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Take It from Someone Who Used to Talk to Satan: Halloween Is a Bad Idea

Mar 2023 19

On Halloween, some kids will dress up as devils and go trick-or-treating. But an ex-Satanist is warning Christians against doing that.

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  1. #1

    A Witch cant harm no one, if the the one is in christ!

  2. #2

    Now we’re going a little overboard, Christians are typically the worst people to tell someone else how they should live.

  3. #3

    God loves Satan…they work together to weed out undesirable souls.

  4. #4

    I had a seizure at school in 7th grade on Halloween. I don't think it was a seizure but a demonic attack. My hands were forced backwards and my hand went over my head knocking me unconscious. I was raised in Church. I don't do Halloween.

  5. #5

    You know what else is a bad idea? Religion.

  6. #6

    It wired how stories like this are similar to others stories the opposite though could be the same If you think about it.
    I myself was Christian and now I'm a Satanist but i love explaining the difference between Bibles and Gospels and Contradictions and how things change over time Also lots of cover ups things are not always what it seems

  7. #7

    Scary man he use to do voodoo magic 🪄 witchcraft is all bad of you use it you will go to hell no exeption because you destroy people lifes

  8. #8

    Finally the truth after being brainwashed for decades! Free people minds 5G tech to invite the djinn wold

  9. #9

    Satan cast out Satan and that's what the christian god does. I'm a Natsarim.

  10. #10

    We must fight against the the forces of darkness!

  11. #11

    People are worried about poison in candy and should be more worried about eaten witchcraft. Those demons will attach to your core (stomach) and you will star to to see your life change for the worse…health, finances, relationships, depression, anxiety, addictions, promiscuity etc. It's crazy. They love the stomach because that is your core. If they can weaken your core, then they can take you down in all other areas of your life.

  12. #12

    Amen praise Jesus

  13. #13

    We don't celebrate Halloween either. I can't celebrate the very thing I rebuke in prayer every day

  14. #14

    Proverbs 28:1
    The wicked flee when no man pursueth: but the righteous are bold as a lion.

  15. #15

    Thank God I live in Africa we only celebrate Christmas and Easter we know nothing about Halloween except for these celebrities who like things.

  16. #16

    I'm still getting my candy I don't care

  17. #17

    Oh my god this is hilarious 😂😂😂 it's just so over the top

  18. #18

    I would like to see GBN News produce a segment about the ‘Entertainer:’ Sam Smith’s newly-released video: Unholy, and have Mr Ramirez comment on it.

  19. #19

    Why are people looking at and commenting on this at the end of February? It can’t be the holiday itself. So did this weirdo get arrested or something?

  20. #20

    L Fear Mongering

  21. #21

    Halloween used to be one of my favorite times of the year. I just liked how creative people were with costumes and it seemed innocent and fun enough! The closer I've gotten with God my interest in Halloween just stopped! God is good and he gives you peace beyond understanding!

  22. #22

    The joke is on the lady who thinks she's making it in a wite man's world lol lads the joke is on the lady

  23. #23

    I don't know about Good Friday but i do that satanist do celebrate christmas. 😂 This logic is bruhhhhh.
    Okay then let's debate which God is real the Hindu God or the Muslim God or the christian God

  24. #24

    Okay let me get this straight!!
    Wearing a costume and going to your neighbors house for candy is seen as an unholy ritual to summon up demonic forces…? That's just STUPID!!

  25. #25

    By the same logic, a satanist employee at McDonald's could cast a spell on my kids happy meal. Kid's aren't getting cursed from eating a candy. I respect the decision of parents who decide not to but honestly, it is a great opportunity to do evangelism. How many days a year open up an opportunity for you to go door-to-door. Take Gospel tracts or have your kids hand them out as they go.

  26. #26

    If you're worried and have no reason to live. you have one more chance to live. come to the fold of Islam , believe in Allah the only true creator of this world and universe……

  27. #27

    This man is an actor.

  28. #28

    luckily for me i grew outta the whole halloween thing

  29. #29

    Jesus is the way the truth and the life John 14 :6 amen

  30. #30

    Cute, but have fun and dont hurt no one the rest is crazy

  31. #31

    Halloween is to celebrate the dead and the lives they give the world

  32. #32

    Leave holloween for kids only buy local candies and we all happy

  33. #33

    I treat days or what you call pagan days like any other if II have to play on that night I just dont eat the candy or anything I have been given I bring my own food. For instance Christmas the winter solstice festival if someone prays for the dinner I keep my eyes open and just eat like it is a normal day.

  34. #34

    What is good Friday and where is it in the bible.

  35. #35

    Amen brother. God bless you soooooo much.

  36. #36

    They ALWAYS want the children! That's why they've made it seem fun. I've never understood why Godly people participate in this. Never.

  37. #37

    I haven’t celebrated Halloween since I was 9 luckily I had not desire when I was an adult to do Halloween.

  38. #38

    Why would people do such stupid things as this?

  39. #39

    Fellow JESUS CHRIST in your life

  40. #40

    Do not trust John Ramirez he is a rapist

  41. #41


  42. #42

    I don't celebrate Christmas or Halloween or any holidays.

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