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The Extraordinary Origins Of Modern Pagan Witchcraft | Britain's Wicca Man | Timeline

Oct 2022 19

Britain’s Wicca Man tells the extraordinary story of Britain’s fastest growing religious group – Wicca – and of its creator, an eccentric Englishman called Gerald Gardner.

Historian and leading expert in Pagan studies, Professor Ronald Hutton, explores the unlikely origins of modern pagan witchcraft and experiences first hand its growing influence throughout Britain today.

Gardner’s story and the story of Wicca itself is a bizarre one. The film tells of a peculiar man who saw that the world was ready for a new religion based on magic, sex, nature and ritual – and gave it to us. Documentary first broadcast in 2011.

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    This sounds like he was the individual inspiration for the antagonist in the M.R. James inspired story called "The Hex" Dr. Gardener was the name.

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    It's not a religion, it's a cult of personality, based on Gardener's delusions.
    Much like the Church of Satan in the US which was created by Anton Lavey who was a very similar cult leader. LaVey told reporters that most of his church's followers were "fanatics, cultists, and weirdos". And he admitted that most of his "interest in the Church of Satan was always strictly from a monetary point of view,"
    As time passes and the memory of the original leader and his charisma fade, such cults tend to disappear as quickly as they appeared. There will always be some old die-hards hanging on. Where else can they go? But there will be fewer and fewer new faces. Some other newer delusion will come along and the new generation will follow it. And the old cult fades away.

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    Why is it that production companies try to normalize witchcraft when WITCHCRAFT is the most evil selfish cruel system on earth .

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    I have meet a few wiccans. I assume that is the same thing. The last one called herself a white witch or a good witch. She actually was not a very nice person though. Id say she was closer to a dafk witch. She also told me so cans are only women.There are a few males. They're called warlocks. My opinion of her was she was a fraud.

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    Brits being politely excentric as always

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    According to accounts I've read, Gardner, in his anthropological studies, became convinced of the existence of a pre-Christian nature religion in Western Europe. He approached Aleister Crowlley to obtain any knowledge the latter possessed of the subject. Crowley knew an old witch who still practiced the "Old Religion," in secret. She provided Crowley with the rituals, on one condition: they were for his personal use only, and he was not to reveal them to anyone. But Crowley not only gave them to Gardner, he SOLD them! The old witch learned of this, and put a curse on Crowley. That marked the beginning of the downward spiral of Crowley's life. He became reviled in the press as the "wickedest man in the World," lost his fortune, and ultimately, died in poverty.

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    Such a load of BS.

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    I really want to appreciate Dr obuchi I came across him. Since then my 4 months broken 💔 relationship was restored. Thank you am very grateful………,.

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    What's funny is how much of their ceremony they stole from freemasonary.
    "So mote it be"..
    So may it be= amen.
    They're ending their ceremony with a Latin Christian "Amen"..
    It's just a hodgepodge joke.

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    I found Wicca in 1999, I was 19, and I became disenchanted with Christianity, and Gardner was referenced by Scott Cunningham and I studied it. I was so interested in finding my own way, and I realized in Wicca I could walk on my own. I was happier and as a learning disabled person, it fit me, Wicca made me feel happy and safe, while in Christianity I was basically pitied and taken for granted, Levticus 21:16-23 made me feel excluded, othered and alone. Wicca offered me a way out, a clean slate, a possible feeling of being myself, nobody deserves to be considered other, at least one thing I loved is that no matter how awful it felt, I could pick myself up without help, dust myself off and think I am not alone, I can and do have my own will, and the God and Goddess don't want me to feel pitied, they want me to feel I can control my destiny

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    Wicca is not Paganism!!! Wicca started as a religion in 1956 – please research the father of Wicca – Gerald Gardner.
    Paganism is age-old, and predates Wicca by centuries.

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    I’m surprised he didn’t get entangled with Alester Crowley

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    I wonder how the old dude is doing in 👹🔥👹

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    Sounds like a way they mask doing psychedelics and having orgies. Lol

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    Dude's intro says "this film.. .''
    That'd be magic- turn this into a 'FILM' ?
    1) it's a mini–doc, 2) it's on digital video.
    -unbelievable how often ppl misuse the word 'film'🎥.

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    Fasted growing religion?

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    Start talking about Jesus to wica person they will get so angry and wil not hear any of it you can almost see demonic side denying JESUS one minute their peicefull want to believe what ever you want to demonc anger

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    Wicca is as old as the first civilization on earth (Sumerians)that is the roots of the old religion or first religion bad named given by the church,I don't usually make any comments online but this things get my nerves

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    May our ancient traditions never be lost! Spirituality is universal and God is everywhere and had been expressing himself before religion . Spirituality is the essence of religion.

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    was a phase I was interested in. But it is all nonsense. Moreso than usual

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    This is not a secretive religion. If it was there would not be so many people practicing it, dabbling in it, or just poking around in it. "Spells" are no more than bringing into reality that which is desired most. The same as the Law of Attraction, just with additional tools added. Wiccans are not witches. If you ask a witch or a wiccan they will tell you they are 2 different things. Doing things together often is a way to increase connections with one another and strengthen the group. It's the same with clubs, girl scouts, boy scouts, sewing clubs, reading clubs…the more time spent together the tighter the bonds.

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    i knew JESUS never existed

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    Gerald just wanted some power in his powerless life. Good on them for praying to keep the nazis from British shores.

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    Rules and Rituals are not the door to the deathless. They amplify the Ego whole disrespecting Nature. The irony that neo Pagans profess to love Nature while performing rules and rituals to defy nature appears to escape the attention of those enmeshed.

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    We made witchcraft up. As a reason to kill women. Ancient pagans list the traditions. And we make up a system to fill the gap. I love people that think they have magic powers. They are hilarious. But not as hilarious as those that believe them.

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    I like the idea of earth etc but this looks as silly as other religions

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    I like history docs. All kinds. This is dumb.

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