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Terrance McKinney Recounts His Near-Death Experience

Sep 2022 29

McKinney recounts the near-death that changed his life forever and motivated him to a career in the UFC. McKinney made his at UFC 263 facing and made with the fastest ever in the lightweight division.

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  1. #1

    Love the story

  2. #2

    🥇one day that kid be champ👑

  3. #3

    When you’ve died twice and come back twice, there’s nothing you fear in life

  4. #4

    Brought tears to my eyes, he's an inspiration. I hope all his dreams come true. He certainly deserves to succeed

  5. #5

    Yeah he almost died because the police idiotically arrested and tazed a guy who was tripping balls off acid and mushrooms. I mean, that's an insane thing for him to do, but you just need to babysit him until he comes down. I've been tazed twice before in the chest and had to get my heart checked at the hospital cuz its an electric current going through your heart, there's risk for cardiac arrest. The police almost killed him.

  6. #6

    Wow… what a story

  7. #7

    He wasn't gonna die 😂, well he wouldn't have if it wasn't for the police, and you can't get in trouble for tripping on acid and shrooms😂

  8. #8

    So 4 strong armed man with training and experience couldn't grab half naked wounded teenager and must to use electric shocker to kill him eventually. Nice one guys. It just shows to everyone how phatetic you are.

  9. #9

    We love T. But nde storey isss where?

  10. #10

    He mixed what ?

  11. #11

    that must have been horrific being on acid being pulled from all limbs then tasered .. I hope he sued those cops to fuck they almost killed him wtf man

  12. #12

    He knows more now at his age than an 80 year old man all I can say is WOW!!!

  13. #13

    Waste of time watching this bs

  14. #14

    Rookie… I take 5-6 drugs a weekend, start a huge brawl, go to work hungover… Sure he could whoop my ass regardless of my lifetime of Martial arts. But I also have a lifetime of drugs… I predict a first night KO for me, in a weekend bender match..

  15. #15

    God bless him 🙏

  16. #16

    seems like a great kid, mom did well

  17. #17

    Only a person who has had a near death experience like this guy can fight the way he does.I each and every fight of his.I love this guy!

  18. #18

    he will become a champion

  19. #19

    Terrace knows the truth now..

  20. #20

    Unreal to me that his mother expected him to pay off her house. Black mothers are honestly shocking.

  21. #21

    Incredible work my friend ❤️💪🏻

  22. #22

    I think the taser almost killed him

  23. #23

    Erm….did someone say near death experience? 🤔🙁 No mention of it.

  24. #24

    Terrance 🙏 PLEASE give GOD the Glory he is due 4 ur accomplishments ❣️
    Without Jesus Christ we are nothing!!!🙏🙏🙏💙💙💙

  25. #25

    Yes the Yung man was on drug after that idiot police shot him Elektrik guns, a normal human was dead after police shot

  26. #26

    Total click bait bull crap. This had NOTHING to do withrecounting his NDE. Throwing that phrase around for views. Total waste of time.

  27. #27

    Looks like the real deal

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