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How to Protect Your Relationship (2020)?

Apr 2024 22
A relationship is a contested space that needs endless vigilance. Namhlanje sincokola nga some of the attacks on a relationship. Unfortunately thina singoo mayezeni, our advice will be exclusively the mayezeni approach. That is what the video is about. There are other approaches out there… #Vusilanga #Isichitho #Relationship @vusilangalaselenge3969 source

How to Defeat Ubuthakathi?

May 2023 16
To day we are deal with ways on how to defeat or respond kubu thakathi without going to umayezeni. There are simple things that compress us to insanity as we continue to worry about ubuthakathi. Today we say, let abathakathi continue to do ubuthakathi, we refuse to live our lives on terms laid down by them. We refuse not to live happy fulfilling lives. How to Defeat Ubuthakath source