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6 Powerful Spiritual Benefit Of Alligator Pepper Must Watch

May 2023 06
(6 POWERFUL SPIRITUAL BENEFIT OF ALLIGATOR PEPPER) YOU DON'T KNOW IT EXIST. #spiritual universe tv #6 powerful spiritual benefit of alligator pepper Alligator pepper (also known as mbongo spice or hepper pepper) is a West African spice made from the seeds and seed pods of Aframomum danielli, A. citratum or A. exscapum. It is a close relative of grains of paradise, obtained from the closely related species, Aframomum melegueta or "grains of paradise".[1] Unlike grains of paradise, which are generally sold as only the seeds of the plant, alligator pepper is sold as the entire pod containing the seeds (in......

How To Attract Money, Favour & Customers With Alligator Pepper

Aug 2022 28
[sm-youtube-subscribe] In this video, I’ll show you the secret alligator pepper method that you can use if you’re looking to learn how to attract money fast… and I’ll also try to talk a little bit on all the alligator pepper spiritual uses that I have used and talked about… Knowing the spiritual use of alligator pepper is something that most videos where they talk about knowing how to use alligator pepper don't show you because not really everyone that knows the normal uses of alligator pepper and the alligator pepper health benefits or general benefits of alligator pepper know or......