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Apr 2023 05

Get the book and learn in more effective ways to use the seeds


--CopyRights: https://heruinterface.com/the-alligator-pepper-solution-seeds/


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    Pls sir. I buried it but couldn't find it after 21 days. I have read your book but I can't find what to do if it disappears.

    Thanks Sir

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    Amazon removed alot of things that help people.

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    Thank you sir Dr, may God bless you for the great job you are doing sir. Please, I would be grateful if you could also write another book on how to apply the solution oil in detail sir. God bless you.

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    Very good pls the address sir

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    Dear brother, do you have it on Amazon? thank you for all!

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    Spiritual father, where is your office located in Lagos?

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    Papa, Wonderful,Wonderful, Wonderful !!!

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    Thank you man of God ..We can see you are fully back. I can’t wait to have my copy.May God be your strength in Jesus Christ name Amen 🙏.

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    I would like to join the class, therefore I would like to request for further information and assistance.

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    Wow, it is good news that you are planning to come to South Africa. I am in Maun Botswana but I will be able to come to South Africa for appointment with you. I am really grateful because it's nearer home.

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    Thank you for sharing your God given Wisdom. Feel bless knowing you….💕💕💕

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    Thanks so much welcome to south africa We can't wait

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    Thank you for all of your help and helping people to access your book.

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    I would like to join physical am in kenya

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    Amen .
    How are you man of God

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