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The gift of near death: Lewis Brown Griggs at TEDxAmericanRiviera 2012

Feb 2024 29

About Lewis Brown Griggs:
Why do so many of us focus on the story of our shortcomings? How can our uniqueness be recognized as the greatest gift we bring to one another? Through his lives and near deaths, Lewis Brown Griggs shares transformational perspectives on how our weaknesses can become our greatest strengths.

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    ya sounds like your body released a massive amount of DMT into ur blood stream and you had a ….well for lack of a better term, u were tripping my guy…you were trippiinnnn dickkksackkkk off them Deemers produced by ur pineal gland my good sir. or u went to the spirit realm…but i assume youve never tripped or done DMT before…ill just take w ild guess at that one hhahahahaa maybe you did acid once as a kid but this dude has never done DMT….everything he just told us is what you will experience in a DMT trip, and i dont disagree w anything hes saying. im sure this did happen to him…but for how long does this happen ??? the brain isnt decayed and dead yet…ur NDE happened right as u died and ur body still has function..ure brain still has function till it runs out of oxygen and low oxygen and DMT flooded brain will cause MASSSSS hallucinations … so who knows..i hope there is a other side but i think it might just be a chemical and physical hallucination

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    1:42 two ppl giggled lol …….worst joke ive ever heard

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    Thank you Lewis. I really appreciate you sharing your experience with us, you come across super clear. Warm Regards my friend, Charlie

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    Certainly dieing will be much easier now. Great talk.

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    A experiência de quase morte nos ensina que estamos corpo más somos espírito eternos e com isso podemos compreender sobre corpo e espírito

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    Loved this so much🥰🥰🥰

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    My husband passed almost 2 weeks ago April 9th after 10 years of congestive heart failure. I think he knew several months before he passed it was coming. He kept begging his boys who live out of state to come see him. I watched him barely eat for several months. In and out of the hospital many times since last summer. A few weeks prior we both had one good day together driving around in the car. Finally he went into the emergency room one last time. He was in the hospital for only 4 days as his heart couldn't keep enough blood flowing to keep his organs functioning. He asked to see his mother 2 days before he passed. Our sons were there and our daughter. He told me he loved me and asked to be forgiven for anything he'd ever done. We made up and loved each other more deeply than we ever had. He began looking towards the ceiling and raising his arm as if reaching, and seemed very at peace. He did this maybe 6 times on and off. That last few moments he asked to have everything stopped. IT'S, dialysis machine, oxygen, blood pressure cuff. I told the doctor and we were told his blood pressure would drop enough he would go unconscious. They gave him Morphine to make him comfortable. It didn't take long and he passed very peacefully. In the end he wanted it. Thank you for the talk. It gives me such solice to know he's free. He's happy. He feels peace. I'm grieving and am not in that place where I don't feel any pain. I know that is of my own making, but it is very hard to let go. I look forward to seeing him again when it's my turn. I hope I'm learning what I'm supposed to learn after being in the most difficult time of my life. Caring for an ailing and dying husband.

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    I had a near death experience. I was walking near a bright white light and a gentle bearded man approached and ask me to take a number and have a seat.

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    What about Jesus?

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    Total snake oil salesman

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    Your brain releases DMT when its dying. It gives you that out of body experience. You can replicate it by smoking DMT, its a natural substance present in most organic matter, its not illegal, but is one of the most potent known psychedelic substances.

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    The only thing that bothers me is that although you feel all these sensations after death, it’s because your brain is still active, however what happens once your brain fully dies? Is it just nothing?

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    Fifty years ago, when I was just fifteen, (Now 65) …I died from an intense and instant asthma attack and fell to the bathroom floor of our home. As I rose above my body, the house appeared to be glass, I could see through all three floors like an x-ray. There was the blackness some have called the tunnel….I was fully aware and conscious, even lucent one might say. Then there appeared a Light behind me in the distance which quickly grew brighter as it were pulling me toward it like gravity. There was no fear. The place in the Light was the most wonderful place I had ever known. I had a new body made of energy it seemed, one which did not have asthma, or any other ailment, and did not age. I did not want to go back. I did not want to return. ….Then I saw my Mother weeping without control, my lifeless body in her arms, I was shown, revealed, seemingly as if in telepathy, and without human words, that she would never recover from this death of her son. I saw her remaining life destroyed and decimated because of my leaving. …And the Light said: " You must go back. You cannot leave your Mother in this way at this time. For she birthed you, and she will not survive this event. " Yet the decision to return was mine to make….and so I responded immediately…I will go back now, for I am able to see her agony. Upon thinking that, I returned, flew, was sucked back immediately to my body on Earth, I began to breath, as my Mother frantically squeezed the asthmatic nebulizer into my mouth for breathing, and found myself back on the bathroom floor, my Mother's face above me, conscious once more. Before all this happened and before I returned, I watched her travel up two staircases from the Kitchen below, where she had heard the thump of my body falling on the bathroom floor above, I watched this from the top of our house roof…like glass I could see through the roof and floors, and watched her run to my attic bedroom to get my asthmatic nebulizer, and then return to me lying on the bathroom floor as I was able to look back to the Earth, and with a single thought of "Where am I? ..was able to turn and see the Light, back and forth, in this new body I found myself in, which seemed to look just like my physical body, except that it was not physical, and my new body was able to penetrate physical objects like the house itself…. The Light could only be best described as "Unconditional Love." It was a Light of the Past…the Present…and the Future, all three, in a single beam of focused Light. There is so much more I experienced while bathed in that Light of Love on the other side. Too much to write here really. . . Then as I returned to my Mother…I heard these words delivered crystal clear to my mind from the Light, as if they were the whole point of this experience happening. " You are loved. You are not judged. Do not judge others, and you will not be judged." …My life was transformed 50 years ago at age 15. Not a single day of my life has passed since that time, that I do not recall this experience in some manner. I am not able to look at death in the same manner as others who have not had this experience, because the experience taught me that there is no death when we depart Earth. ….. My Mother is gone now. And many years later after my event, I was called to her bedside from far outside of town at precisely 11 PM the night before Easter morning, and I was told in an urgent vision to go to my Mother's bed side immediately, that this would be her last night on earth. She was in the last stages of cancer. I left immediately in a panic, and drove the hour trip in darkness to her hospital bed arriving there just after Midnight…She was alone, and there she died in my arms as the vision had foretold. And so Mom was with ME when I died at age 15… …This time around I was with HER …when SHE died at 76. …And just as the voice had directed me to her bedside in the middle of the night…I was given another directive just 30 seconds before she died…the words appeared in my head..and they were to be delivered to her specifically in this manner… they were to be delivered directly and quietly to her, and with great soothing and calm, to her ear. I was directed NOT to cry when I delivered the words to her lest she sense this, and pull back from leaving. …" Follow the Light Ma" …These were the words I whispered with great calm and control in her ear. ..and then again just once more I was directed, to whisper to her .."Follow the Light"… she drew her last breath, and immediately left the body.. and departed, and I was able to actually see her spirit rise up and fly away into that Great Light which now appeared on the ceiling above her hospital bed. It was the very SAME Light I had seen at age 15 when I died in her presence on the bathroom floor. .There just are no human words that can describe The Light. . No human language that can do it justice. No human utterance that can relay its depth or can describe the experience of the "New body." This Light is the place from which we all originated, it is the place we all return to. It is home.

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    None of this is true!!!

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    I have had hundreds of OBE since I was a teenager. I learned to control the travels to the astral world, and became attached to an astral entity. I was allowed to ask him questions, from why do we exist, the origin of human kind, the creation of god(s) and much more. I have been writing a book about it now that I am 55 y.o. I know that this body I am in is ill from a cancer eating it slowly, so I barely will have enough time to let humanity know what is beyond life on earth.

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    Smacked by a cottonwood tree while whitewater rafting…what a way to go…you ,sir,are a man of seasoning…

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    My wife passed away last Dec. 1 and I'm going through unbearable grief. But you have made it now more bearable. Thank you

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    Good Jesus.. you know you lost it when your a expert on DEATH! ANYTHING on the other side that can LIE to you deceive you show you things that are not what they appear to be? Yeah you best know Jesus

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    VEDANTA! 100%

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    What an amazing testimony! God bless you for sharing it.

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    My son Alex died on 10/3/22 of a drug overdose. Forever 28, RIP, he died alone with his dogs in the garage and his dad found him. Fly with the Angels Alex.

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    I had a NDE in 2005 and it changed my life forever..there’s something on the other side. Be kind a love yourself and others.

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    I was with the light being which was me and there was a consciousness of light although there was no light I felt I saw nothing but light. I had no eyes no anything there was nothing but the unconditional love and this light. I had no thought of this as I had no mind until I came back. what I remember was right before I came back I had this feeling as if I had been kissed goodbye and with the overwhelming consciousness of unconditional love I was back. I couldn't move my arms for 5 minutes and will never forget death from infection. how I survived is hard to understand but there must have been a reason that happened. to me it's the only time I've ever consciously experienced being loved for no reason. that does not exist on earth there is always a reason…
    I look forward to my transition now and think about suicide often but I'm afraid I won't end up in the same place…haha
    my best explanation of unconditional love a song in your heart that has no music no words and no vibration you only know something loves you more than you can imagine with no reason. to me that was God!

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    I was blessed to drown when I was about six…and I remember the tunnel, too, but I didn't get to the because the lifeguard saved me. But even now, at 78, I don't fear the time, but I enjoy the present.

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    As I stood next to my dying grandmother’s bed on July 2, 2019, she took her last breath suddenly, her chest thrust upward to the ceiling then she relaxed, I said loudly into her ear; I love you gram! And then, I felt a strong breeze flow past my face, it felt as if it moved my hair and her body relaxed, the labored breath stopped, a single tear was in the outer corner of her eye and immediately, I felt utter joy and relief for her – that her pain was over. I was cheering her on – YES MY GIRL MADE IT!!

    Instantly I wanted to share my happiness with her – but much like him, there was no way I could share my joy that I was so happy she was done suffering and she was able to be free.

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    Rosalie Blake recently passed on 17/11/22 she was such a beautiful person, so patient and gently positive. I am lucky to have known her at Tame porati street Manakau near Levin New Zealand. Rosalie and her son Simon developed KOHA the library information system used worldwide. Just saying. I miss her company,

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    In the last year 2021 Feb, I was seriously sick with a heart disease that left my heart rate at 43 and very scary. One night, I saw a woman come for me, we were standing on a savanna, then we started climbing this huge mountain that took us a while. At the top, a door opened and I realized that I was entering heaven meaning I was dying. I refused to enter, but the woman did. Suddenly, I saw hailstone coming down from the sky, surprisingly, I knew it was gonna kill me anyway and so I shouted ''OK I will ENTER'' Instead of the very top door opening, a door lower than that opened and I entered. There, I found everyone wearing the same clothes, singing, and clapping. A man came over and said ''please come with me, I want to show you how things work here'' I told him'' I don't want to die! My family will be very sad and crying, I haven't finished everything I wanted to do on Earth, God please I don't want to die now'' That's when I regained consciousness and came back to life.

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    A "near" death unconscious, imagined dream-like experience – okay, but that is not reality. You did not actually die and then return back after death to give a TED-X talk about it. That's a bunch of bull manure. It can generate a lot of money from superstitious, deceived people though.

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    Thanks for sharing. Love this stuff. Coming to us from all directions now. Commonplace to hear about NDE Thanks again. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross cracked the egg for us all. 🎉

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    Listened twice…and for sure will listen again

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    This is so lovely. I have never experienced this. Mostly my relatives are gone before I get to where they are. The closest I came to this is my father in law smiled and thanked me for taking care of him. I kissed him on his forehead and said goodbye. He died a short time later after I had headed home.

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    I’m paranoid of death. It haunts me sometimes to the point of panic attacks and dread.

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    I had dreams as a young child when sick of being in a 'white vortex' and going to a midwestern farm after. This dream happened over and over. I'm 65 and I still remember this dream I had as a small child to this day. This is the first time I have heard someone describe the tunnel as a 'white tornado'.

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    Awesome message. Thank you for getting the word out that death is the most blissful thing we ever do❤

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    Perhaps NDE Is Never dead experience ✌️❤️🤘

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    I escaped a major accident ….cud have been dead .

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    As a medium that works with those who have crossed over, I have learned that all illness is a gift of presence of mind and body, an opportunity to come into the present. Once we accept this, we have all the time we need to love and be loved. I am grateful that this video exists to destigmatize the great transition.

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    How to share this info with some who refuse to step outside their religious beliefs…

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