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What’s the Difference between Religion & Spirituality??

Apr 2023 11
DIFFERENCE BETWEEN RELIGION AND SPIRITUALITY #MajaliwaMachinda There is a big difference between religion and spirituality – listen to me very carefully: Religion and Spirituality can be illustrated in this picture here… RELIGION – is the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal god or gods. Religion comes from the Latin word religare, which means to bind. Bind comes from Old English bindan meaning "to tie up with bonds" (literally and figuratively), also "to make captive; to cover with dressings and bandages" also Latin legio or Roman legion. • Religion therefore takes away everything that defines......

"Balancing Religion and Culture — from an African-American Muslim" by Hajjah Abrafi Sanyika

Mar 2023 02
Donate to The Women's Mosque of America here: womensmosque.com/donate Returning Khateebah Hajjah Abrafi S. Sanyika continues where the previous month's Khateebah, Maheen Abbasi, left off on her discussion on balancing religion and culture -- this time, from the perspective of an African-American Muslim. In her khutbah, Hajjah Abrafi recounts the African roots of Islam in America, the ways in which African Americans sacrificed and contributed to the freedom and wealth that is enjoyed by all Americans and immigrants to America, and the ways in which she made sure her own daughter was raised with a balance between culture and religion......

Through the Bible | Matthew 18:1-20 – Brett Meador

Dec 2022 19
Jesus has a lot to say about children in Matthew 18:1-20 – how He loves them, how we should treat them, and how we should believe like them. May we have child-like faith and put away childish things as we gather around Jesus together to study His Word. ABOUT ATHEY CREEK Welcome to Athey Creek Christian Fellowship, based in West Linn, Oregon! Join us in-person or online as we work our way through the Bible verse by verse, chapter by chapter, book by book. We like to keep things simple by focusing on God's Word and its application to our......

The TRUTH About Black Spirituality #SoulfoodSunday

Sep 2022 10
Black Spirituality in today's society is many times viewed through the lens of Black Christians and Black Muslims. In America, Black Spirituality is less likely to look like Vodun (or Voodoo), Santeria, or other Ancient African Spiritual practices. Why is that?? Why do we feel comfortable enough to worship a savior that the oppressor has told Us about but still cannot serve our own ancestors, Orishas, and God??? BRAINWASH! And I don't mean this in a way to condemn, but I mean this to say that when you are more comfortable with what your oppressor has taught you and run......