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Practical Spirituality and Black Majick with E.A. Koetting Part 1 of 6

Apr 2023 24
Practical Spirituality and Black Majick with E.A. Koetting Part 1 E.A. Koetting has spent the last fifteen years studying, practicing, and immersing himself in the spiritual arts, not restricted to any particular paradigm, but finding answers to the greatest questions in every faith and spiritual path, from the holy to the blasphemous, from the heights of the Vedas and the teachings of the Masters to the secret rituals of Black Magick. While gaining his own insights and knowledge into the mysteries of existence, E.A. is equally obsessed with sharing what he has learned, either through his books, seminars, and workshops,......


Feb 2023 22
ORIXÁS or ORISHAS The deities worshipped in the Candomblé religion and brought to Brazil by abducted slaves, especially the Yoruba people. In Africa, these were kings, queens, mythical heroes and other ancestors raised to the status of gods. "Originally every group worshipped its own ancestors in Africa, and every township was bound to a local deity, often an ancestor of the local ruling dynasty, a leader of one's own clan, or a person who somehow uniquely helped and supported the group. ... Because of the changed conditions in the Diaspora, there developed a genuine pantheon of deities, in which a......


Feb 2023 20
What is the original meaning of Christmas, this holy time of the year. December 21 - 24, 2020 the great spiritual awakening. It's time to claim your spiritual power and manifest your future while the universe opens it's arms and welcome you into a new future. African Spirituality or Kamitan Religion is the first known religion on earth. These African Spiritual concepts are fundamental to understand yourself together as one force in the universes NutraBurst- Christmas Onesies - Herbal cleanse: - source

First step in embracing traditional African spirituality, Ifa, Orisa, and your ancestors.

Oct 2022 23
Once you have been called to this path, this will be important to strengthen your Ori, not to be led astray, and to be guided by the divine your journey. If this message resonates with you, be sure to like, share, and subscribe. For it may also speak to hearts and minds of others. Infinite blessings! To show love and appreciation donations are accepted via PayPal: Ifaremiolosun@gmail.com #yorubapriestess #riseintoyourpower #balancebe #spiritualtherapist #mentor #ghetto2goddess #metaphysician #ifa #orisa #ancestors #mindbodyspirit #innerpeace #africanspirituality #arise #ascend Ifaremi.com Balancebe.shop ig: @ifaremi.olosun Fb: Ifaremi Olosun Twitter: @Ifaremi_Olosun source

Witness the Mysterious World of West African Voodoo

Sep 2022 04
Togo is a tiny nation in West Africa that contains the region’s largest Voodoo market. The ‘Marche des Fetches’ contains a cornucopia of Voodoo items including animals in various states of decay, shrunken leopard heads, dried owls, powdered chameleon and even human skulls. These are the ingredients used by voodoo priests to concoct the perfect cure to your ailment. Subscribe to Seeker VR ►►► Download the Discovery VR app! iTunes: Google Play: Follow Seeker on Facebook: Follow Seeker on Twitter: Follow Seeker on Snapchat: source