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Teen's Near-Death Experience – 24 Hours in A&E – S11 EP03 – Medical Documentary

Feb 2024 26

In this episode of 24 Hours in A&E, follow the harrowing journey of an 18-year-old involved in a life-altering motorbike crash. Discover the challenges of a young man with ADHD and autism, his family’s resilience, and the unwavering dedication of medical professionals. Witness the emotional rollercoaster of trauma, recovery, and hope.


24 Hours in A&E is a British series that takes viewers on an emotionally charged journey into the heart of a busy . This gripping reality TV show provides an unfiltered and compelling look at the daily workings of a UK healthcare system, specifically the emergency department of a hospital.

With a focus on and critical care, 24 Hours in A&E showcases the true essence of hospital life and the incredible work of medical professionals. Through real-life medical cases and patient stories, the show offers an honest and raw depiction of and the crucial medical treatment needed to save lives.

Filmed in real-time, the offers an unscripted and captivating look at the fast-paced environment of an emergency room. The show explores the aspect of healthcare, portraying the personal lives of the patients and their families as they navigate through life-changing medical situations.

A&E , , and hospital documentary all rolled into one, 24 Hours in A&E offers a unique perspective on the reality of emergency medicine. Broadcast on , this real-life medical drama has become a critically acclaimed hospital reality TV show, gaining popularity for its powerful and touching portrayal of the human spirit in times of crisis.

Overall, 24 Hours in A&E is a must-watch for anyone interested in , UK healthcare, and the incredible work of medical professionals in the emergency department.


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    i can relate so much to lewis but my parents have yet to accept that theres somehting wrong with me at 22. I have to go get help myself and figure life out by myself.

  2. #2

    Lewis sounds so much like undiagnosed ADHD and/or autism spectrum. I was undiagnosed ADHD until 22 and my son had both diagnoses. Very difficult going through schooling without being understood.

  3. #3

    I just love how Sam saw her crying, and made it his whole mission to distract her. I know adrenaline junkies, and a big part of it is the show. The connection, "look at me!", but there is also a big part that screams, "dont do this, youll get hurt, let me be the one to go first".

  4. #4

    Your femur is the worst of pains…it's a big bone and hurts like the devil…good job, Lewis

  5. #5

    I didn’t realize there were English cowboys

  6. #6

    for those that do not have or understand ADHD it can be hard but personally i would never wish for it any other way and i am gifted with it and without i wouldn't be so for parents that are raising a child with ADHD the way you Educate them is important. i was a kid that thought i was stupid and i did what i thought made me get attention or made people feel like i was cool or special in a good way so i could cover up the fact that i was not smart and i wanted to do things with my energy as well but eventually my mother found a teacher that specialized in adhd and dyslexia and i finally after never thinking prosable i could read and i could write and i was told how amazing i was for my uneq way of doing things and my mind was better at certain things that the average was not and that gave me motivation and i was a top reader and writer of my classes and artist/singer and would believe that i could prove my teachers wrong even if they doubted it and i did and i am so grateful for even knowing that i am special and that i can do what everyone else does and even better sometimes and i am gifted and in arts and music and i am not ashamed anymore and i in fact am proud even if it seems to hold me back at somethings it makes me amazing at others so if a kid is destructive it maybe that they don't know that they are way better at thing than they even know and they just need to have people help them find what the best whys to learn are for them and the talents they have and its all about that and taking they time no matter how long and it will shine through when they get a hold of it and for parents and teachers remember that the best teachers learn from the student before teaching the student or they are not good teachers at all

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    its sad and all but how on earth someone autistic got a motorcycle, i ride every day of the year, its already dangerous as fck when you're normal.

  8. #8

    I’m concerned that Lewis ADHD is misunderstood. ADHD does not remove the ability to distinguish between right and wrong. Perhaps there is more going on.

  9. #9

    I got the E part, but what is the A part? Ambulance?

  10. #10

    I'm a lesbian but… oh, my! That Sam is cuuuute! 😂.

  11. #11

    You can tell this didn't take place in America because there were no cases of gunshot victims.

  12. #12

    Thank you for your services nurses and doctors keep up the great work ✌️🙏

  13. #13

    I love Lewis' Mom!

  14. #14
  15. #15

    What a beautiful family ! The patients and medical staff are also kind , empathetic to each-other. However my favorite was Mr.Cowboy hat being from Texas i can relate ( especially with my family also being in the medical field ❤️❤️❤️🕊️🤍🙏🏻

  16. #16

    Here's the elephant in the room: These people are plum idiots! No, not the hospital staff. The injured people.

  17. #17

    Seeing the old people makes me want to cry 😞 I don’t know why but when I see an old person eating alone or something like that it makes me so sad ❤

  18. #18

    I love Lewis's Mum's honesty, most mothers tell stories about how good their children are, being so honest, sets you free. ❤❤❤❤🙏🙏

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    I’m sorry I’m 58 and I have Adhd and your brain never stops, when I was young it was non stop now I see younger people that use the medication and they looked drugged. I’ve never been drugged and never want to be, your not the same person. I get it for school, I had school and would never go so I get it.
    But I am who I am with ADHD

  20. #20

    I love how the Doctors just say “glue it up” over the phone without even seeing it!😮

  21. #21

    Lord could you imagine having to be around Sam everyday?? What a character!

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