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The Druids – History, Philosophy, Religion (Full Documentary)

Apr 2023 20

Using ancient and medieval sources, alongside comparative analysis, the identity and beliefs of the druids take shape, from their organizational practices, to their philosophy and spiritual beliefs.

All pronunciation attempts to follow Old Gaelic, not modern Irish or Scottish Gaelic pronunciations. Breithem, however, should have been pronounced with a stronger “v” or “w” sound at the end. “druid” in Old Gaelic, is “druí” singular and “druíd” plural. I do not cover this in the video, but perhaps of interest.



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    The books of Conor MacDari also elucidate the subject quite well.

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    From "The Oera Linda":

    In the northernmost part of the Mediterranean there lies an island close to the coast. They now came and asked to buy that, on which a general council was held.

    The mother's advice was asked, and she wished to see them at some distance, so she saw no harm in it; but as we afterwards saw what a mistake we had made, we called the island Missellia ‡ (Marseilles). Hereafter will be seen what reason we had. The Golen §, as the missionary priests of Sidon were called, had observed that the land there was thinly peopled, and was far from the mother. In order to make a favourable impression, they had themselves called in our language followers of the truth; but they had better have been called abstainers from the truth, or, in short, "Triuwenden," as our seafaring people afterwards called them. When they were well established, their merchants exchanged their beautiful copper weapons and all sorts of jewels for our iron weapons and hides of wild beasts, which were abundant in our southern

    p. 86 p. 87

    countries; but the Golen celebrated all sorts of vile and monstrous festivals, which the inhabitants of the coast promoted with their wanton women and sweet poisonous wine. If any of our people had so conducted himself that his life was in danger, the Golen afforded him a refuge, and sent him to Phonisia, that is, Palmland. When he was settled there, they made him write to his family, friends, and connections that the country was so good and the people so happy that no one could form any idea of it. In Britain there were plenty of men, but few women. When the Golen knew this, they carried off girls everywhere and gave them to the Britons for nothing. So all these girls served their purpose to steal children from Wr-alda in order to give them to false gods.

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    These aren't the druids you're looking for.

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    Hill of Uisnich around 38 minutes

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    Mark 1.15

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    2 Peter 3:9

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    I'm just trying not to be homeless everyday because God's so called love but false words. They still have been. I can't believe it

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    Geoffrey of Monmouth

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    American accent is a little off putting for a druid

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    @27:36, "ehf'-meh-RIH-al?" I assume you mean, "eh-FEH-meh-rahl?" i.e., ephemeral? Then, around 53:30, wtf is "PAH-gan-ism?" I assume you mean "PAE-gah-nism," i.e., paganism? I, a Neo-Pagan, Wiccan Elder Priest, have literally never heard anyone else pronounce Pagan like you do, and I have a BA in Religious Studies. @1:04:30, "SAHW-thurn?" Southern is pronounced, "SUH-thurn." Sorry, but these three words just caught my attention. @1:08:00 or so in, are you saying "House of Dawn" or "House of Don?" There is a goddess called Don/Dan, so it kinda matters.

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    It’s the oldest star gate in the universe ! You need to bee a seer an time travELA shaman oracle to know the truth !

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    Much of what’s pawned off as “Druid “ beliefs are just 18 th century and later ramblings of fever dreamed con men who were grifting money from bored rich housewives

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    The druids, freemasons, skull and bones, illuminati, the shriners, the knights templars are all one and the same now, the world agenda will be achieved. We are absolutely living in the last days and only the worthy will make it to the universal shift to the New World

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    It's hard to pick a favorite part of this video, but two stand out to me in particular:

    1) The similarities across cultures. The whole idea of "Proto-Indo-European"-ness. How the idea posited at the end of the Druids possibly believing the soul and the cosmos being of the same type lines up perfectly with Advaita Hinduism. Feeling how connected we all are; how when our ancestors separated to new lands and into new peoples, we took our common natal ideas with us and just adapted them to the new circumstances.

    2) I was crafting while watching the video and felt inordinately pleased with myself when the presenter spoke about crafters being the child/incarnation of the god associated with that craft 😎

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    God Bless You

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    Speculation from speculative historians and scholars of Rome. Druids are shamans, astrologers, healers and mystics, who are practitioners of natural magic, divination and ritual. These pontificators know nothing.

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    21:50 Fantasy writers may lean on this when suggesting their vampire creations can't cross running water 🧛🏼‍♀️

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    Those cathedrals dotted across Europe that just appeared all around the same time and same style was probably the Celtic/Druidic empire.

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    That's funny. She doesn't look druish. 😆

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    That’s all we needed, a druish princess

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    Wow. Very impressive.

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    The tribe of Dan were the people who worshiped Dani-El before Lilith's minions scattered the real 12 tribes of humanity

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    It's seems that anyone with generational knowledge were ethnically cleansed by Christianity. Churches built on temples, healing knowledge of plants made you a witch. We lost a lot and ignorance keeps from relearning.

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    Indo-European, according other authors, came from European hunters gatherers, not asiatics as the mongols or huns… how could it be? For genetics and mythology…

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    So much information in this video thank you for the time and study ❤

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    Tuatha means 'people' not 'north'

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    Love the background music that sounds like it was pulled straight from the Oblivion OST

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    ??? Vidreti or ous slavic Videti/Věděti? to see/ to know??? – you can´t even pronounce it right…
    Veda slavic Věda = knowing/ knowledge also science…
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    Sorcerers with limps assemble ! Put on your one shoe and be strong lol, give high praise to odin and his wife if your of this heritage :), also always remember odins day

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    Thank you for such a beautiful experience. Honest Truth flows from you like the swirling River . So very refreshing to see my Brother! Aho Mitakuye Oyasin… Blessings!!!

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    The people are from the twelve tribes. Tribe of Dan is where the Danube, the Danish came from.

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    False god believers “Be’ Al. There is only one true Creator name “YHWH”.
    No created being or thing can be said to be the One True Father. 🙏📖🏨♥️🙏

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    Gave it a thumbs down for constantly using the term indo European

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    The ancient Greeks called the Irish ‘ogygia’ meaning the ancient ones. The druids are not Indo European they originated from the Tuatha De Danaan who established Carthage, Rome and Heliopolis. This is why the pharaoh Menes is buried in Tyrone in Ireland, Egyptian princess Scota and Tep Tephi are also buried in Ireland. Tutankhamen’s dna is from the British isles. The reason Gaelic is very similar to Hebrew and Sanscrit is because it travelled from west to east not the other way around as we are told by the Christian Romans and the crown who destroyed the druids. Kukulkhan of the aztecs the feathered serpent was the Irish god Cu chulainn the son of Lugh. The ancient Irish druids had a worldwide empire. See Michael Tsarion the Irish origins of Civilisation

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    Perfect video to fall asleep

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    “In an audience with the king, no one is to speak before the king, but the king may not speak before the Druid.”


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    This is so cool!! My surname means ‘Druid’, so it’s like you just made an (amazing) (2 HOUR) documentary of my surname 😂

    Wonderful job 😊

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    What a soothing voice 😌 love how you put this together ❤️, new subscriber!!

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    I also met the word Eth meaning fire Hommer calls the africans Ethiopians because their colour is like the coals.And they were the beloved people of Poseidon.We still call ethali αιθάλη meaning smoke and αιθαλομίχλη Ethalomichli meaning fog.Thank you for mentioning the Greeks (Hellenes)and the Greek words drus wich we still use in everyday language !Great video thank you !!!

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    As a Greek I can say for sure cosmos means garment because it is the garment of the world the stars the sky and the galaxy! Even today we say κόσμημα cosmima meaning juell and juellery!

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    A "channeled" dialogue with a Celtic druid from Roman times can be found in the Hypno-Archaeologist by Philip Ditchfield.

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    as a level 10 Druid i approve of this video

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