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TESTIMONIES, QandA about the Alligator pepper 🌶 prayer.

Mar 2024 21

Getting back to my viewers is very important, hold on keeping praying one day we all will get our TESTIMONIES by God’s grace.


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    I live abroad ,there is someone monitoring and following me ,please i need help i am in fear what can i do please thank you sister gloria.

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    God bless you sister Gloria you are the best, i have used the alligator pepper i did just how you explained it worked thank you god bless you.

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    I love your videos so much you always explain so clearly i only look for your videos

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    Can you use this to pray scriptural prayers in the name of Jesus? I noticed in this video, there was no mention of his name or maybe I missed it. I always pray in his name as a child of God

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    Yes gal you now living abroad 🥰💯👌👌👌I just love you I'm starting my salt and honey today !!! GOD BE WITH ME IM COMING BACK FOR TESTIMONIAL 🙌

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    Hello sis, please help me out I have ectopic pregnancy twice i am looking for a baby if I go to sleep I will have spiritual husband and marime spirit in my dreams if I am pregnant I will be ent in the dreams and I will lose the baby please help me out I believe in God,my please send me your number

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    Pls ma how do I use the salt and honey

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    God bless you Sis.
    I need original unadulterated honey. Can I get your number, so that I contact you for details.

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    Please what is your number

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    You're the best😘

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    one feel like fish out of water.in every thing one do we must have faith,

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    Please I have a lady whom had married for more than 3 years some years back she took in, one she was coming home she got accident and baby died even she was almost gone but god on her side she Survive so since then she has conceived and are suspecting that human hand is besides it so my sister what can her mother do

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    More wisdom to u my dear ❤️❤️🙏❤️

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    Thank you dear for the wonderful job you doing. Please I humbly want to ask coz I started watching your videos recently. Yes I have subscribed to your channel. Please how did you get to know all these you are teaching us? Is it a gift or you learnt it in school or copied them from somewhere? An adage says, all lizards lay with their stomach and for that we can't differentiate one with ruining stomach. I noticed there are so many people on YouTube now teaching the same thing. Thank you and God bless you .

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    Thanks for your advice Mum. I face lot's of challenges in life, business career, relationships. Can using the alligator pepper B helpful? Is it diabolic using alligator peppers, thymes, honey or salts as you instructed? Are there any side effects in the future? How can I attract favour, helper's and job ? Help me please

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    Blessings to you sis I like your videos I watch them daily 🙏if the alligator pepper it’s not native does he have the same power?

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    God bless you my sister

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    Much love my sister

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    You are full of wisdom

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    Many thanks for this upload. Results are bound to come when faith & persistence is applied to your suggestions, advice, remedies etc

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