesus is Lord!

  6. #6

    surprised at the number of ignorant and stupid and "woke" morons on these comments who never bother to research anything.

  7. #7

    howcum I have never met one Q Anon person and most of my Republican friend have never even heard of it. YOU created QAnon. Some of the other things you say in here are totally not historical and ridiculous. But this is what You Tubers love…lies and conspiracies.

  8. #8

    "this is an insane racist fantasy" but its literally happening infront of our eyes, missing children are at an all time high, the jews just remove whoever challenges them social media and punish them also how the epstein case was completely covered up proves that they are hiding something very big.

  9. #9

    you know its true when the media pays vice to make it seem like these people are completely crazy and label it as a "conspiracy theory"

  10. #10

    You notice that when jews come under scrutiny black people come running in trying to save them. I dont think the reverse is true

  11. #11

    Honey you reading from a script, you don't know or prolly ever cared about any conspiracy theories in your life. Saying thing are obvious lie about how they tryna control the media where this video was posted by a big media channel. I'm open minded until I see every island these people be going to.

  12. #12

    This is the most fake woke liberal matrix rubbish! As i watch this agenda 30 is being thrust upon us! I call misinformation on your lies!

  13. #13

    Why do you people lie?

  14. #14

    It’s hard to dismiss this when it’s happening all around us.

  15. #15

    Ask Jefferey Epstein if its a conspiracy

  16. #16

    Jehovah said to him: “Go through the city, through Jerusalem, and put a mark on the foreheads of the men who are sighing and groaning over all the detestable things that are being done in the city.”

  17. #17
  18. #18

    How come that conspiracy sounds exactly what happens ? Lol

  19. #19

    A lie ? Who is behind Google, Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Uber, Oracle, Facebook, Paypal…. Check on Wikipedia: All our data are in the hands of a handful of US-Jews.

  20. #20

    This what Kanye was talking about

  21. #21

    And to say the film company's aren't corrupt is bizzare and suspicious to believe, considering Walt Disney and 21st century fox are one of VICES™ biggest shareholders and investors….

  22. #22

    If you think the Rothschild's family isn't evil you haven't looked deep enough 😴🫢🤐

  23. #23

    isnt ruling the world good tho

  24. #24


  25. #25

    The people creating these videos are absolutely sick and indoctrinated.

  26. #26

    Why are you trying to influence the narrative, be neutral

  27. #27

    90% of the book already took place stop listening to Jewish media research for yourself

  28. #28

    Ironic a year later you have very prominent black Americans pushing a lot of the same antisemitic tropes that you guys point out. We have Dave Chappell now joking about it in a very weird way. Kyrie irving, Kanye west. Not to mention the same tropes are now being used to attack white Americans. Issue is some of these theories have good ideas. I certainly believe pedophiles and elites in general do some terrible things that we don’t know about and certainly have an agenda. Problem is they also use the media to promote racism which pits people against each other and distracts the masses into thinking the problems in our society stem from each other. Racism is something invented by powerful people to control mass multi cultural societies.

  29. #29

    it’s so funny watching these. seeing people trying so hard to discredit stuff just makes me want to believe it even more

  30. #30

    What I would like to know is how do they know its a insane lie. Just because someone many years ago said its false means we should just believe that person? People should do there own research before agreeing with someone long ago. I dont know if its right or wrong and when I do my research ill decide for myself.

  31. #31

    The problem with Q is that they don't name the Jew. They throw in all this other nonsense and will call them globalists, elite, etc… but never who they are. If u ask me, the Q movement sounds like a group of normies that got a hold of the truth and spun it into it's own thing so they wouldn't get labeled "antisemetic."

  32. #32

    Shorty an agent.

  33. #33

    If you think jews do not control the world then you are a brainwashed person. Just look at some of the largest companies in the world their owners are all jews. In fact the biggest asset management company in the world called "Blackrock" is also run by a jew.

  34. #34

    Look at WEF . The book is absolutely right

  35. #35

    Utterly convinced me

  36. #36

    Too bad Jews aren’t a particular race. They follow a religion called Judaism.

  37. #37

    Can't trust anyone with an oxen-lead nose ring.

  38. #38

    Everything you are saying "they" are accused of doing…they have done or are doing. IF theyre black its a gang. If they are italians its a mob, if they are jewish its a coincidence and never ever consider the thought that jewish people are capable!

  39. #39

    Here from Ye

  40. #40

    Interesting video👍. BUT you missed the aliens, lizard people, fish people, Bigfoot, all dead celebrities seen alive, cloth of Christ, hole in the Earth, Sky and Ocean, Nibiru and…E.T. is coming. The internet couldn't wait to be born so that mankind can create his own history.

  41. #41

    Synagogue of Satan that hides behind the Jewish people?

  42. #42

    im confused do trump supporters know that trump is also a pedo and part of that epstein scandal…

  43. #43

    The book may be evil but it's true about the elite
    Brah it's so obvious.
    Look how fucking racist Hollywood Banks etc are

  44. #44

    Truth is truth

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