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The Joy of Dying: Understanding Near Death Experience

Aug 2023 28

The study of Near Death Experiences (NDE’s) has entered the scientific mainstream. Dr. Jeffrey Long is one of the world’s leading researchers on the topic and has many fascinating facts and accounts to share.

Learn more about Dr. Long’s research at www.nderf.org

For more inspiring conversation that continues to dig deep with Dr. Jeffrey Long, check out the live panel replay featuring Dr. Long, another medical expert and NDE survivors at

02:09 What triggered your interest in near-death experiences?
04:54 Is there no medical explanation of near-death experiences?
07:14 How can science investigate these near-death experiences?
9:23 Why doesn’t research discuss near-death experiences more often?
13:23 Is it typical that near-death experiences are positive?
17:26 How do these compare to experiences from psychedelic drugs?
23:15 Are near-death experiences monotheistic or polytheistic?
26:10 Do people experience unfavorable realms of afterlife?
31:28 Do people experience a crossing into the afterlife?
33:35 How did religions understand these experiences without modern science?
36:55 What are the greatest arguments from skeptics?
40:09 What is the most compelling story you’ve heard?
43:22 How has this transformed your relationship with death?

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    I love this so much, what you guys are doing is the most important work in the world. It helps people so much and gives so much happiness, hope and brings so much beauty into your life. This is amazing!! Thank you so much!!!

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    Psychedelic effects on the brain have been experienced for thousands of years and yes, if used properly in a religious context with the support of experience practitioners, have the ability to allow the user to reach a higher consciousness and this includes having a sudden awareness of a different dimensions other than our reality of Earth. Recreational use of these substances does not obtain the same result. But these powerful plant medicines do connect us to other realms and to our true authentic selves….. Our soul.
    In this way yes they can be similar to a near-death experience. It is a soul experience

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    There was a question raised why is this information not the greatest discovery in history and plastered all over everything for society to learn from?….. The answer is because the face of religion would be 110% changed! The power of the government would be shaken to its core. The modern structure of society would go through a major upheaval.

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    Amazing information, thanks for sharing this.

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    My personal nde was the best experience in my life. It’s so hard to explain. We don’t have the vocabulary. I tripped on acid, shrooms and ecstasy and it’s not even close. No way.
    The creator I encountered is not human but closer to an Energy Source

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    My experience was I was taken to a room and sat down in front of this huge screen like in a theatre and what I watched was my life up to that point then I was brought back with the paddles.

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    Once again a near-death experience is not a death experience. A near death experience is when you NEARLY die. A death experience is when you DIE. CLINICALLY DEAD IS NOT A NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE! You don't consider Jesus Christ's situation to be a Near Death Experienced now do you?

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    Excellent questions posed by the interviewer. And convincing answers provided by the guest. I have listened to a number of such conversations and I have found this exchange most comprehensive and enlightening. Thank you both.

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    Are there any cases of people who were deaf from birth, and had NDE experience

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    Why they can't see inside bodies? 360 degree make sense if there is a soul, what less make sense is why they can't see things that happen under ground or inside bodies.

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    I'm afraid to go to hell.

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    Do we have any examples of two people dying at the same time / together? When a soul leaves the body and sees himself, as in floating above the body, can two dying souls, perhaps in the same car or same room, see each other's (floating?) spirits?

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    Jesus spoke Aramaic and the word for God in Aramaic is Allah. He is the ONE, THE FIRST, THE LAST, THE LIGHT, THE MERCIFUL AND THE COMPASSIONATE. (Quran, Torah, Gospels)

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    Thank you soooo much for clarifying that psychedelics do NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE REALITY OF THE AFTERLIFE.😊🙏

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    This doctor should read the article below, and so should everyone else:

    NDE STUDIES – (Los Angeles Times excerpts)………………….
    Researchers estimate that around 17 percent of people have an NDE. That means about 80% don't. Scratch beneath those alleged flat EKG lines, and the stories are a veritable twilight zone of inconsistencies. Some near-death voyagers claim to have met God – BUT A FEW SAW ELVIS PRESLEY OR GROUCHO MARX, researchers say. Others get to heaven not through the famous “tunnel”, but ABOARD GHOSTLY TAXICABS, FERRIES THAT CROSS THE RIVER STYX, OR SPANGLED COWS.

    Even children – often touted as the best source of unbiased information – sometimes return from “death” claiming they were GREETED IN THE OTHER WORLD BY STILL LIVING TEACHERS, AND NINTENDO CHARACTERS, instead of deceased relatives.

    HINDUS WHO BELIEVE IN YAMRAJ, the Hindu god of the dead, EXPERIENCED MEETING HIM. A Hindu girl "died" and WENT TO HEAVEN ON A COW. Would that mean people will be riding cows to heaven? Jews who don’t believe in Jesus or "hell", experienced God as described in the Old Testament; while Messianic Jews experienced God as Jesus.

    In one study carried out, the experiences of 16 Asian Indians were compared with those of Americans, and it was found that THE INDIANS HAD ENCOUNTERED YAMRAJ, the Hindu king of the dead, WHILE THE AMERICANS HAD NOT.

    Dr. Richard Eby had an NDE and allegedly Jesus told him he had to go back, and that he (Jesus) would return (2nd coming) before Richard Eby died permanently. BUT, DR. RICHARD EBY HAS NOW DIED, AND JESUS HAS NOT RETURNED.

    A few hospitals have placed signs in their cardiac units – with nonsensical messages visible only from above – but so far NOBODY HAS RETURNED FROM DEATH CLAIMING TO HAVE FLOATED UP AND SEEN ONE.

    You would expect, that if any particular religious account of the afterlife were true, NDEs would be pretty much the same. BUT THESE ACCOUNTS ARE SO VARIED AND ARE ALL BASED ON CULTURAL EXPOSURE. IN INDIA PEOPLE SEE HINDU GODS, IN SAUDI ARABIA IT'S MOHAMMED, ALLAH, AND A BUNCH OF VIRGINS. The kid from the book/movie Heaven Is For Real saw a Jesus with sea green-blue eyes on A RAINBOW COLORED HORSE, God with BLUE EYES, YELLOW HAIR AND HUGE WINGS, and ONE LITTLE GIRL WENT TO HEAVEN AND WAS GREETED BY A PORTLY MAN WITH A WHITE BEARD AND A RED CAP A.K.A. SANTA CLAUSE.

    The Mapuche people of South America and residents of Hawaii are more likely to SEE LANDSCAPES AND VOLCANOES, whereas NDEs in Thailand and India rarely involve landmarks, tunnels or light; for Tibetans, light features more heavily, as do illusions of reincarnation. Europeans and North Americans often visualize beautiful gardens; intriguingly, the Kalai of Melanesia are more inclined to SEE AN INDUSTRIALIZED WORLD OF FACTORIES. An NDEr’s subjective experiences can be attributed to many factors: THE NDEr's PSYCHOLOGY, PERSONAL EXPERIENCE, BACKGROUND, ETC. — NOT JUST CULTURE.

    The terrain of heaven also varies wildly – from gardens, forests, or CATTLE FILLED PASTURES in some accounts, to clouds, COMPUTER ROOMS, or castles in others. A TEXAN SAW BARBED WIRE FENCES IN THE AFTERLIFE; Micronesians describe large, noisy CITIES WITH CARS AND SKYSCRAPERS.

    Drug addicts, atheists, suicides, hedonists, felons (murder), abusers, and gay people have claimed to encounter heaven. Strangely, people have claimed to enter hell FOR THE SAME REASONS. Contradictions abound.

    This is a wonder. Is the hereafter actually mining and refining in factories, the materials needed to build castles, cars, barbed wire fences, computers, and skyscrapers? Has the hereafter developed the tools and machinery needed to manufacture? Where is the afterlife getting the raw materials and tools needed to manufacture and construct those ever-increasing cubes, cages, and rooms in hell that some claim? And is it demons that actually do the assembling/building/placement? Or who? And, exactly which of the variety of hells do you actually go to? The Christian one? Hindu? Buddhist? Spiritualist? Muslim? Strangely, the answer seems to be whichever one the experiencer has been exposed to. Thai Buddhist afterlife voyagers claim to encounter lord Yama and Yamatoots, complete with talking dead roosters accusing them, and being sentenced for butchering and eating chickens. Does that mean westerners also will be going to Buddhist hell for eating chicken? And what fuel do those spiritual cars run on? Wouldn't the hereafter then require waste disposal and a sewage system as well? The problems are myriad.

    Even in her rather homogenous western European clientele, Kübler-Ross could see the effects of early enculturation: “I never encountered a Protestant child who saw the Virgin Mary in his last minutes, yet she was perceived by many Catholic children.”

    But there also are some hard-to-explain differences, Melvin Morse says. Whereas American near-death survivors are typically sent back by God because “it’s not your time yet,” INDIA'S AFTERLIFE VISITORS ARE MORE LIKELY TO BE TOLD THERE WAS A “CLERICAL ERROR.”

    Even more curious: SOMETIMES THE BEING OF LIGHT IS ELVIS PRESLEY. Moody has chronicled at least two such sightings.

    Yet the evidence for near-death paranormal powers remains shaky at best. TWO STUDIES HAVE FOUND THAT PATIENTS’ “OUT OF BODY” ACCOUNTS OF WHAT HAPPENED IN THE OPERATING ROOM WERE WRONG. So were the 1988 Armageddon forecasts hyped by Ring and others.

    Michael Sabom, however, offers a compromise stance: He rejects the idea that they provide glimpses of a heaven or hell. "I’m not saying these people didn’t experience something odd. But I am saying that we should take it with a grain of salt, because IF ANECDOTES MEET YOUR STANDARD FOR WHAT QUALIFIES AS EVIDENCE, then you should probably start buying tin foil and food buckets, because THERE ARE JUST AS MANY PEOPLE WHO REPORT SEEING REPTILIANS AND WHO HAVE BEEN ABDUCTED BY ALIENS."

    But what about veridical NDEs – near-death experiences in which the person supposedly sees something they couldn’t otherwise have known while ‘flat-lining’ and others are able to verify that what they saw is indeed correct. The most notorious example of this is Maria’s shoe. A lady named Maria reportedly left her body, floated around and saw a shoe on a ledge outside her hospital window, that she ‘couldn’t have possibly seen.’ Her critical care provider, Kimberly Clark, looked outside and saw the shoe, just as described. BUT WHEN RESEARCHERS TRIED TO TRACK DOWN MARIA TO CONFIRM CLARK'S STORY, THEY WEREN'T ABLE TO FIND ANY SUCH PERSON OR ANYONE ELSE TO CORROBORATE THE ACCOUNT. And when they placed a shoe on the ledge, it was clearly visible from the hospital room, PROVING CLARK HAD EXAGGERATED AT LEAST PART OF THE STORY. Here’s the topper. There is no record of Maria being in that hospital.

    Sixty years ago, Dr. Wilder Penfield, a neurosurgeon, poked around the right temporal lobe of some epileptic patients and discovered that they would hear heavenly music, relive their pasts in 3D, and have out-of-body visions. Similar experiments continue.

    There’s growing evidence that the temporal lobe plays a huge role in creating NDEs. When patients had their brains scanned after an NDE, it was discovered that they had increased levels of temporal lobe activity compared with those in a control group. That could help explain why only a small percentage of people who flat line have NDEs. When Dr. Olaf Blanke implanted electrodes into the brains of patients, HE WAS ABLE TO TRIGGER SUPERNATURAL AND OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCES BY STIMULATING THE TEMPORAL PARIETAL JUNCTION.

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    Dr Jeffrey, I think there are a variety of dimensions.
    It seems people would be attracted to people who are like them, with entire different descriptions of where they are.
    You are making analogies of in a house, but I think there are different worlds.

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    He might be wrong though saying there is no connection with DMT. Near death experiences have a fair share with 5-MeO-DMT experiences, and a bit of the DMT experience. They are not the same for sure. But to conclude they are not related in any way is a far stretch since there is hard study evidence with rat brains that the brain increases the DMT amount at death to much higher levels.
    Especially we can't just assume that smoked DMT has the same effect as endogenously released DMT.
    However: This would be absolutely no argument for the NDE having not a transcendental background, in contrary it would be an argument for DMT being a border phenomenon between physical and transcendental. Btw: With exogenous DMT blind people have visionary content too.

    PS: The term "after life" might be biased since there is only life. The eternal space of love has been there before and during the individual human life too. 😉

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    Why does everyone call leaving the flesh vessel dieing when you do not die, you move on.
    Call it when I leave or transformed from my freshly vessel.

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    Dr. Long says' It's puzzling to me too why there isn't more interest and funding for research in this field of NDE's.." He suggests that it's a "scientific taboo.." I can suggest a better one- Bringing the possibility of Universal Love, Life after death, and the Real reasons we are put here would blow the traditional religions out of the water and put them out of business. The world's religions would Not let that happen. Period.

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    I work as palliative care nurse and for me is absolutely beautiful job with all aspects. I help people who were actively dying and because I used to work nights shift I did have the time to sit beside them, trying to reassure them that I love them and everything is going to be ok and respect they spirituality and follow what’s important to that person. After they passing I use to place a holly cross on they chest ( if that was applicable to that patient believe) and say a prayer and ask them to watch me while on my journey of eternal life. I felt very privileged to be a part of somebody life in that very fragile time. However you may not believe me but I had two people who visit me in my dreams and thanks to me for everything I did for them while they own family wasn’t present for any reason ( couldn’t handle mentally or past issues, trauma or?) and I have experienced my own NDE myself and I was in heaven but before that I saw two angels in pink dress and crystal wings swinging on the tree swing in opposite direction. That’s my experience

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    Will we be reunited with deceased pets?

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    NOTE: "The Place", IF prepared for You, is NOT in HEAVEN, but instead in "The HOUSE of GOD" !

    From "The Gospel [[ ACCORDING TO ]] John", chapter 14, verses 1 to 4, Quote; 1. Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me… ( NOTE: JESUS is saying Believe in Him, as well as GOD ! ) 2. In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. 3. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also. 4. And whither I go ye know, and the way ye know. End Quote…

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    doesnt make sense he only read about 20 hell nde's

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    stop comparing NDE with junkies.

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